Do Y'all Know This Guy?


For entirely odd ball reasons, Aunty wuz researchin'  guerrilla marketing.

I fell down the rabbit hole and landed on Laughing Squid.

Which led to Dancing Matt. Does y'all know him?  

Reckon ya do, 'cause when a fella gits 18, 000,000 plus hits on youtube, he is prolly known to bloggers--jes' not ole cracker lady bloggers. So...I'se  finally discovered Matt. Dancin' Matt.

Has "Where the hell is Matt" been to yore town?  (Yes!! He's been to Boxer's town)

If ya know his story, I bet youse happy to be reminded of it. If ya doan know Matt, here he is:

That clip above wuz after he learned what he wanted to know.

Heah is Matt afore he knowed what to know:

I doan know his pollyticks--they might be weird-- leave me in mah ignorance please.


darkfoam said...

It's utterly charming and touching and brought a wee tear to eye this early a.m. He apparently is also unfamiliar to German/Mississippians middle aged biddies..

Doom said...

I know him not, either. And I look around the world and under a lot of rocks. Urhm, 18 m isn't that much in a 'land' of billions. Many viewers, I am most certain, are repeat offenders.

As to politics. Everybody's politics are screwball. Even trying to use logic, I can end up in agreement with the strangest lot (if I do not accept that "in agreement" equals "agreeing with"... different reasons and desired results make that often impossible). Le sighe.

fishy said...

You just have to love a fella who takes the idea of "go forth and be joyful" to heart and then ignites joy in others. I wish I had the courage to be this kind of Pied Piper.

SophieMae said...

I had forgotten all about this! Makes one stop and think. The seal made me laugh right out loud. Thanks for the day brightener.

Have you heard this news?

I searched 'sugar beets destroyed oregon' and found quite a few takes. Appears there's a definite movement afoot.

chickory said...

i vote for matt dancing before a field of GMO sugar beets burning.

Aunty Belle said...

Ain't grand? Ya cain't help but smile....and tap yore foot.

I did read his one statement of a political nature I could find easily, an it t'were that TSA oughta jes' look in folks eyes...any other invasion wuz an assault on human dignity, an we'uns ought not stand still fer that.

This boy dern shure goes forth wif' joy! He didn't like workin, it seems, so he. Went dancin'.

Sophie Mae,
Ya ever smell a seal? Or, a seal ion on the beach? dear mercy! OHHHHHH, yes! Thanky fer the beets link...rise up folks rise up.


Amen sister, tell it !,

BlazngScarlet said...

Congrats on your Haiku win Aunty! :D