What Shall We Talk About?

Y'all is weary of Aunty's  yakkin'.

So this heah post is nuthin' much. I wuz on a plane last week, wif' some hay-haired rube of a woman who coughed an' never covered her mouth. Now I has a sore throat, an I is cranky. It's mah own fault fer not takin' precautions, like shoving Vicks up yore nose afore getting on a flying cattle wagon...but thas' not what I meant to post.

Ain't got nuthin' but a few photos an' a bit about some of mah Internet travels, places I whar' I dilly-dally when I ain't bloggin' wif' y'all( who ain't blogging' much either!) An' of course, books.

It's hot an' rainy, an  SOMEbody doan much feel like doin' garden chores. We looks ragged around the edges, but still, y'all oughta see the zinnias--- burstin' wif' colorful faces. 

Mah favorite, though, is the green:

Since I ain't hittin' a lick at gardenin', I'se lolling about in the canyon below tottering book towers.

My Name is Red, Orhan Pamuk. 


Think Carlos Ruiz Zafon 
 channeling Jorge Luis Borges 
in Istanbul of 1500s. I started
 readin' it afore the flap in 
Turkey we see on the news
....seems thangs in Turkey is 
about like it wuz then. 
Murderous intrigue over 
religion lived, or not,
according to the power
 of the day.

A Peak in Darien, Freya Stark. This woman is a whole other order of being...brilliant nomad, 
gifted writer. Wonderfully weird.

Natcherly, thar's a few cookbooks flopped open: This ole volume is Anne Willan of La Varenne,
 seducing us wif' Russian Rice Pilaf an' Lamb. 
 (No, of course I ain't made it...jes' lookin', thas' all.)

  On the Internet, readin' about space and wishin' we still had a good Space program.


Did y'all know we may not need to worry about 2016, or the new bird flu or NSA peekin' in yore DropBox, or even who wins American Idol...'cause an Asteroid may hit us first.

 Also readin' essays about Orwell and the abuse of language 
( whar's Czar??)

"Over the past several decades, words have become more individualistic and less communal. Indeed, the corruption of the meaning of words themselves is a major issue. George Orwell suspected that this corruption, in which words were used to hide what was actually going on, was a major tool of all absolutist governments. If “democracy” comes again to mean whatever the majority wants (that was its original Greek meaning), then it is all over. If there is nothing behind democracy but democracy, nothing prevents it from enacting what is wrong into democratic “rights” and “laws.” We can have democratic tyrannies if we allow words to lose their meanings and if we allow “rights” to mean whatever we want them to mean."

I'se been mooning over images of the South:

An' nairy a day gits past wif'out some oily tongued rogue justifyin' GMOs to the gullible. This charmer is from the Chairman of Cargill on Bloomberg News:

 "A third lesson is that we must embrace technologies that help farmers to grow more from less. Food production must increase at least 70 percent, by some estimates, in the next four decades to meet population growth. Optimally we should achieve that increase without bringing sensitive lands into production, by reducing greenhouse-gas emissions, and by using less water and fewer chemicals. This is possible only if we gain society’s permission to use sound, proven science -- including genetically engineered crops -- to produce food."

Guess what? I learned how to take a screen shot wif' the applecorepad!  Wanna see? 

  Look at these sheep along the Camino--I saw this scene mahself a few times--anyhoo, the youtube doc of this "bloody madman" Australian pilgrim making his WAY, is pretty good--long, but very authentic. He might be a wee too honest, but I luved it.


The Crepe Myrtles are bloomin', if ya doan look too close, thangs is purty 'round heah....please tell me how yore summer is going.


Aunty Belle said...

Sorry about the different fonts..no idea why some text will not stay in large print.

darkfoam said...

The different fonts happens on blogsy if you are on your applecorethingy. I think it happens when stuff is downloaded or copied and pasted from other sites. Happened to me a couple of posts ago.

But, no, I don't ever weary of your yakkin', ab..

1. I do hope you get to feeling better.

2. I like seeing your photos and links to what interests you. Actually, for some reason I've started to blog again with these haiku and the occasional limerick. It provides stress relief plus I started to miss the banter which can be found here..at least amongst the bloggers I like to hang with.

3. It's hot down yonder? It's still remarkably coolish hereabouts. You are always welcome to come and garden amongst my Inversnaid inspired weeds.

4. Your video links are for this evening while the pinetop watches whatever sport is showing on the tube.

5. gmo's ... Grrrr ... Sigh ..

Oh, my summer .. it's run the gamut from good to very bad. .. But the very bad is booooring so I don't dwell on it here. :-)

fishy said...

HI Aunty,
Are those Natchez White Crepe Myrtles?
The ones that soar into the sky and produce ginormous bouquets? Lovely!
So are the Zinnias, in every color.

Speaking of which, I have called them
" Zeen-Yahs" my whole life so imagine my surprise when a garden center worker told me it was suppose to be

Sorry to hear you brought home a hitchiker from the recent travels.
I must say you have a fine way of keeping yourself entertained ... and us too. You will post the making of the Russian feast, right?

R.Powers said...

If it weren't for our amazing Mars rover, we'd have almost nothing to crow about in space. Bugs me too. Stupid space station distraction from REAL space exploration... bah humbug!

Sorry you were under the weather, hope you are feeling better.

chickory said...

lovely look about, Aunty. I really like those dishes in the cookbook. those would look nice at Chickory. Mebbe I should do a walk about post of stuff. the cattle wagon. grrrrrrrrhahahahahaha. take good care of that throat -gitchoo some silver, asap. xxpx

moi said...

We should all meet and do the Camino. 2015?

fishy said...

@ MOi
Is there a one day Camino experience?
I don't think there any shops on the camino.

Aunty Belle said...

Well, drat, hope yore summer days straighten out soon. Very glad to see ya posting again.

Yep them's Natchez, youse got a sharp eye. On Roosian feasts, lemme tell ya, onc't I made this salmon coulibiac, a Roosian delicacy Dear Maud!! Two days, a filthy kitchen....no wonder the Russians is filled wif angst. Or, ever tried to make those fabulous Easter eggs?

Us Floridians mayhap is more attuned to the space program. Seems very shortsighted to me to scrap one our our best endeavors.

Always happy to have a Chickory walk-about post. The dishes is real purty, an you'd love this book-- old school perfection, the RIGHT way do do anything.


YES, Cherie, gather the hikers an let's go!! The ole ladies among us will need a year to prepare! Did you watch the video, or portions?

Aunty Belle said...

Oh, Ho Fishy, shure they gots shoppin'....the Camino goes through Pamplona, Burgos, Leon, and Santiago itself. An' one may certainly find retail amusement in Madrid before fling out...or Paris.

Aunty Belle said...

Oops, *flying out.

Karl said...

Good evening Aunty Belle,

No ma'am, I don't get tired of your posting, regardless of the font. Hope you're feeling better by now.

The high to day was 80°and its going to go down in the 50's tonight. I'm hoping it's a trend for the summer. If it would only stay this way year round.

Thank you for stopping by and reminding me that I need to get a post up. I will as soon as I get a minute or 2.

All the best to you and Uncle.