Folks Aunty Misses From Olden Days of Blog Life

 I doan why, jes' scrolling through blog memory lane, I reckon, but I got to feelin' nostalgic fer some bloggers who we ain't seen in a long long time.  

I reckon political correctness done stole much of what early bloggin' had goin' afore facebook or other twits ans pics.  'Member that?   In them early blogger says we'uns could say obvious thangs that wuz hangin' in the air like ripe fruit callin' to the fruit fly. These days, we's all so niiiiiiice. Feisty warn't frowned upon, an PC din't have no choke hold on us.

Some of these y'all will recall, others may be a'fore yore visits to the Porch began. This ain't a complete list, an' I might add to it. But fer now, heah be a shout out to fondly remembered Blog-Folk.

Pete Bogs,

A Florida blogger who charmed birds down to his balcony railing....a Guinness imbiber known to extoll the wonders of nudity. His blog offered "clarity amid the muck," assumin' ya think democrats have clarity, a point that is decidedly murky. Pete be a fella I akshully met, ( wif' clothes on) along wif' Mayden, Helene an' K9. Pete was a happy, amiable libbo that I luved despite some of his left of center ideas (Granted, it depends on whar'' ya think center is!) 


Mr. Q
 A'fore Sir Karl as most mysterious man, thar' was Mr. Q.  Q be a deep thinkin' fella wif' insights or questions that set some of us up at a new angle. He had a habit of fading in an' out, ya never knowed when a visitation might occur.  

 Heah's what Mr. Q said about bloggin'
 "Why do I blog?
- Because I have not been caught.
- Because it relieves stress.
- Because it is free and freeing.
- Because I like the attention.
- Because I like to piss people off
- Because I express my real self.
- Because there are good people that I thought did not exist."

Natcherly, K9  (Chickory) found a means of show an tell wif' Q--an' reckon she got the drop on him when she arrived at their appointed rendezvous--but thas' understandable cause, heh, in them days, darn few knowed K9 was....a her, not a him.  But, I leave it to Chick9 to unravel that yarn fer y'all.  Miss you Mr. Q, an' you'd be a welcome sight iffin' ya wanna drop in fer a glass of lemonade ( I'll spike it fer ya!)


Bird Beauty

Bird is a poet, a teacher, another well meanin' libber that scratched Aunty's hide oft times....but c'mon, she luved chocolate, other good cookin',  ball clubs, funky clothes.  Bird wuz salty tongued, but sweet hearted. She cain't help that San Francisco is her nest, an' weird stuff shows up in the straw.  

 On blogging Bird wrote:

"i fear i've become quite addicted. i periodically range far and wide - find stuff that scares the bejezes out of me, stuff that makes me marvel, stuff that thrills me with its beauty, and stuff that bores me horribly. hahahaha! "
Miss ya' Bird Beauty.  Fly by iffin' ya' find a current comin' south.


Malinda 777

This lady an her hubby is sompin' (Somethin') else!  A Texan transplanted to Reno, self made gritty gal who raised two adorable smart boys--these is REAL 'Mericans who GET IT!    Patriots.  The cherry on top fer Aunty? Malinda has a "southern soul", even lived a spell in Mississippi. She is holdin' the fort in the Southwest.  About bloggers, Malinda wrote:

"Somehow through blogging, right or wrong... this nation is now becoming again... WE THE PEOPLE.
That scares the HELL out of those folks in the "powers that be" that thought we all just go about our business and pay no attention to WHAT'S REALLY GOING ON.
Blog on folks... it may be the tool to survival :)  "



Heh... this blogger is one of us'uns still, thanky to heaven! --jes' morphed a bit--anybody recall or wanna guess who this be?   Hint: deliciously creative in art an' word, a Haiku winner extraordinaire.  What Schaumi said on bloggin':

"right now it seems like i'm blogging out of habit. a habit i'm surprised to still have after a year.
i do also blog because it is a form of stress relieve and to a certain extent a creative outlet. ...and i blog to keep in touch with my small bloggin community.


On My Watch

This blogger brought us the quirky tidbits that high art bloggin' can reward ya' wif'--the zaney thangs of the day, with good commentary. Dry, acerbic...not wif' out ultimate charity.  Why does On My Watch blog?

"boredom mostly, and to see if anyone out there got my jokes. :) but after I started, turned out to be fun to read other people's stuff and get *heated* every now and then.
it's kind of like a block party without the block"


 Gnomeself, Formerly Iamnot, 

  A man-blogger who done hero work rasin' his boys. Knowed how to coax cool from a camera. Sought the insight of lady bloggers whenever he hit a snag in domestic bliss wif' his missus.  His site is down--Aunty wishes him well.

 Mayden's Voyage

This dear chile' still blogs, writes, is mama an' daugther to her family---a very pretty an' sweet nature'd lady that always had sparkle to spread.   Met her onc't wif' Pete Bogs. Aunty misses her visits, but reckon even the Front Porch is a bit dicey fer Mayden.   Other sweet chillen, that  I wish't I knowed whar' life has taken them, include Butterfly Girl an' Lady Lux.


Vanille,  Infinitessima. Aunty called her Contessa.

This chile were a tough talkin', smart hardshell New Woman....'cept her heart got banged up pretty easily.  Liked debate. Stood up to bullies, but went all slack if MoorMan left his trail.  Last I knowed, she be workin on a master's degree...an' I hope she got it--shure were many sleepless nights.


Troll be the loveable under-bridge dwellin' ladies' man what loved Secretariat more than his next beer.  A gourmet cook. An articulate defender of the good an' the mostly true.  Kentuckian by birth; Floridian by fate. Troll initiated Haiku Monday an' taught us'uns how to Haiku. A'fore that, he gave us Mute Mondays--a photo essay on a given theme. No words allowed.  Troll liked contests.  His Christian faith was front, center, an' loud enough to hear even iffin' some tried to put they fingers in they ears.  Miss this kid, I really do. Site is down.


An American in Japan: "Misplaced Man in Japan."  Likes projects.  A study in chiaroscuro: Dark sloughs whar' silver sparkles dances on the surface.   He is a pun-master.  Not bad wif' imagery either: 
"I like ice cream. Its like eating an instant smile. I am on a diet so now I have to find something else that will put a grin on my face."


D.T. Devereaux 

DT t'were a very talented cartoonist-- used his art to skewer politicians, Muslims, hypocrites. Controversial?  Heh. But, truth often is.  His cartoon commentary was prophetic--much of what he showed us'uns is now the horror du jour.   This is what he wrote when his blog was put on "indefinite recess,"

"Rife with diseased political orthodoxies, ours is an atmosphere thick with the anesthetic of "modernity." The pursuit of Truth and the defense of Liberty, regardless of intention, can only flail about blindly in this noxious fog of self-defeating paradigms; ours, it seems, is a fatal inheritance bestowed upon us by the flight of successive generations from civilizational certitude and from reality."

That kind of insight an' the accompanying artistic expression attracts from both poles-- not fer the delicate natured.....site is down, but here is a link to one post


Thursday Next

A fan of Jane Eyre, a domestic diva who let us peek in on the doings of Thursday an her Prince. Somehow Fleur reminds me of Thursday.



Oh now, wish't y'all had known Hail Pig, mah Sweet Shoat. An arctic fisherman, a patriot, he gave Bird Beauty the pip, tangled wif' Pete Bogs, delighted K9, an' made many of Aunty's blogger days end wif' a good laugh.  A man who din't never git hisself manhandled.


Thar's a half dozen more  I could name--all profiles gone now--an' maybe thas' ok. Folks gotta go whar' they gotta go, ain't it so?


darkfoam said...

Sigh.. Yes I know .. Your old bloggers were part of my extended blogging community and we did share a few in common, Thursday for example. At least I'm in contact with some my old timers on fb, such as mayden, prism, Kate, phos, ruela, k9 etc.. Although, fb definitely created this lull in blogging. Anyways, I'm grateful you are still around ..

Aunty Belle said...

An I be SO happy youse still heah to, Foamy. Youse from earliest days!

Video killed the radio star, we cain't rewind, we've gone too far?

moi said...

Few songs are as wistful and yearning and true than Video Killed the Radio Star . . .

Thursday Next! I remember her. She was one of my first commentators.

I first met Troll when he was Artful Sub, that's how far that goes back. I dug him most truly, pain in the butt though he could be.

And Iamnot . . . he took such beautiful photographs.

Glad to see NYD is still around.

I miss those days for sure. Will they, can they, come back?

Don't know.

Now I'm sad. I should post.

chickory said...

Oh. Hell pig. I loved Helly. Remember Reverend x? We started out fighting but became real life friends. I am proud that K9 was able to spar but turn all the haters into friends. Like vanilla, the bloodsukka, I forget what Roxanne was originally. She hated the ol 9er at first. Mister Q. Boy was he flummoxed when I showed up not as a black man - he told me hardly ever did he get plunked like that. Bogs! I bet he stopped blogging thru extreme embarrassment of Obama officially worse than W, what are they gonna say now? I met bird in San Francisco she gave me a blue scarf and I gave her a red tailed hawk painting. Phos!,, I miss these people. Facebook sucks but it is convenient. You don't have to visit the blogs, wait for comment mod etc etc. I might get back to my blog someday but the spam sort of hurts the format.

Wunnerful post Aunty. Nice trip down memory lane.

Omg remember Ben from Switzerland? I used to be in contact with him too.

Ardlair finally sent me a goodbye note and I haven't heard since.

chickory said...

Good God Facebook is the Devil

Aunty Belle said...

Very wistful song...Iamnot/Gnomeself knew manic wif' the camera. I shure does think bmloggin' is better than FB, jes' fer the depth of it...FB is a skim surface, skate a,ong kinds thang....fun, but no depth. But, as Chick9 notes, it's fast. Le sigh.


I miss Helly so much...mercy, he would jes' coach by, leave a zinger that set the whole place in a 180....Red Mantissa?
The whole RevX thang were surreal...he learnt a good truth, it ain't Libby's ya can turn to when ya have a need. But yore slip pin' up on Q man, tha's one fer the books...an what a dandy surprise fer him, huh???

Ardy knowed we's right, but he would self destruct if admitted such...too bad, he had the brains, jes' cain't git hisself to square up on center.

On FB, see comment to Moi above. It's fast food of the online world. I think SHE and Freya and K9 wuz worth it.what I especially like is the honest human exchange, not tainted wif' commercial motives.

Aunty Belle said...

See? HATE this dang pad. I have no idea what pad means by "coach" an' I wrote "Libbos" not Libby's.

Pam said...

Aunty, this is a great post and while I don't know most of those folks, I DO know that I stumbled across Troll's page one day and that is how I met all of this fine group.

FB is fine for what FB is ... and I agree there is nothing in depth about it. But with time being short lately it is what is working for me, so glad to see you online over there. I appreciate the reminders to get back over here and see what has been written. No one needs to know the web address, either ... we all know how to find you!

I am still in a position where I can't make huge pontifications about political positions ... not that I ever did much anyway. But I am glad to get over here and read some good stories and opinions and intelligent, reasoned thoughts!

Have you found some pages on FB that you can relate to? I have friends who are re-posting things like Anti-Monsanto and the like, so there might be more things on FB you can sink your teeth into :)

Aunty Belle said...


boy are we all happy y ou did stumble in 'round heah!

I do miss yore political jawing, will say. But we'uns gits how care is required.

FB is what it is, an' I git that too....but ain't it sad that our lives ARE so hurried, that we's dancin' fast as we can go, no time to Jes' sit on a porch an have us a visit?

Meanwhile, y'all is very dear to invite AB over to FB, or t'would wonder what happened to folks,

Fleurdeleo said...

Hello, Miss Aunty! Haiku Monday is up. Fleur

R.Powers said...

Hey Aunty!
Of those listed I clearly remember the TROLL. I think he may have been my gateway to The Front Porch (for which I am very grateful).
On FB as a possible blogger stealer... FB is such a soundbite platform... I can't see it satisfying a real writer's needs. I recently signed on mainly to increase my PF audience. My posts there are no more than "tweetish one-liners".

My heart is still deep in pure Florida.