I woulda if I coulda updated

Howdy do.

Ain't posted in a spell. I woulda if I coulda. First, I'se been down to visit wif' Pappy Cracker, but thar's no way I could git the password fer his wifi. He din't have it written down somewhar' on account of his computer is set up an' after that he ain't thought about ever needin' it again.

Sure were purty in his neck o' the woods, all green an' lush. An' I would show that to y'all if fin' this corePad and Blogger would let me load up a photo from the pad.

An' tha's t'other reason why I ain't posted.....makin' posts on the Pad is a PAIN. Now, I'se home an' mebbe today I can git the laptop whirring and post  good story fer ya'.

Hope yore summer is mah  ve lous, Sweet Peas.

Ah! Looky!!! Managed to upload a photo from ApplecorePad , thx to Foamy. Ready fer a good laugh??

Hahahaha! , Aunty never knowed to write a post in the Blogger app. Nope, stoooooopid Aunty did not realize depth of rotten apple invasion. Heretofore, as in on laptop which is not a bitten fruit, all a body had to do is go to Front Porch URL, hit new post and away you go. But in the wormy apple? No no no, ya' cannot operate lest ya go git an app first. Grrrrrrr!  Cause, guess what, to git an app, even a free app, ya gotta join the dark side, got git appletunes account. I DOAN  WANT NO ITUNES. These invaders want to know yore blood type, color of toenail polish, and the maiden name of yore next-door  neighbor's great aunt. 

But now that I'se done it, I may as well show y'all the salat we had....amazin'.

Yaller beets wif'peaches and chèvre, watercress....moan. Next time I will order two plates an' skip the entree. Oh, an' see how lush an' green it were?? 


darkfoam said...

Yeah, making posts on the ipad can be a pain. I use blogsy..it's okay, but not perfect. I've written short posts directly onto blogger though. Sometimes I will do that in the HTML setting. I upload photos onto blogger with the ipad all the time. If you have taken photos on the ipad, you can upload them through blogsy. I can also upload my photos through blogsy that are on my Flickr account.
However, sometimes when I want to write a post with ease I will have to steal my old laptop from whoever is currently using it ...
Btw, I did come by this ipad the same way you came by yours .. ;-)

Aunty Belle said...

Blog say, huh? Ok, is that an app...am off to check it out.
Thx, Foamy! Hope yore hop pin' heel. Is healing.

darkfoam said...

Blogsy.. Yes, it's a free app that let's you write posts and post them to blogger or Wordpress. I thought you had that app. though for some reason.

Doom said...

Don't feel at all bad Aunty. Love my tech right up until I don't have the time, or capacity, to hassle with getting it to do what I tell it to do. Then I... get out the hammer? I sure ponder that.

It's always good to hear that you got out and away for a bit and into some green and lush. So long as it is relatively comfortable, the wilds, especially the green type, have a distinct draw, to eye and heart. Most of the wilds anyway.

darkfoam said...

Well, looky at you! You did it! And that salad looks divine. Reminds me of the salads I ate several summers ago in Maastricht , Netherlands. Gorgeous tree, btw.

fishy said...

you fell to the tyranny of the Apple?
I am shocked.

Doom said...

Oh, my, that salad truly looks yummy. And I am a 99% (meat eater). Then again, there is the chèvre.

Yeah, I won't bite the rotten apple more than I have to. The best swimming (submersible) mp3 is a (worked) ipod, so... I suppose you have too much invested to get out of it? Might be worth the trouble to cut your loss and flee the thing. Or are you just playing along with the 'kick Apple' meme? I'm sure some Apple fanboy would buy you out, and maybe at no loss. They can be freaks about Apple kit, almost as bad as Ikea heads.

I... hope you aren't an Ikea head? Don't tell me if you are. Please.

Aunty Belle said...

Foamy, no joke, that salat wuz one of the best that e re found it's way to mah gullet.


Save yore shock, that ain't ever gonna happen. I giggled every time I see them TV ads of Samsung mocking apple...so funn, be sue, uh, it's true. Take a look-



No iPhone, no iPod, no MacBooks, and NO Genius Bar tyranny. However, Santa Claus wuz told the iPad 4 wuz the dream machine. sweet dear Santa. An' it is a fun toy, great photos. But serious work? Not a chance.

ikea? What is that?

darkfoam said...

Ya think you might find the time to do a dancing 'ku at the foaming?

R.Powers said...

That salad has "girl " written all over it.

Aunty Belle said...

Well Goodness, FC, come write me a man salat.

Pam said...

Gorgeous food!

But here's how you find Pappy's wifi code (but you have to get into his computer to do it)

Go to:
Control Panel
Manage wireless network
then you click "show characters"

Aunty Belle said...

Thx Pam!! The food was spectacular, so were the green tres, all lacy with resurrection fern.

Thx for tutorial...will keep that info. I tried all the numbers on bottom of the DSL unit, but did not go not his control panel. Thx

czar said...

Hi, Aunty. Just dropping by to pay my respects. Finished last week indexing a 600-page monster on Julian of Norwich. I think I might have actually read "Blessed now ya be," or something close to it.

SophieMae said...

Aint B! First glance at that mighty fine salat, I thunk it was topped with a big ol' scallop. LOL!

I'se been mostly unplugged of late. The rain finally let up a bit, so I'se grabbin' myownself as much natchul vitamin D as I can. Hopin' the muck that used to be driveway dries up soonly, so I can get my bicycle down it.

I did, at last, acquire a tablet - android - but I mostly, for now, just let it run veejos that get me swagbucks. Reckon it oughta pay for itself in a couple months. Maybe by then, I'll work up some gumption an' see what it can do. 8-]

Anonymous said...

Hi Aunty, I have the theme up early 'cause I ma going to be on the move for several days. Come join us on Haiku Monday at Serendipity's.