Handsome Gentleman, RIP

It be a lovely, early Spring this year.

  Yet, lovely as this Spring is, thar's sorrow in the fragrant air...somebody most dear to us'uns is missing:  A Cherished Friend,  a Loyal Companion, a Lovin' Buddy,  the fella Granny Cracker called a Handsome Gentleman Dawg.

If youse a regular Porch visitor, ya know we'uns has now lost three clan pups in jes' over a year:  A Sweet Lady Labrador, black as night, and gentle; A yaller teen Labrador whose zest fer life wuz the amusement of us all, an' Handsome Gentleman departed for greater lizard hunting grounds on Monday.  I reckon he an Granny an' t'other two clan pups is keepin' thangs in order in the yonder world.  But 'round heah our hearts is jes' so bruised.

Handsome Gentleman were a strong Labrador who evermore luved a fetching challenge:

He would be not abandon his good-naturedness when some dawg abuser got loose among us. 

  Though bachelor buddies for years, when his Master-Friend went an' got hisself a Lady an' then some babies, Gentlemen's loyal heart took 'em in,  "If they's yores, Sir, they's mine too." 

He had impeccable house manners, better'n most geezers, thas' fer shure--so we never tole him the truth of his birth --he jes' thought he wuz a  human wif' four laigs.  His coat glistened so that y'all would swear he wuz wet. 

 Handsome Gentleman guarded babies an' his Lady. Onc't when his Master-Friend an' Lady were bein' playful, wrastling around a bit, Gentleman reared up on hind laigs, put his paws on Master-Friend's chest, "Grrrrr," ...ain't no fussin' in this fambly, he warned.

T'were a Fella who shared all things...well, mebbe not his sticks or bricks, those he only shared wif' his Master -Friend.

 Mayhap ya' recall this fella allowed no brick to go unloved?

 (Some years ago y'all had a good laugh when Aunty shared this video clip of sweet pup's obsession wif' bricks !! Walker dubbed him a "brickhound")

If ya merely whispered the word "chucker" he'd  bound for the door--the game of flinging a ball via some contraption what propels a ball like a rocket through the air wuz his favorite!

Some of  y;all knows that when ya' git yoreself a good dawg, it is a treasure. This Man-Dawg wuz all a body could ever want in a pup.  If ya' took a deep breath, if ya' sighed, he'd tilt his haid an lock his eyes on yores, "What is it, Sir?"  Intuitive, happy, ever at the ready for adventure, he wuz a rare companion. 

I knows many Porch visitors is dawg lovers, an' will unnerstan' our clan's anguish--right now, it's jes a raw hurt in our hearts...but our joy truly do trump the sorrow, for we knows t'were a privilege to have this Cherished Friend among us.  



Blowfish said...

A fine gentleman is never lost

Jenny said...

Oh, what a handsome, handsome boy. I am so very sorry for your loss, Aunty. What a beautiful tribute to your friend and I've told many people about that brick trick of his.

Jean said...

Hope you don't mind an occasional lurker to offer condolences.
It is, indeed, a beautiful tribute to your handsome gentleman.

He looks very much like my Sparky who departed last November.

R.Powers said...

I'm so glad I waited until my planning period at the end of the day to drop in on this post.
Through suddenly blurry contacts, all I can see is my Bear when I look at your Handsome Gentleman, and so the great loss you all are feeling is very real to me ... a day off in the future for me.

Thinking of you and yours this afternoon and watching the clock, waiting to go home and hug my Bear, maybe a little tighter today.

darkfoam said...

Oh no! I am always so sorry to read about the passing of a beloved pet.

x x x

BlazngScarlet said...

What a fine, Handsome Gentleman he was.
I am so very sorry Aunty.

Caroline said...

Rest in Peace, Faithful friend.

Caroline said...

Rest in Peace, Faithful friend.

moi said...

Oh, Aunty, I'm so, so sorry for your loss. It's such a terrible thing, to lose a beloved furry friend. He looks very much like our own dearly-departed good buddy, Beaux, a black Lab S.B. raised from a puppy before we met, and who accepted me into their little pack with such jolly good grace. And there are three of them who live next door to us who have totally charmed Louie. An awesome breed. Which is why they all go straight to the happy lizard hunting grounds, to wait for the day when their human kin can come join them in their games once again.

pam said...

Handsome gentleman, indeed. I am sorry for your loss, he was certainly a member of the family by your accounts and did his part to keep them all in line. Hope your heart heals that whole left in it by sweet gentleman doggy.

SophieMae said...

Oh, Aint B! I can barely see to type through the tears! It's a hard, hard thing to endure. February 2013 was a bleak month, indeed.

Your Handsome Gentleman couldn't have owned a better clan. Wish I could be there right now to share a hug and just sit a spell on the porch with ya.

My first (late) husband and I had a German Shepherd who shared your Gentleman's philosophy on fussin'. He was DH's dawg, and no doubt about it. But when we commenced to horsin' around, he jumped up an' grabbed D's wrist - no bitin', just a firm rebuke - and let him know, 'that ain't no way to treat a lady'.

They're better men than we are, Gunga Din.

MamaHen said...

I'm very sorry to hear about your losses Auntie. I've lost a couple of dear companions this year too, so I know the sorrow. I hope this year gets better for everybody.

Anonymous said...

So sorry for you loss of the Handsome Gentleman. Near and Dear to our hearts, our four legged family.

chickory said...

there is nothing to be done or said, but move through it. He was indeed a handsome fellow, and obviously a loved, much beloved friend and family member. I am so sorry for you AUnty, he is clearly special to you. I loved all the stories about him, his peacekeeping duties, and the clans heart all wrapped up in this fur bearin' darling. Im sending love, and thoughts of peace to you and yore'n. xoxoxo

czar said...

Handsome . . . beautiful, like this post.

Anonymous said...

so very sorry for your loss. I know this grief and send prayers for all the sore hearts in your clan.


Aunty Belle said...

Y'all is the deares folks... Thanks so much fer yore tenderness...I'll be back wif' responses...but thanky sweet things.

Island Rider said...

I am so sorry. Beautiful tribute to a fine gentleman.

Lee Ann said...

Aunty, I am so very sorry. Dogs, labs especially, are angels on four legs. Prayers for your family.