Proof is in the (Chocolate) Puddin'

New Post on Ether Capacious: Moses the Black (because sometimes them naughty Catholik boyz is funny)

Thangs is so bad out theah in the real world--a real ciff-hanger ya' might say--that I'se lookin' to escape. Every Day. Escape.

When life is this fraught wif' anxiety, any decent woman turns to chocolate. Heah's mah current stash:

(NOoooo, the Maya isn't on account of the Mayan Calendar 12/12/12 freak-out, which doan hold no water fer Aunty.)

Stayin' true to mah goal to avoid harsh realities, I ignored all the mornin' chores an' piled mahself up in a comfy chair to  thumb through catalogs an' read a new book on local food.

 Y'all, wait 'til Uncle discovers thar's a local distillery 40 miles up the road what' they make "Artisanal Florida sipping whiskey" from Florida grown corn: "this ain't yore Daddy's moonshine."  A few lucky fellas on mah list is gonna git some o' this fer they own Merry Merry Christmas.

One reality avoidance maneuver led to another an' afore ya' knowed it,  I wuz fully charmed by this English sprite who cooks in Paris' smallest bistro--her cramped apartment-- whar' her maximum seating is two.  But doan feel sorry fer her, 'cause the BBC now done made her an offer of her own TV show--move over Nigella.
How does she manage in this retro 1940s kitchen??

Ah, savory is good ( might substitute apricots fer the prunes, though), but looky!! CHOCOLATE!!

Well, see? We's been full circle--it's back to chocolate. Pudding. Mousse. Pastry cream. Wif' nibs. Eat it now in case thar's no dessert in a post-cliff dive world.


SophieMae said...

Well, ain't she cute? Wonder if BBCA might ever run her show. Meanwhile. I'll be lookin' fer that local larder lexicon. Gettin' more local - and ever localer - all the time.

Escape... sigh. I just finished a freebie bag of Ghirardelli chocolates. The dark with raspberry purt near made me swoon.

Keep reminding myownself... GOD is in control. Good thing, coz we dun made a royal mess o' things. All that corruption what took place, yet the opposition rolls over and plays dead. *sigh*

Aunty Belle said...

Sophie Mae!!

I'll share choc raspberries
wif' ya!! That Rachel chile' is adorable--I watched half her demos--jes' too cute.

Thangs is a royal mess fer shure, hence mah escapism into Feast and Field, which be a grand fun book. Hope they have a copy up your way.

Karl said...

Good afternoon Aunty Belle,

Cute indeed and what a kitchen. The bit about should be 4 hours, but an hour will do. Was a hoot.

Often a situation ingnored, gets worse. Now is not the time to cede the field.

fishy said...

Tummy troubles has got me banned from chocolates. The wuthdrawal bout sent Blowfish to the casserole ladies.

Sigh ... I love her old porcelain bowl,the still lit with a match 2 burner, the tiles in the Kitchen, and this comment, "you need a bit of cling film".

Moonshine is legal again in the Carolinas so Moonshine places are popping up bout as often as the micro brewerys.

Nice of you to share this find Belle, twas a nice time out from the "have-tos"

diana said...

Delightful post. Of course any post with chocolate is delightful in my opinion.

BlazngScarlet said...

You had me at chocolate

R.Powers said...

So... it took expensive dark chocolate to bring SophieMae out.
Good to know she's still out there.

What a lipstick contrast between the two shots of Frenchie.

My post dinner routine, a piece of darkydark chocolate in one hand and a sensible amount of cocoa roasted almonds in the other.

Aunty Belle said...


her timing is a stitch. Much about her is...part of the charm. As for ceding the field, nope. Plan to SEED it with MY folks. Thas' yore own self, an' an army jes' like ya'. Heh.

banned chocolate? Uh, it's a health food, ya know? Sorry about yore tummy issues. "Cling film", ha!! Wuzn't that a funny wee kitchen?


Heh. I'se on yore team--chocolate makes most things better.


heh==that makes 4 of us! (all wimmen, I note) Oooops, make that 5, wif' one fella who knows a good thang or two--FC!


we smoked out Sophie Mae. Thank goodness she floats to the surface onc't in awhile less'n us'uns have to git a posse up an go hunt fer her. so, youse noticin' Frenchie's lipstick colors? I never picked up on that--thas' a man fer ya'. Dark choc--amen to that!

Caroline said...

The thing my youngest daughter looks forward to most when the Christmas goodies start to appear in the stores are the chocolate oranges.

Karl said...

Good evening Aunty Belle,

Wanted your presence
Haiku contest till midnight
Come show us some Class

Anonymous said...

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