Haiku: Road

Haiku : Road

O'er the mountain- May
massacre: En mi pie la
Verdad. Camino!

Note: not Aunty's feet...mine were much worse--crippling!


fishy said...


Doom said...

Gah! Looks more like you were involved with playing kickball with a firebrick! Hmm, maybe you can commiserate with foam though? Have a foot and leg conference perhaps?

My feet are cringing from what my eyes are seeing.

diana said...

Oh! The comment that I wrote with the cell phone dint posta hike ago. I'm gonna leave these flipping ipad mistakes somyoubfeel better about yours. Of course I'm flat on my back right now with elevated leg and on pain meds. That's my excuse anyway..

Anywho, those never would be your feet. You would never have a shoddy and worn manicure like that. And I am sure that nice flats which would be decent for city walking surely killed your feet while hiking over the rocky paths of the Spanish mountain side.

So, when do I get to go with you? I'll be wearing hiking clodhoppers with good ankle support though.

Doom said...

I was going to snark something about not wearing heels, but I wasn't sure it struck the right mood. Hey, you never know. I have known a crazy woman or three, mind you. Or... a few women who did crazy things? Difference? :p

Anonymous said...

Yikes! Moleskin! How can anyone keep walking while inflicting such damage!??! I have had some blisters under heavy loads, but good-golly-Molly. I dig out the moleskin before it gets so bad. OWowowow.


Fleurdeleo said...

Well, I have to say that the visuals are compelling--I'm sorry to hear that your feet are even worse!!

SophieMae said...



Aunty Belle said...

Heh...Aunty done tole it true...mah feet were ground into hamburger meat at the heels. Moleskin worked fer first half mile....lol, but when a flat lander walks up a mountain at 45 degrees for miles, it slams yore heels back against a boot/sock pressure that cute strappy li'l sandals never could.

Lemme jes' note, too, plenty of pilgrims had mangled feet. Blister care is high art in many of the pilgrims hostels an' local pharmacia.

But, that were a bit over 10 years ago. Then, 2005', Uncle decided I was fudgin' an' no way that AB walked that, so off he went wif me so I could show him mah stuff....but first, new boots, custom inserts.....uh huh.....disaster. We walked two and a half weeks of the Camino, most of it mountainous, best thang were them Keen sandals.

Foamy, youse right, of COURSE Aunty doan have toes wif' chipped polish and such....'cause Aunty woan wear no color on toes at all....see? What if the pedicure paints ya in pink, but youse wearin' a orange skirt? I'se lazy--no color but translucent.

But but but!!!!! I would go again! Yes I would....ole biddy that I be.

Doom said...

Oh? THAT Road, is it. Wow. I am jealous, even of the blisters. As above, below, and a price paid here for the love is put up for there. Yes, yes... Wonderful. Adds great perspective for those with the eyes and ears. Now I see. Well, through a glass darkly but more focused.

Aunty Belle said...

Yes, Doom, Dear, THAT road, Camino de Santiago.

All an' any blisters is well worth it, I'd suffer same again.

Hope you can do it some day...I ain't never done the whole thang, from top of Spain to Santiago is about 5 weeks if in' ya doan spring a leak very hard life to block out 5 weeks....til youse old and nobody needs ya at a dek or a stove....heh.

Doom said...

Devil in the details, if God being the only creative one created Satan. I suppose one might say he has his uses. Details, and right through them, with faith? :) Well, back to trying to be useful before I'm too old! Hmm, and maybe looking into a trip... in the more distant future. Time I have, gear I have, money for tickets and health... faith.

You created a monster?

Aunty Belle said...

Doom, speaking of Monsters, have you seen the Kenneth Brangh version of Frankenstein? THE BEST. I could write 20 pages on Shelley's background, that led to writing this very insightful novel at age 19. The words in the Mnster's mouth are chilling today when we look at what we are doing that feeds men's attempt to be God, without God. What we create is our own sure demise.

Doom said...

No, I haven't, but I'm now on it. As for Shelly, I believe she was Jewish, when young, right? Well, the Jews have a myth of something called a golem. My guess is her story wasn't as new as it was a retelling and to a new audience. Yeah... I'm... a bit of an aficionado on some things. After seeing the trailer, I am surprised I didn't catch that. Being mostly dead made keeping up with anything a bit tricky though. I'm liking having a bit of a spark lately. *laughs*

Nephilim are rare, seek out why and wherefore in what is left of the tattered notions of... what once was, seeing how we truly do not fit in. Know we don't fit otherwise. Or... that's my story.

Aunty Belle said...


From one of mah best sources:

Mary Shelley's early childhood formation was dramatic and deadly...her father, William Godwin, held soirées with England's leading edge of the radical progressive movement sweeping through aftermath of the French Revolution.

her mother, Mary Wollstonecraft, had nearly been killed when she thought. She could go to Paris during the Revolution ..to see the "fun" , imagining a romping
Debauchery like Mardi Gras in Venice. Wollstonecraft was in way over her head, saw butchery, decpitations and women skewered through the genitals. She was lucky to escape the mobs.

Mary W came home had an affair with Godwin, both of them being radical opponents of marriage as a form of bondage. Nonetheless when pregnant with Mary, her mother flipped out and Godwin married her for respectability, though he clearly loved her. She delivered the baby and died 11 days later, leaving Baby Mary to be raised by Godwin. She was precocious, and when 16 yrs old young Percy Shelley showed up to worship her dad's bizarre philosophy, seduced the teen, who ran away with him, despite Percy being married to Harriet who was pregnant...and later drowned herself rather than live with Shelley. Nice.

Percy also had an affair with Mary's half sister....in short, they lived the free autonomy her dad advocated. By the time Mary wrote her first novel---while cooped up during a hideous storm in a gloomy chalet on a lake in Switzerland with her sister, Shelley, and that arch cad, Lordy Byron. The story accurately portrays the idea of intending to do something radical with the idea of man free to do what he reasons he can make work, but blinded by desire, unwilling to contemplate the real world consequences. The dialogue between Victor( who thought he could be victorious over real life boundaries) and his monster is a prescient warning to our era, just look at the headlines that concern our moral questions on cloning and gene splitting, IVF, surrogate wombs, fertility drugs....

Oh, goodness, made this too long. Ya' git the idea, I reckon....

Doom said...

Oh, well, I knew about Shelly's mores, if not about her parents. I still think I gleaned that she had some sort of Jewish understandings in there, being taught or a strong influence. Obviously it didn't take, but being that "her story" fits the golem, I still think it was stolen from Jewish mythology. Though perhaps not, maybe she just found it in her studies, she was pseudo-academic... came from that set. Perhaps the myth was rendered to fit her neo-notions, but we all do that whatever our notions.

Doom said...

Shelley isn't alone, of course. How many claim to be Christian and purport to have read the bible, for example, and believe that Christ came to bring peace? They just read over what He Himself told them. Yeah, interesting what we can do with even direct information when we don't wish to hear it or deal with it.

I can peak around my own corners, but just a bit. My nature keeps me in check from going too far there, or doing too much about it, but I see... some, sometimes.