You Might be a Cracker If....

Sweet Chillen's, Aunty done had a real fun inquiry from a collich fella who has got hisself a  para-academic interest in Cracker-folk.  (Soon as I figger out what para-academic an' augmented reality is I'se gonna hep this chile best as I may.) He wrote:

"...putting together an on line companion to an art book based on the travel narrative written by N.H. Bishop in 1878. We are currently working on para-academic annotations of Bishop's text (specifically Chapter 11) that will be linked to the book via augmented reality (a smart phone application that works like quick response codes).
As you may or may not be aware, Bishop gives a very one dimensional, if not skewed, portrayal of both crackers and freedmen. My specific task is to open up this part of the text and provide readers with a more accurate portrayal of this demographic of Southern yeoman. 
It would be a great honor and help if I could obtain some of your resources and research (specifically that which is published on


As we are an undergraduate group, working in a classroom setting, the only compensation I can offer you is attribution.

Well, my gracious.Of course Aunty is charmed.  Plus, I hope to better mahself, mayhap  git some higher edoocation by readin' this Bishop fella that the students is pursuin'. Natcherly I'll want to follow the route this one dimensional Bishop wrote 'bout  while usin' the smart phone application--I may swoon wif' all this technology.

But I thought all y'all might  git a wee kick outa the comments at that post from 2008 (Click link in text above)--youse gonna learn a whole lot about various blogger neighbors' genealogy.  Heh. Plus looky at all the fun we wuz pokin' at the world!

In February some Cracker folk ride the Florida Cracker Trail from Bradenton to Ft.Pierce--their goal is to rediscover, "Old Florida Cracker Pioneer ways of agriculture, animal husbandry, respect for the land as well as the hardships and joys of life on the original frontier. The ride serves to preserve the importance of the role of the State of Florida in the introduction of horses and cattle by the Spanish Explorers into the New World and the birth and continuance of the cattle and horse industries by its future settlers and their descendants and to support related causes."

An take a looky at this three minute railer fer a Vimeo on Cracker Folk-- Florida Crackers - Trailer 1 from Self Discovery Production Team on Vimeo.



SophieMae said...

Well, Reckon I'se plain stoopid, coz I cain't get that vimeo thang t' play, no way, no how. :(

They know'd the one t' come to fer answers, 'at's fur shur.

Doom said...

I never would have guessed anyone would ask YOU about Crackers. :p You only, like, live and write it and such.

You know, at one time, I was "properly" educated that crackers were bad. Oh, not to worry, I have absolutely demolished such notions, among many others. Further, I have rounded the bend to even... being a Southerner by intent in some very specific, and politically incorrect ways. No... not that necessarily, just on state versus fed power, right to secede, among other such... vital issues. Although I believe IT was a lessor evil, on balance. Never the mind.

Anywhile, you should be charmed! Good luck. I'll leave you to your extra work. Maybe you can help elucidate these youngens as to just how special "our" Southern heritage is. As for para-academic, I think they are so off track in academics that they are just making things up that 'sound' special or new. Bleh. Gotta be more exciting than the incoming texts, too? But that's not your fault.

SophieMae said...

Thank ya kindly, Aint B, fer embeddin' the veejo.

No matter how many times I see those scenes, the incredible soul-deep yearnings they evoke never diminish. For those amongst us who remember pre-Dismal World Flarda, there's an excruciating sense of loss that later generations can't begin to fathom. Psuedo-intellectuals prattle on about what a boon to the economy the whole 'World' phenomenon has been. How do ya reckon we managed before ol' Walt came along? Shoot, I wouldn't take the whole 'World' for one acre and a good cracker horse.

fishy said...

I am still laughing! Those college students have stumbled upon a guaranteed A+

Not only did they land in the land of a true Cracker by marriage but they landed on the porch of a natural storyteller who has enlightened generations of clan children and a pile of bloggers on this rare, special heritage.

If I get tired of all this lingering winter gray gloom I'll stop back over here for another belly laugh session.

Anonymous said...

ah yes .. i remember that post. went back and read some of the comments. lo and behold i was the first one to comment way back then.
these undergrad students certainly stumbled upon a gem of a cracker when they found you auntie .. :)


SophieMae said...

Now this is a puzzlement for sure. I clicked the link to your past post and got this message:

Your current account (*****@******.com) does not have access to view this page.
Click here to logout and change accounts.

(I ***'ed out my email address)

fishy said...

@ Sophie Mae,
I got that same strange message and had to go into the blog archive to access the original story.

darkfoam said...

ditto fishy.

Aunty Belle said...

Hey y'all....I'se on the road. Very little blog time...forgivie me, but I love hearin' yore comments..an' I'll be back heah soon.

Anonymous said...
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Doom said...

I hope I didn't embarrass you Aunty. Some might decry guilt by association, even if you don't believe, or agree, with a word. I forget the... sensitivities of the overly sensitive, often. (Uhrm, and on many issues, some of even my women hold terrible grudges for my ways, if they still love me, mostly.) If... I would like to see Southern pride come to a new fullness, too. The better parts of it, and even the not so better parts. Good with the bad, it's the way of things. :p

Anonymous said...

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SophieMae said...

@ Fishy/foam, relieved to know it isn't just me! 8-]

Fleurdeleo said...

Howdy Auntie!

Haiku Monday is at my place this week. Theme is "bloom". See you there!


Anonymous said...
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Island Rider said...

I was out of the country when this discussion took place so I will go back and read the earlier blog post tonight. But had to note that my office used to be in the building just on the other side of that cracker trail sign!