30 Pieces of Silver


Tenebrae means "shadows" or "darkness." Many Christian traditions still include a Tenebrae service at the close of the Holy Thursday, or, more properly, at Matins
(shortly after midnight). It is a time of mourning, lamentation--a sorrowful inward examination of our own failures, a lament for the suffering of Christ. Since the 5th century churches have extinguished the candles during Tenebrae--a gesture rich symbol: Jesus is the Light of the world, but where the Light is betrayed, darkness overtakes us.

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sparringK9 said...

a perfect posting for the most solemn day of the year. blessings to you Aunty.

Doom said...

I celebrate Tenebrae a bit more often than most, I suppose. I just didn't know the name. Thanks for that. Celebrate? I hope you know what I mean.

All one musts needs do is realize Christ is in every man to realize... the depth of our faults, betrayal, and the darkness we so often choose.

Filthy lucre, big and little, at the real costs of our brothers, whether as a form of "social justice" or personal "income" matters little, if it is taken wrongly, whether 30 pieces, 20, or a million, matters only in intent and understanding. Only blood washes that clean, one way or the other.