Happy Valentine's Day!!!

Y'all ain't heered much from Aunty, but promise my heart, y'all is always in mah mind. The rotten corePad done ruint mah bloggin' on account of it doan read and write Crackerspeak, can ya imagine?

But it be Valentine's Day and hope all your hearts is warm and happy despite snow everywhere.

More years  ago than I cares to confess, Uncle came home with a fun valentine that is seen and used everyday. But corePad woan let me post to blogger....Apple wants to control your spittle I reckon...an I got to git to bidness! but shure did want to show you these valentine chairs,  a bit rusty-- like me. But still beloved... like me?  Heh heh heh...

what is yore most memorable Valentine surprise?

An iffin' youse nuthin' better to do, heah be a post from Valentine's day 2007--seven ??? years ago??  Oh my time is fleeting


Buzz Kill said...

Yes...beloved like you. Happy Valentines Aunty. I hope you and Uncle have a nice evening together.

moi said...

I hope you and Uncle enjoy your Happy Heart Day!

fishy said...

Blessings on you and Uncle!
Hearts that entwined can't ever be separated.

Aunty Belle said...

Buzz!!! Hey hey you! Wuz wonderin' whar ya done been, hopin' it t'weren't the great campground in the sky, Lordy, doan scare me so. Real happy to see ya'.

Moi, well, we had a fun evening, jes a fire, some peach Uncle caught down to the huntin'' camp, and home made shortbread hearts.

Fishy, is that right? mebbe? mebbe they jes' git a wee bit yanked out of shape heah and theah. Ahahaha

Aunty Belle said...

See? IdiotPad. Not peach, pearch.

Jenny said...

Hey! So nice to see Buzz,Fishy and Moi. Where's Karl?

I miss blogging. There. I said it.

Jenny said...
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darkfoam said...

Hope you had a lovely Valentine's weekend, aunty.
The pinetop and I celebrated a wedding anniversary this weekend. I got a kick out of yanked out of shape heah and theah... :) Don't I know it .. lol ..

Aunty Belle said...

Yessir, Jenny, me too. Bloggin' is more creative, more real that FB.

Happy Happy anniversary Foamy!!

Plant a big one on yore Pinetop.

Karl? you hoo...youse been missed.