Happy St. Valentine's Day, Ya'll !

Is anything so sweet as an old fashioned Valentine?Does ya'll remember makin' them fer all those friends in the third grade? The lace doilies?? ?Oh MY! A best friend was the "bestest" thang in the whole world.

And 'member trading them bags full of pastel candy hearts? "Trade ya' a Hot Stuff fer a Lover Boy!" "Nope, but I'll give ya' a Cutie Pie".

An' you fellas, does ya' recall when MOM really was yore best girl? You was 9 and all other girls was yucky...but MOM was somehow, well, pretty good.

And then we was 15 and cravin' those mythical love scenes? The impossible love of Romeo and Juliet?

Only to get a cryptic note from who knew who? SO we looked all round ter see who could 'a slipped us the pierced heart? Who had we never noticed, but who was shure noticin' us?

Some of us dern well nursed abroken heart or two or ten.....but then........Daddy to the rescue!....................
Daddy brought us chocolate goodies...and hilarious cards with hysterical kisses?
He shure knew how ter tease a smile outa ya!

But Mama's cure fer a wounded heart was ter send ya' on a on a mission o' mercy. Off yer trooped wif' a plate o' homemade hearts fer the Widow Lady who lived down the lane.

An when we had forgot our own troubles after sippin' tea wif' Widow Lady, home we came only ter find Mama done laid a rose on our pillow? An' peered into the future where she assured us a fine handsome fella would bring dozens and dozens of roses on Valentine's Day.....and we sighed, lookin' off ter that dreamy day...........

An' all the romance possessed young men, passin' the jewelers window, tryin' ter figger out out how ter buy their sweetheart a ruby pendant...would THAT steal her heart? Would it win us more than a kiss?

....And life, lived long, bonds as friends those we
were given from the beginning...a sister is the dearest friend of all.

I hope ya'll gets a sweet kiss....

or two.....from the ones ya love so much.....give some away too....

Even iffin' it means you gotta kiss the Frog!! Ya' jes' never know!!
Sometimes, though, Love is all around us, if we jes' lift our eyes up.....


..................... said...

you have a happy valentine's day, aunty.
i really didn't grow up with valentine's day but i enjoyed reading your memories..

Anonymous said...


Mayden' s Voyage said...

Happy Valentines Day, Auntie :)

I'm off to give (and get- to be sure!) some kisses from 2 sweet nephews (2 and 4)-
Those mean more to me than almost anyone elses (next to my own monkeys!)

Hope you have a day full of sunshine, flowers (the ones growing in your yard count- God sent them!), and all the kisses you want :) (cause there's nothing quite like a kiss you don't want!)

I so enjoyed this post~
-Cora :)

Little Lamb said...

Happy Valentine's Day Auntie Belle.

Malinda777 said...

Ah, I remember... I had a sweet day, and my boys got spoiled by their lovely gals.

Check it all out...we had fun on V-Day HERE

Lady Prism said...

My Dear Auntie..Bell,

You must forgive me. This is my second glass (tall with stem) )of something fantabolously warming to drink..and I must say I am enjoying this drink..while thinking of you..(?)..

I am also in my balcony typing this while the dippers are peeking down at me.

I want to say Auntie that I so thank you for making me’ bloggy life so..just warm. You are…more alive in my consciousness than any of my Aunts who never bothered to connect…and most especially my Aunt Irma..who not only didn’t bother to connect but smirked on my choices in life as a bonus!

It may seem fantasy….and I have not the faintest idea if you are truly the Aunt that you are in meat space…..heavens’ I wouldn’t even expect you to be…..as there are birds and dogs and cats…and aliens all over cyber….And ..it is no matter to me…You are the coolest Aunt this cyber has…You are the aunt with the vavoom!

And I’m sorry but I have nothing smart to say’ about political matters….I much prefer that you enlighten me…as I read your convictions and once in a while enjoy the most delicious debates in your back porch…

Funny I should be thinking of you now…maybe it’s this balcony…maybe it’s my dog..or my yearning to live permanetly in the country side…..instead of coming back to this roof clad metro in the boondocks of nowhere I’m in…

God Bless yah’ me’ cybie Aunt..

long shall you live in prosperity!....(but be careful of self – locking doors and windows…)


Uxy..I mean..Luxy..he!he!..cheers…

(now I’m off to shoo me’ dog who whis barking at the kids outside…snoots’..there he goes again!....me’ needs another glass…full…he!he!)

Anonymous said...

happy belated valentine's day to you ab. this post will definately go on my favorites list.

made me remember ....

the sticky-sweet kiss from my nine-year old son, his hands (sticky too, of course, who knows from what) that clasped my face and drew it near his so he could plop a kiss on mom and then hand over the heavy red construction-paper valentine - heavy with glue, lace, beads, and love.

there is nothing in all the world like the love of a 9 year-old son for his mama. (he's 22 now.)


Aunty Belle said...

Hey all ya'll!! Shure hope ya had a real real sweet Valentine's day.

Yore messages meant so much!

Schaumi Sugar, iffin' ya own memories warn't fleshed out, mayhap ya can make it so now for those youse lovin' so much.

Mayden Fair, youse bestowin' kisses and pixie dust whar'ever ya roam-- yore folks is lucky to have ya!

Little LAmby Pie! I jes' is real tickeled each time ya hope by over here.

Malinda, Darlin' Whar' can I git me one of those silk heart boxer shorts bears?? Hoo-whee! What fun ya had over thar' in Texas!

Luxie, Puddin' ya' makes yore Aunty teary, honey--thanky fer such sweet words. .. I declare, I wish't I could wave a cyber wand an al ya'll would appear right here on the porch--why what a fine time we'uns would make together.

Now Luxie, about yore Aunt Irma...doan know her age an' all, but she maybe didn't mean to harm...an in case she did, doan let nuthin' she did or failed to do get ya down. Folks who don't look to encourage ya is the one who loses, baby doll. They miss all the goodness and fun of ya'...they need a heart stretchin', I'd say. Iffin' I was yore blood Aunty, I'd be SO PROUD of ya--and this Aunty thinks youse a delight!

Bird Beauty!! Yeah!! Them li'l boys
is unforgettable. I know yores is precious and I hope ya git to see him often. Ever seen that cute little boy of Butterfly Girl's ? Dearest thang!

Uncle and me went to see La Nouiba--Cirque de Soleil on Valentine's Day--courtesy of our youngest. An' Uncle's roses is still perky on the table...so warm memories is wif me still, an I hope so fer all of ya'll too!!

Bird said...

hee hee ab - just saw the comment you left at my roost - why yes indeed - i was out running about with a vagabond dog just the other day.