Haiku Monday: Independence


Our Foam hit the Haiku birdie over the net, it landed it in Aunty's backyard. 

My gracious.


Y'all is such experts now, I ain't sure I need to go over the  rules but jes' in case we has a newcomer ( hope so!!) here be the basics:

 Traditional Haiku  be a three line poem of 17 syllables, divided into a 5-7-5 format, so that the first and third lines have five syllables, the middle line carries seven syllables.  Haiku does not require or expect words to rhyme.  The goal of Haiku is to elicit from the reader a moment of recognition or an insight: It's yore unique take on a universal experience.  In traditional Haiku, something in nature is noted, often related to yore inner landscape. A season is usually given (kigo) --not necessarily stated, such as "When summer rains fell...", but as an inference.  The inference may be subtle, as Aunty's Haiku for "yield" at Foam's:

Dewfall's silent jewels Yield to barefoot contessa Dancing on the dawn.

Thar'  ain't no season given, but reckon folks knowed it be spring or summer or that barefoot dancer would be shiverin', not dancin'.  An' the dancin' is a sort of  a primal ( i.e. nature -based) response to a new jewel of a day, fresh with dewy possibilities.  

 For that one moment, the dancer is elevated to a sort of royal (Contessa) possessor of the day.  The physical act of dancin' says more than any spoken words ever could about the subject's reception of the the new day dawning.  I point this out jes' to underscore that what we wanna git to, iffin' we can, is that automatic/ intuitive response. How different the dew dancer is from the observer at the window exclaiming, "It's pretty new day."   The observer is noting the felicitous moment, but the dancer is in it.

Most of y'all already does this wif' your Haiku, wif'out all that pick-it-apart-thinkin'.  It jes' seems to come wif'' the territory. I note it heah to show how Aunty will be  most charmed by yore entries--give us a moment of bein' utterly present.  

One other thang, Haiku written by masters have a kireji, a word or punctuation, that divides one thought or idea from another, or is a rhythmic pause that gives emphasis to the final thought.  Iffin' that kireji thang  intimidates ya', doan worry. It ain't that easy to do in English.  So Aunty doan expect it--if it's thar', great. But to shoehorn it into an English Haiku akshully detracts from the verse, to mah way of thinkin'. If it can be done naturally, do it, but if it doan fit into what youse sayin'  it ain't no disqualifyer.  

This week's theme is drawn from Independence Day, the 4th of July.  But yore Haiku ain't needin' to be associated wif'  this day or moment, but wif' the spirit behind it--independence is personal long afore it is national.  

Independence is distinct from freedom-- an' indulge me wif' a preachy moment-- thar' ain't no freedom that can survive whar' the independent spirit is flaccid.  A bunch of dependent folks sure din't make us an independent nation.  The goal for this theme may include our national day, but can also be other evocations of INDEPENDENCE.  Even a take-down of dependency bespeaks the  yearning for independence. So, I hope thar's plenty of room fer unique expressions from all y'all. 

As fer visuals, they ain't required, but we all like them. If ya' use one, please post it, along wif' the Haiku on yore blog an' link to it, an' be sure to say "I'se Up" when ya' come heah to post yore Haiku.  Aunty will use a visual as a tie breaker in case two of y'all is so stellar that a tie-breaker is needed. BUT, heh heh, thar's a catch to the visuals.  Yore visual must be taken from Aunty's Pinterest board, "Photo Haiku" which is heah:


Please post yore entries heah on the Front Porch by midnight, Monday July 1st, PDT.  ( we like to give our West Coast folks enough time) .

Good luck to all! 


Aunty Belle said...

I ain't got no idea why the haiku isn't in three lines--what's up wif' blogger editor?

BlazngScarlet said...

Oooooohh!! I really love this theme Aunty!
I just hope I get some time to throw in an entry! :D

Aunty Belle said...

Hey Blazng,
welcome aboard--we wanna see ya back wif' a zinger of a Haiku. A sleepness night is worth it, ain't it? heh.

darkfoam said...

I knew you'd cook up something unique and I was right!
This independent minded foam here is gonna put on her thinking cap .. If I can find it .. and come up with a 'ku or two.

Doom said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Doom said...

You are up already aye? I can't wait to see what shows up. In my opinion, you pick more difficult or complex things. That is no gripe... it was true of my favorite teachers and professors (so long as they played fair themselves, not a given... you do, so no worry).

Well, in celebration of the event... I hope I counted correctly this time, time, time... :p

Free Lunch?

Freedom is given.
Responsibility? Price-
Live long and prosper.


Truly a freeman-
My freedom depends on you.
No man an island.

Anonymous said...

As Doom says you always throw down an unusual challenge.

As I scrolled through your photos, one caught me. I'll post the photo, but it is the one with the lace curtain blowing in the breeze from an open window.

Down for a nap? HA!
Skinned out the window, then in.;-)
Friend’s mom spilled the beans.

darkfoam said...

exultantly free!
she skips through sun dappled woods
smack into a web

I'm up with a visual, but I'm going to see if I can't find one of your 'ku photos to go with this.

If I have time this weekend I might post more.

darkfoam said...

i did add one of your photo haiku from pinterest.

Rafael said...

Independence?!? PLEASE!
Fleshless soul is rudder free
Soulless flesh? Dead meat!


Rafael said...

Granny got her gun
First shot rang through chill, dark night
Second through the heart

Doom said...

I am up. Oh, don't be afraid. Just... don't leave that room if'n you are a tender shoot.

Aunty Belle said...

Gracious!! Lots of competition already building up!

Y'all's a bunch of independent minded souls, huh?

Doom takes first plunge and zings a straight shot into the heart of political philosophy. Well done!

Blazng teases us wif' here promise to try to return wif' her own zinger, or two or ten...remember, no limit on number submitted.

Serendipitous slings us waaaay back into childhood -- who ain't tried fer a bit of independence by slipping out the window?? Heh.

Foamy, captures an experience Aunty has had too..yep, a liberating romp in the woods is checked by a sticky web monitor, patrolling the premises.

The Angel goes direct to the spirit: Rafael, named for an Archangel, points us to that ultimate independence, but brings us back to terra firma wif a shot from Granny jes' to keep our feet on the ground.

We are off to a strong start! Thanky to all.....but, shure hope to see the rest of the regulars....c'mon in heah Becca, Fleur, Fishy, PamOKC, somebody go poke at Karl and Buzz? Michael W? We has room for another angel. Hope to lure back Moi and Czar, Boxer and Chickory, tease in Eggy. I know folks is offs the Independence Day jaunts, but ai't that why they made mobile devices? So ya' could send in yore Haiku fer Monday???

darkfoam said...

I know you've been polking on fb, but perhaps a polk to their site? I did that a few weeks ago.

BlazngScarlet said...

I made it back Aunty!!! :D
Well, i'm posting 'afore I hit the open highway! lol

In the spirit of my niece who leaves for college today, and has waaaaay too much of MY spirit (not just the good stuff! lol), I offer this:

Tough,sweet girl of Fall,
17 and resolute,
Wings unfurled, FLY!

fishy said...

Nice game Aunty, love your Pinterest Board connection. For this first offering no visual is needed:

Nooo! Me can do it!
Toddler's emancipation.
But. There are diapers.

BlazngScarlet said...

I forgot ... I'm up! :D

grins said...

Freedom isn't free,

attested to by white stones

Down payment for you.

grins said...

It meanders on

traveling willy nilly .

Stream without purpose

Michael W said...

If I move and sleep,
All the time without consent,
That's independence

I choose not to hear.
I will manifest the Law
In freedom to act.

Not stepping ahead
But stepping apart from you
Proves how free I am.

You will feel the breeze
In openly being free.
No one stopping you.

Doom said...

Wow. Look away for a second and the blooms set on before I can review.

grins said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
grins said...

As per ONGOING recent events (or at least within a year.) I couldn't resist this one.

Staples out today!
MY sweaty leg brace is chucked!
It's tap dancing time!!!

Even so, I'm still waltzing but further than I thought I ever would. Yay!

Rebecca said...

congrats on your win here are my haiku and I honestly can't pick which ones to judge so it's up to you pick the ones that speak to you. Oh and visuals will be up tomorrow

quick pop bang explode
independence has a price
new kind of prison

Ending Beginning
through fingers sands of time fall
childhood gone memory

Ending Beginning
mirror images collide
love is love for all free

Anonymous said...

I guess mine will trickle in as the mood moves me, Aunty.

Fluid conveyance.
Effortless or drudgery;.
takes you anywhere.

I am up with this at Serendipity, and with the first one as well in the immediately previous post. I took a little liberty with your photo...

Doom said...

I put these up earlier, here, but my posts are being sabotaged. They aren't being posted, always. Never worry... I'll keep posting. (Uhrm, no, I don't fault the blog owners.)

My Own Master, Alone

I am my own man
no other, do as I wish-
slave to my desire

Even the Beasts?

To belly or lust,
animals owe their dues, obey-
a grace, not a price

Fickle Fates

drifting on the wind
of time and place, free of thought
Oh?- But the muse says!

darkfoam said...

Lots of cool new entries!

Aunty Belle said...

Woohoo!! Grand showing, sweet peas. Wunnerful variety.

I'se in a tear to git to all on the day's docket, but will be back fer a look see afore supper time. But write on, as there ai't no limit to submissions, and the door be open until midnight PDT, or, 3 am East Coast.

P.s. hooray for Grins!!! Real happy to hear of your liberation, dance dance, dance!!!

P.p.s., great visual and history lessons, Serendipitous ....Word Press is a bigot, woan let Aunty post, tried to leave ya a message, but WP doan like cracker folk, I reckon.

darkfoam said...

Independence Day
wanes into a dusky dark.
Boom! Colors explode..

and I am up with a new post more haiku and visuals for this one.

Karl said...

Happy Independence Day Aunty Belle,

A wee bit early for the holiday. You draw nice crowd and will have some fun picking the winner.

Three for your approval:

Fledgling eagle
Seeks independence from nest
Stumbles then soars

Our Forefathers fight
Life liberty happiness
Stop giving it up

Losers give it away
A phone and stamps get the vote
Just give me free stuff

fishy said...

A pledge beyond words,
this sustaining commitment
honors our Father(s)

Courage is freedom.
Life, beyond all things fearsome.
Liberty mastered.

Mother and daughter
seek Light's triumph over Dark.
Freedom's habitat.

I'm up!

fishy said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
fishy said...

Just for fun ...

St. Aubert got thumped
Tides and rocks be damned and hauled
angel architect!

Anonymous said...

Hi Aunty.

This one is for Dad. It needs no visual.

Dad's ninety this week.
Patriot, captive, hero.
Taught autonomy.


Anonymous said...

I put up a visual anyway, but not from your stash.

Anonymous said...

I put up a visual anyway, but not from your stash.

chickory said...

Scary clown on slilts
A mad man in stars and stripes
What happened Uncle Sam?

so many good ones. dont envy your job, Aunty.

Pam said...

Poor attempts by me:

Don't need nobody
I can do it by myself
Mom can you help please?

Key in the column
Foot on gas, driving tunes blast;
alone with the road.

I can be me while
you can be you, and we can
all live happily

We raise them to think
for themselves so why do we
get mad when they do?

Aunty Belle said...

'All is amazin'. Truly.

Yore fiery spirit is showin' hooray!

Thar's still time to post if fin' some is still cogitation'. But I did peek in an' how much fun is this?

Reminds us of a true universal experience...endings beginning....

Serendipitous ,

Skates in again with a neither wilderness image.

Comes in with a reminder that grace not price is path to independence.

Adds an audio visual Haiku of the 4th,

Slips in with a trilogy, allegory, history and current events as a cautionary tale.

Echoes Karl's muse, a reminder of liberty's corollary, courage. And swims in again to tease of Mont St. Michel, " just for fun"

Is right, her tribute to dad needs no visual, but go take a peek anyway...you'll be glad you did.

Dips in with a clown on "slitlts" which sounds very scary indeed....but we know what she means, and means what she said, scarier still.

Delivers a zinger quartet of parental insight and universal child to parent flirtation with independence.

Oh y'all, wish I could punt! This is gonna be a real toughy. Such a good field, seems to me each has earned the nod. Thanky kindly fer playing. I'll be back Tuesday night wif' the winner, though, as I say, this time, truly everybody done a smashing' terrific job.

Rafael said...

Slip'ry slope's set sail
Slap'n happy gaeities
Tulips in ma' toes!

Doom said...

You pulled one more out. Must have been blocked up. I didn't write that. :p

Oh to be a fool!
(or, Ignorance is bliss!)

Outside lines, color.
Over here, there, whim, as I please.
Know not, care not, love.

chickory said...

right. stilts. grrrrrr

Rafael said...

For those interested, click HERE

It's a slightly adapted pinterest visual meshed with a tulip drawing for my third haiku.

Late, but more about the journey... yes?

Congrats y'all... too many good'ens to pick a favorite:D

Blessings, Aunty--


darkfoam said...

Cool visual Rafael!

Aunty Belle said...

Anybody else having blogger woes? Cannot open editor to creat. New post....grrrr!

Doom said...

Good here, for now... knocking on wood like a woodpecker... save that my comments get lost, so I figure something is up. NSA must be switching to their newest mega-gulper. Bah!

Aunty Belle said...

Funny, Doom, NSA big gulp, heh.

I get an error code when I try to open editor:


Will try n the real computer, not the toyPad.

darkfoam said...

The app, blogsy, is what I mostly use when blogging with the bitten apple pad. For very short posts I've clicked on right to blogger and clicked past the error message. I've also clicked right through to blogger and typed a post in the HTML section.