Holy T-Rex!

I'se still sputterin' an' ain't 100% shook off this bronchitis, but I did finish Mr. Homer Hickam's book, The Dinosaur Hunter.

Y'all may recall Aunty cavalierly poked fun at the name, dubbin' Homer Hickam a spoof name. Well, it ain't.  Mr. Hickam very kindly came  callin'  to declare hisself as hisself.  ( he's from Alabammy so that explains the name-I can say that, as a Cracker, so doan think it unmannerly)  Aunty got her deserved comeuppance, though gently delivered, I must say.

As fer the book, Aunty wondered how a spoof-named author planned to hold together a plot built on a detective/cowboy, dinosaurs diggin' an' murder. Add in the Russian mob, an' ya' have quite a story.


Originally I'd picked up The Dinosaur Hunter  thinkin' Uncle would find it entertainin'.  Mah own predilection is spare gloom, like Alan Furst, Le Carre, an the champion spare, Cormac McCarthy.   But, I often pre-read books fer Uncle on account of he has jes' now, in the last two, years been willin' to read fiction--ever. Yep, Uncle wuz finished wif' fiction soon as he became an upperclassman somethin'-somethin' years ago at GatorU.  His taste runs to history or adventure or memoirs. 

Y'all know I ain't gonna spoil the fun wif'a tell all review. Lemme say that fer Aunty the best part were the Acknowledgements.  I wuz charmed to learn how the author --whose book, Rocket Boys, became the movie October Sky--got hooked on dinosaur huntin' up in Montana. Along wif' Jurassic Park folk, Mr. Hickam spent some 10 summers pursuin' Jurassic and Cretaceous monsters. An' all that knowledge adds a level of reality to his story that otherwise would be tough to come by.  


 Oh, wait--one other happy report is that Mr. Hickam seems have his philosophy goin' the right direction--but y'all have to read the book to see if ya' agree on that point.

An' did y'all know--I sure din't --ya' can go out to Montana to see real dinosaurs at the Museum of the Rockies?  No kiddin'--dinosaurs in Montana ain't fiction, but one of the world's best sites?  I'se stunned. We could have ourselves a blogger conference in Bozeman an' check it out!

 What type of book is yore favorite? What has ya'll been readin'? Read on Kindle/ Nook, or the Real Thang?


BlazngScarlet said...

I'm sentimental ... I love the feel and the smell of books.
Real ones!
However, I believe a Kindle/E-reader is more practical and easier to manage on the go.

I just finished the "Hunger Games" series, which I enjoyed immensely.
I just started "Second Sight" by Charles McCarry and "Thud!" by Terry Pratchett.
I generally read 2-3 books at a time as my literary tastes run all over the map!

I will keep an eye out for "Dinosaur Hunter".

Jenny said...

it just once again shows what a small world it is, even the Internet.

I'm leaving for a long weekend and didn't pack a book. I think I'm going to find something at the airport because while I NEED to finish the Steve Jobs biography, the thing is just too heavy to carry. So that could be a good reason for a kindley thing. I have an iPad, but rarely read books on it. Hmmmmm.

Anonymous said...

Can you read books on an iPad? And make margin notes? Does it look up words?

Doom said...

I haven't been caught out like that (that I know of Aunty). And while it might serve us right, it still... that had to feel like when your parents caught you being... well... a teenager? I hope it gives you chuckles, and a lesson. Oh, and just because I haven't been called out doesn't mean I shouldn't have been. My name, I suppose, scares them off (but it shouldn't, I'm just me).

You pre-read for Uncle? That is an awesome love-me-do, by the way.

grins said...

Hon tries to get me to read things. I honestly believe that subconsciously do not read them because she wants me to. I've about had it with self improvement and I don't do romance. She'll say Amen to that!

Sharon Rudd said...

I'd been in for a blogger meet-up in Bozeman in a heartbeat!

Pam said...

Blog Summit in Montana? I bet Mr. Crown-on-the-Rocks would love a visit from everyone. We need one of these blog summits to actually get planned and executed one day!

Anonymous said...

Aunty can I borrow that dog? I need a good mason


moi said...

I like sweeping, epic-type historical fiction in the vein of GWTW or Lonesome Dove best. Romance and "fantasy" are my least favorite, although right now, on the recommendation of a friend and the excellent television series, I am working my way through all 3 million pages of Game of Thrones (on my reader, I alternate it with real books) and have to say, it's very engaging and well done.

Aunty Belle said...


How are you Lady?? I love the smell of books too--jes' catch me when I swoon in an old book store. Pratchett huh? ya know, I ain't a sci-fi fan, but on the rec of Dear Troll, I did git a Pratchett book, an' it sits on the runway waitin' its turn.

Is ya up fer a blogger bash in Montana? Mebbe next spring?


Oooh=on the road huh? have a wunnerful time, Sweet Pea. Let us know what ya picked up in the airport to read ( did ya git a pat down or do you permit body scans?

Ditto--do these Pad thingys double as readers? I tried to buy a tablet gizmo but gave up--too many choices. Leaning toward Samsung, but thas' jes' today. TOmorrow it could be some other.


Hey hey! How have ya' been Sir? Yep, got my fingers singed din't I? Yes I does pre-read in a manner of speakin'. It began when he read No Country for Old Men on my insistence. Then one night he asked, "Do you have any other books I might be able to tolerate?"
(That means, doan give me Roger Scuton's newest essays, or Niall Ferguson's theory of money or Antonia Fraser's The Gunpowder Plot, or Schall's Life of the Mind)
After that, I sorta bought some stuff I thought he would read--an' now it's a habit I need to break him of--or, do I?


I doan do no self improvement --gick! Isn't it mostly what yore mama already tole ya'? But what about Hin? will she read what youse selected fer her?


Oh we can set it up an' add a cook-off component too! Or...mebbe we can git a food truck to follow us out thar? Lovin' the idea--talk it up, Sweet Pea.

Pam OKC!

oh ho! What a plan--mebbe we can all bring a sleepin' bag an' camp at COTR's lawn? heh. Whaddya' think? Shall we set a date an' see if folks will commit?



really? Groan...ya mean I'se gonna need to read three mil pages jes' to keep up wif' the wave? Is it truly worth the time investment? Ok--I trust yore judgment on this. I'll read it--oh dear what has I said??

Mah next book purchase will be Wolf Hall, so I'll be ready fer the sequel soon to be released. The story of Cromwellian horror.
(see today's WSJ)

Mr. Hickam, sir, I doan know iffin' youse stopped back over heah, but mayhap it is fun fer an author to hear what other folks like to read--though it be all over the map. Uncle has now begun yore book--I'll send ya note when he finishes it. All the best, AB Cracker.

moi said...

I wouldn't recommend the television series to you, but the books are much less prurient (WHY HBO always has to go that route, as if a good story isn't enough, I'll never know), and there are a couple good strong female characters.

Aunty Belle said...

Moi, OK --thx, doan want no prurient schnizzzo garbage. Whas' wif' HBO--an BTW, I'se over Raylan too, cause all that trash mouth ain't justified.

Wouldya' come to Montana? See Pam and Eggy above.

moi said...

Well, you could always just duct-tape Raylan's mouth :o)

Oh, yeah, Montana is one of my favorite places, ever. Only this homie don't camp. But I do do Holiday Inn.

BlazngScarlet said...

Montana in the spring!
I am sooooooo IN! =)

Anonymous said...

Think I am going to have to read this. BTW one of the best dinosaur museums in the country is in Thermopolis, WY. The Wyoming Dinosaur Center has one of only 10 Archaeopteryx.


fishy said...

It will be very interesting to get the Uncle book report. And, maybe a response from Mr. HH himself.

It is interesting you preview books for Uncle. I don't actually "preview" books for Blowfish but I do fetch home books I think he will enjoy. He is currently reading Doc by MD Russell. Afore that he was reading an Issac Bell adventure novel because he loves the history of transportation. He reads books, not screens. Me too.

Like others, I read more than one book at a time. Currently I am reading Senator Jim DeMint's book
Now or Never/ Saving America From Economic Collapse. Also reading the Kash & Calhoun on the new business format in America entitled, How Companies Win. It reviews the death of supply chain economics and is all about focusing on the high profit demand pools. Just about everyting I hate regarding the changes in business/retailing. To limit offerings to the top most common things in every category
works best in communist and dictator societies. Sigh, it use to NOT work in free markets. I guess now that we are the sheeple ....

For entertainment I am re-reading a
favorite cook book, Consuming Passions which is less cookbook and more cultural study of a specific time and place. It has chapters with titles like Funeral Food or Uncle Bun's Barbecue. Being southern there is more than one chapter on frying chicken and seasoning cast iron skillets. I just cannot imagine reading this entertainment on a screen.

I've never been to Montana and like
Moi, I do not camp so maybe madman has a 4 star near by.

Aunty Belle said...

nor do I. But surely Montana has a few hotels.


Ok, then--let's see who all we might corral.

How does Blowfish like DOC? It's a vicarious tipsy read. Heh. I doan read fer pleasure on no screens, either. Yore books sound real good--if sober.That cookbook, though ? might need to see that one.

You can stay wif' Moi an me whar'ever we find thas' suitable. I like the outdoors, but at night? A bath an' clean sheets an no bugs, snakes or spiders, please.

R.Powers said...

I love October Sky. I know I should have read the book ... blah,blah, blah, but I found the movie first.

Any science teacher/nerd would love that movie.
So this is the same author?
Neat. I should read this book (hope it's available on Kindle... I don't do paper anymore) as my penance for watching the movie, but not reading Rocket Boys.

I'm actually having dinosaur for supper tonight. A recipe for pan roasted chicken arrived in my email this week and I'm going to make it for supper.

R.Powers said...

Oops, just noticed MOI's reading choice.

Game of Thrones is OUTSTANDING!
Just don't get too attached to any character.
I'm reading A Storm of Swords on my K.Fire currently, only book 3, but I am hopelessly hooked.

moi said...

I will dust and sweat myself silly in the great outdoors all day long in the pursuit of fun. But at the end of it? I want a shower, a pre-dinner drink at the bar served by a cute man, a good meal, and clean sheets.

I do realize, however, that in order to experience a few of the things in life I really want to get to (Appalachian Trail, Kilimanjaro, Grand Canyon rim-to-rim), I will have to camp. But outside those three things, nyet.

fishy said...

@ Aunty,
see if you can find a copy of Consuming Passions. Being a cracker lady who cooks and gardens and such you would surely enjoy this book which is a lark but, very informative. Sorry I can't loan you mine because it was my mothers, is a first edition signed by the author; Michael Lee West and I keep it by my bed for comfort.

@ Moi
Let me know when you plan to do part of the Appalachian or the Southern Highroads trails. The Pond isn't a full time B&B but we do have 6 bedrooms and 5 bathrooms and 1 sweet dog :-)
Plus I think Blowfish has a crush and wants to meet you.

Anonymous said...

Hi Aunty,

The Haiku Monday theme is up at http://serendipitouswildmoments.wordpress.com/

Come play.


Aunty Belle said...

FC, ya crack me up--dinosaur fer dinner--let us know if it gave ya a tummy tickle.

Kindle huh? well, Is EVERYTHANG available in that format?

ditto, double ditto. Unless it is a pilgrimage, I doan even do sweat. Uncle will be holding a parasol over mah haid while I direct y'all's attention to a likely mound of hidden bones
( it'll make sense if ya read the story)

Blowfish has a crush on Moi--LOL, is he prepared fer a runner wif' punk-girl music in her veins? Oh, wait....it's the Moi in stilettos he's thinkin' of, ain't it?


sigh...well, it's a grand theme-rich wif' possibilities an' I'd like to play but wordpress despises Aunty. It will not let me comment, will not accept my sign-in. I can read yore blog (an' do!) but I cain't wish ya' a "howdy do". It keeps tellin' me I ain't signed in when I is signed in. Frustratin'.

P.S. iffin' any of y'all goes to Speredipity's place, please let her know I'se havin' tgrouble communicatin' wif' her blog.

Homer Hickam said...

Glad to see so much excitement about The Dinosaur Hunter. Yes, I'm the author of Rocket Boys which was made into the movie October Sky (an anagram of Rocket Boys). The movie is good, the book is better (and different) so check it out. Newest book(s) are Crater, a YA novel set on the moon, and Paco: The Cat Who Meowed in Space, a Kindle Single. Writers write to be read and enjoyed so please feel free to do both in my case.

chickory said...

sounds good to me! I hardly ever finish a book - if HH can get me to the finish line hed be heroic. Ive been to Montana -and I loved it. V's grandmother lived there - in Helena, but we went other places and one hike stands out as the best part of the trip. I like Cormac McCarthy a lot -but some more than others. I think it might have been a timing thing -sometimes, the right book has to do with the mental space a person is in.

czar said...

Best book? What publishers pay invoices the day they are received? Regardless of content, I love 'em.

Milk River Madman said...

Does the book mention Malta? The have a dinosaur museum there and have had some great discoveries. I'll look for it at Barnes and Noble and check the index. Won't read it because I am lazy.

Blog summit in February. Turn 50 next year. We can rent a snow coach and go through Yellowstone.

Bring your longhandled underwear.

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