New Market

Some kids, 30 something's, have raced into a redeveloped space on a slowish  commercial artery between two areas of our metro center. They have injected lots of energy, ideals and fun into a sleepy corridor.  Outdoor tables coming soon in the middle of  a street side veggie patch. Hope they make it!


darkfoam said...

Looks good! I hope they make it too.

Doom said...

Oh, I'm with you and them. Though I have to be honest... most such places, the owners hitting reality (unless they have an inheritance to burn) hit the hard cold facts of having a baby, successful or not, that never grows up, things start to slip, and everyone working there becomes surly and it titrates the liberal idiocy from annoying to nauseating.

Still, it's my job to... notice. Wish them luck anyway. Love me some good fresh bread from time to time. And entrepreneurialism often cures teh stupid, if it lasts long enough. A little faster than life in general.

fishy said...

I am one who would like to believe hard work, passion, perseverance and integrity in the 30 and 40 somethings returning to "real" lives will re-ignite the American Dream and the American Family.

Doom said...

I can't disagree with you, fishy. I both believe, and actually hope, just such a thing happens. If they don't, the next generation will have no examples. Ignore my seeming grump at times.

SophieMae said...

Oh, I do hope they're a huge success! Right nice to see a new post from you, Aint B! Hope all is well and WARM down yonder!

SophieMae said...

PS - Thunk on you and Uncle yesterday AM... saw a turkey struttin' along the back path, AND my little hog plum orchard is bloomin' to beat the band! Wish that show lasted a bit longer, but the dogwood and wisteria should be comin' out before much longer. I hear redbuds are bustin' out up the road. Gonna have to take a longer walk tomorrow and see for myownself.

Aunty Belle said...

Hey all y'all!

So happy to see visitors on the Porch. I cain't really yak right now, as I is on the road, up Washington DC way and need to git to early meeting! but my gracious! how I miss all you sweet folks.

Thar's snow on the ground heah, an' that done thrown a schlock into mah system.

Fishym me too!--
Hope these young sprouts do make a go of their venture. Creates a real nice space and the more unique establishments we have to off set McWorld of franchises, the better.

Doom, grumpy happens, doan it?

Please come back an nag me if in' ya' doan see a new post soon.

Mayhap when I git home, mah own dogwoods will be abloom, Sophie Mae. Have a. Nice walk up yonder among the redbuds.

Foamy, yore own trees may soon be dressed up in spring frocks! huh? Snow WILL melt, then we can compare purty photos.

SophieMae said...

Where, oh where, can Aunty be?!
Is she sailing on the sea?
Climbing mountains? Trekking treks?
Searching for lost airplane wrecks?
Wandering through fields of wheat?
Sitting at some guru's feet?
While we pine for witty zingers
Twiddling thumbs and tapping fingers

OK, I'm out of steam. :) Miss you, Aint B! Pray all is well and that you and Uncle are off on some wondermous holiday or just sittin' together on the porch, sippin' lemonade and listenin' to the mockingbird.

Meanwhile, I's been skimmin' a bit of historical data re John Chrysostom. Saw a quote from him this afternoon what tickled my curious bone. Only dug up a tad, so far. He had some interesting thoughts on the Jewish people. Not sure exactly where he stood... Was he anti-Semitic or just a very plain-spoken, hard-nosed man?

The quote that got me started...
'Do you seek any further reward beyond that of having pleased God?
In truth, you know not how great a good it is to please Him.'

Come back to the five and dime, Aunty B! <3

Doom said...

Hey, trying to drum up some business. No, not money business, haiku. Got a noob judge, an interesting open theme ("trouble", like any of us know about that! :p), and thought I'd advert for her. Give her a... serious contest in which to get her feet wet. So... I'm knocking on doors.

Her post is here