Haiku Winner(s)!!

 Ah, a moment to blog...

If y'all re-read these entries, yore shure to have sympathy fer this task--what a stellar group of Haiku! 

TO kick us off, Doom entered a pair Ku wif' thoughts on the broad nature of our Independence, capital "I".   These went right to the heart of the polity. Amen, I say.

Serendipitous wuz the first to cast us'uns back to a moment of independence initiation.  Who cain't feel the corners of their mouth turning up to recall our own first forays into freedom that we thought be independence?  Later, she cajoles us with a fluid independence, and as always fer Sere, spot on visuals.

Foamy finds a similar experience, maybe a little older, but doan ya' love the switch up, that screeeeeech  up short, a hearty smack to her jaunt into the woods-- S P I D E R

Rafa  whips out a mirror image pair, the first metaphysical, the second terrestrial. Really liked the "rudder free" image of the first; Implies sailing free, above the demands of flesh. 

Blazing rolls back the clock, or is it a wise elder, observing the cycle anew, that sense of independence and immortality evident in f her  17 year old  college bound neice--so resolute!

 Fishy, swims by with a toddler's familar protest of independence...and the reality check, that left me laughing.

Grins! Long time no see, Sir Curmudgy. Another pair of Haiku; the tribute to those who made the down payment on our liberty tugs at the heart. Later, Grins tosses, in a third an exultant independence, minus the leg brace--congratulations on that fer shure.

Michael W, mebbe a first time on the Porch? Git'cha a glass of lemonade.  MW boasts a quartet, a full complement of personal independences. I especially liked the relationship independence,
"not ahead" of you, but "stepping apart."

Becca offers us her trifecta, a collection that skips through lost childhood to ending with beginnings, "mirror images collide" is a rather nice visual. 

Doom circles back, mebbe inspired by Rafa,  wif' yet more metaphysical insight: grace, not price.  Indeed.

Foam, too, peeks back in, the first with an akshull nod to Independence Day, a definite season. Very much an "in the moment" verse.

Karl swoops in, an allegory to set us up right, then offers two others for a triple play of history lessons and a "present moment" warning.

Fishy splashes the crowd with three extra Haiku, matched perfectly to the visuals she posted--makes perfect sense and a lotta fun when seen as well as read. 

Serendipitous drops in with her personal independence mentor--her Dad.  Happy Birthday Dad!

Chickory flies over, drops a pithy, acerbic commentary in ...18 syllables.

PamOKC,  is streaking, four from  the heat of the plains, a shimmering playful quartet that examines a growing child's widening quest for independence.

Monday draws to a close, an' two are still last minute musing...

Rafa, adapts a visual, pretty cool. But sailing on, looks to a new horizon; Aunty trusts Rafael, Gabriel an' Michael to bring his barque to Heaven's shore.

Doom, closes out the night with love.

Uncle gave up--too many good'uns. Aunty makes the call.

Charmed as I wuz wif' all the comin' of age  Haikus, the First Place be neck an' neck a'tween Karl an' Grins. Their Haiku evoke very visceral "present moments" as our Independence wobbles
 ( like Chickory's clown on stilts). It could be either fella, could be a coin toss...an Grins wins,  Karl places, jes'  on account of Aunty feelin' a real twinge at the testament of  Grins' "white stones" that made a down payment fer me...an' you, an' all us'uns. I was transported to Normandy, whar' once I stood to try to take it in....an' to Arlington.  Then Grins comes back wif' a personal liberation--no leg brace!! --an dances the dance of ambulatory independence. Book ends--the sober an' the jubilant.

Serendipitous'  Hero Dad follows the same theme for Show.

Honorable mention is due to each of y'all--truly it is. These were a really solid Haiku, all worthy. 

Congratulations all!! 

Happy Independence Day! 

* earlier today:

Y'all is all winners. Really an' most truly. 

This be such a wunnerful collection of Haiku, Aunty is in a swivet tryin' to pick a winner...but them's the rules, ain' they? Cain't dodge the judgin'.   Trouble be, Blogger would not let me edit until jes' now, an' I tried half the night!!  But now?  I has a breakfast meetin' so I'se gotta skeedaddle...will be back directly and hope to git the Winner analysis up 'bout lunchtime. Thanky so much fer bearin' wif' me. Oh dear, Aunty.....it jes' ain't fittin' to leave folks  a'hangin' like this.


fishy said...

PLEASE can you post a picture of Aunty in a "swivet". I expect that would be something to see for sure.

darkfoam said...

Oh, is that what I was in just this past week? A swivet?

darkfoam said...

And congratulations grins! I heartily agree. I passed the gauntlet on to him before myself. Congratulations to karl and serendipity and to the rest of us. Thanks for doing a superb job of hosting, aunty. Happy 4th to all and remember to wish your friendly, neighborly nsa agents one to while your on the phone.

darkfoam said...

*you are..

Not your

Doom said...

Had lots of fun playing this one. Don't know why, but poems kept popping. You must have lit the fuse, Aunty.

Grins? Uhrm, well, want or not, you did it to yourself. I'll resemble you here for a second. *grins* Congratulations. You could always choose a topic like angst, being misunderstood, or irony? I actually, can't wait to see what you come up with.

Karl said...

Good evening Aunty Belle,

Thank you for hosting and for the honorable mention. I hope you and Uncle have a most liberating Independence Day.

Congratulations Grins! Looks like your working this weekend. Looking forward to your topic.

Well done Serendipity.

Chickory and Pam: So nice to see you both play this week. Please come back more often.

Foam: Your jovial attitude is most appealing to the folks at Sigint City. The scuttlebutt is, your phone conversations tend to be a little dry. But the Venetian blind B&W photo on your blog, is always a big hit;)

All: Please have a safe and happy Independence Day!

Rafael said...

Awe YES! My sweet lipped Curmudgeon WINS the day! YeeHAW!

I loved how his tripped 'long my palette!

I'm with Uncle, too, too many, so congrats to Karl and Serendipity for rising just that tad bit above the fray to grab Aunties eye!



P.S. Not 100%, but think Aunties swivet might look a little like THIS...

fishy said...

WE're all grinning now! Congratulations on the disposal of the stiff, sweaty, cumbersome leg brace.... independence of the personal sort is sweeter than sweet.
Thanks too for the white stones reminder that independence is not free, it is hard earned.

Good job on the hosting Aunty, that's always the hardest part of this game. Uncle Gator stayed mute on this round?????? Check his pulse.

LOL at Karl's comment to Foam.

Congratulations to Karl and Serendipity .
Happy birthday and kudos for a job well done to Serendipity's Dad.

God Bless America

grins said...

Meee!? I guess I'm just a Yankee doodle dandy. Thank you.
This week's topic will be Fire so get ready all.

darkfoam said...

So, it's your cohorts that have been breathing down my phone line, eh?
Yup, that Karl is a stitch alright .. :-)

Aunty Belle said...

Fishy, see Rafa. Ditto Foamy.

Doom, when the muse is rolin' ya jes' scribble faster.

Karl, youse such a proper gentleman, uh, until it comes to Foamy, when ya become a bit more plauful. Thanky fer kind words.

Rafa, that pic of mah swivet is jes' 'bout right!!

yep, Uncle mute...he's too glued to Zimmerman. I cain't watch.

Grins, dance a jig fer us'uns!

Foamy, youse having phone relations wif' NSA?

darkfoam said...

I hope not .. :-)

Michael W said...

Was indeed my first time on the porch (love porches).

chickory said...

Congratulations! very nice, all.

18 i realized that as I drifted off to sleep that night. say la veeeeeee

night aunty thanks for hostin'