Thought I'd Tell Y'all a Story, but....

The flowers be baskin' in this gorgeous Springtime an' it's jes' a shame not to share the beauty. 

First a wee note--Haiku Monday be at Chickory this week. Come an' play !! ( p.s. any news of Troll?)

All photos snapped by Uncle.

Whas' growin' in yore neck 'o the woods?

* Bizzy bizzy few days, so I'll be  back Thursday wif' a story, mayhap, or a review of that cowboy dinosaur book. How's is ever'body?


Sandcastle Momma said...

Beautiful pictures Uncle!!

Jenny said...

Lovely photos. Your flowers are so tropical and up too and I love that tin can man! I need to make one. :-)

darkfoam said...

Beeuutiful! Uncle is a mighty fine photographer. Heck, it's turned cold here again. I've heard the s word (snow) mentioned a few times for our higher elevations. Are you entering in the haiku competition?

Pam said...

This is a beautiful story, Auntie, and tell Uncle thanks for the piccies. Well done, Uncle! What's blooming around here (besides the tree pollen), is nothing so grand as what you have. But certain azalea bushes are fantastic right now. I have a little mini rose bush that is just about to burst open. Lillies aren't out yet, but the bushy part looks ready for them. We had a few trees that we were worried about after last year's bad winter/ harsh summer, but we only lost one of them. A few are hanging on by a thread. The mini magnolias for example. But we have green green green Bermuda grass, which looks fantastic.

moi said...

Lovely photos! I assume Uncle is doing well and hoping around with his usual verve?

I had a beautiful showing of tulips this year—fat-bloomed and blood deep purple in color, 18" high. They have never done this well. Bearded iris is just budding, apple tree just finished, and is now littering the lawn with delicate white flowers. Next up should be the salvia and snapdragons. Parsley and chives are going gangbusters as well and once this week is over, I think I'll be safe to plant lettuce and basil, maybe try a tomato come mid-May.

My lawn, on the other hand, is a horror show.

Aunty Belle said...

Sandcastle Momma,
Howdy--Uncle will be ppleased wif' that tip o' yore hat.

that Tin Can Man is all over our farmer's mkts--yore too?


No! Cold again? Well, now, we is only in low 70s today when normally it be hotter--but...snow????

I wanted to that Haiku--too cool. But truth? I'se draggin' bad from that bronchitis an' a hellish Monday make-up list. Meant to tag it on the end of the day, but would ya believe I meant to nap for a few hours then get up 'bout 10 is an' slip in a'fore the deadline--uhm...sure. Very embarrassin'.

all that means is yore glory is on its way--when we be swelterin' youse gonna have the lushest yard.


Uncle is hangin' in thar--which is say--verve!
I adore snapdragons!!

fishy said...

Out my studio windows I can see Cecile in her glory, one of the dogwoods which bloomed late, the best crop of snap dragons ever, the sages are all up, the mint is multiplying like rabbits, the verbena is starting to show some hints of color,the hydrangeas, lilies, peonies and amaryllis are getting set while the snowball viburnums and sone of the zepherines are glorious!

After all the unseasonably warm weather which brought an early Spring it is cold. COLD! tonight it will be in the 40's. Then BAM unseasonably hot in the high 80's for 5 days then back to normal temps in the mid 70's. Crazy weather and winds so strong you just cannot stay on your feet.

I 'spect we will all give a nod to you getting some sleep over writing a haiku. You can come riding up on a pork rind next week.

Uncle seems to be a fella who likes city gardens as well as the hunting woods. Being a nosy sort I would love to see some pics from that camp he frequents. Do tell him his photography is admired.

Glad you are about over the miseries.

darkfoam said...

Yep, mention was that sugar mountain got a sprinkling of the white stuff a day ago or so..

Anonymous said...

Uncle made a lovely batch of photo pics!

We have tulips out here, and iris in bud. Very early tree blooming including crab apples and wild plums a month early. But it was spitting rain mixed with snow upon the mountain this afternoon in a knock you down wind.

Thanks for sharing the flowers;


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