Vera Icon

On Good Friday there are Stations of the Cross. The Sixth station is "Veronica wipes the face of Jesus with her veil."  Of the fourteen stations, only this one is not found in the gospels. It is a tradition that is traced to the third century. Scholars point out that "Veronica" is "vera icon" or Latin for "True image." Apocryphal sources give this compassionate woman the name of Seraphina.

In  1847, in Tours France, Sr. Marie of St. Peter, reported a vision of Christ, His face bruised, bloodied, and spat upon when the woman, Veronica, reached out to clean His face with her veil. Christ told her, "Those who will contemplate the wounds on My Face here on earth, shall contemplate it radiant in heaven."  

Thus was born the Devotion to the Holy Face, approved by Pope Leo XIII  in 1885. 



New Market

Some kids, 30 something's, have raced into a redeveloped space on a slowish  commercial artery between two areas of our metro center. They have injected lots of energy, ideals and fun into a sleepy corridor.  Outdoor tables coming soon in the middle of  a street side veggie patch. Hope they make it!


Happy Valentine's Day!!!

Y'all ain't heered much from Aunty, but promise my heart, y'all is always in mah mind. The rotten corePad done ruint mah bloggin' on account of it doan read and write Crackerspeak, can ya imagine?

But it be Valentine's Day and hope all your hearts is warm and happy despite snow everywhere.

More years  ago than I cares to confess, Uncle came home with a fun valentine that is seen and used everyday. But corePad woan let me post to blogger....Apple wants to control your spittle I reckon...an I got to git to bidness! but shure did want to show you these valentine chairs,  a bit rusty-- like me. But still beloved... like me?  Heh heh heh...

what is yore most memorable Valentine surprise?

An iffin' youse nuthin' better to do, heah be a post from Valentine's day 2007--seven ??? years ago??  Oh my time is fleeting