I wish you could see!

While the rest of the country seems to be battling snow, we'uns are finally having Fall. Our leaves are just now showering down upon the lawn, walkways, filling flower pots--an' the gutters.

But the colors!! How I wish y'all could see the intensity of these colors of the flowers on this grey, misty mornin'. These ruffly petticoat Hibiscus against the beards of moss above 'em is an eye catcher.

Root Beer colored pansies, yaller pansies, blue salvia, an' sunset bougainvillea, white an yaller snapdragons.... they's so colorful in the mist, I doan think mah eyes could take it iffin' the sun came out. That purty sundial in the background is a bequeath from Granny Cracker.

Granny's Begonia's.....they's made it now through two years wif'out her green thumb, which can only mean she is a long distance gardener now.

Nasturtiums in jewel tones, straggle along...

the snapdragons are show-offs!

Blue Salvia an' yaller pansies hint at Easter.

The walkways are smothered in leaves--if only Bunny would wield a rake!


moi said...

So pretty! Funny how everything looks more colorful out of direct sunlight. Snapdragons and purple salvia are staples in my garden as well. They bloom FOREVER--this year my snaps were still going strong up to early November. They are annuals, but reseed themselves, so I don't have to do much but crumble the pods and pull the dead.

Buzz Kill said...

Don't worry about us yankees this year, it's one of the mildest winters I can ever recall. The Mrs. has daffodils that may bloom in the next 2 weeks because the temperature has been so warm. That's some cool wrought iron fencing you have as your garden backdrop.

Oh, and I laugh at the piddly amount of leaves you have. When you have plow trucks pushing leaf piles down your street to waiting front-end loaders and dump trucks, then you know you have leaves.

chickory said...

oh my - you have your granny's begonias? what a treasure to have a living thing of hers. I am a bit jealous. I love "beards of gray" and "root beer pansies" with writing like this i need no photos - but enjoyed them all the same. I like hibiscus..i used to pick them and suck the nectar out of them when i were a wee chile of flar-da. nice post Aunty. How is Uncle coming along?

Anonymous said...

Nature, both flora and fauna, are completely confuzzled in Troll County. Male Gators are already looking for tail. All sorts of crops are coming up that usually don't bud until Mid-March or later.

One could argue there WAS NO Winter Season this year.

Aunty Belle said...


ya know what is funny to me? Seein' the Moi clan in snow! I tend to think of NM as hot as hades an' home to zinnias an tithonia. Yes'mam, them Snapdragons be easy growers an so rewardin'--the wilt heah though, come 80 degree weather.


Ho ho ho hee hee hee--them leaves is EXCELLENT compost ain't they?

I reckon youse so young ya never had See Dick an' Jane? I collects ole books of certain stripes, Dick an' Jane in the pile--they had a fella in their neighborhood--Zeke--who wuz the Handy Man. Zeke raaked up the neighborhood leaves an' had a bon fire in which families baked some potatoes --sounds like a Scout project to me!

It has been a mild winter I recckon on the Eastern half--but Curmudgy is buried under out his way. As fer the wrought iron, why thanky!


But ya see? Them pansies is the color of root beer held to the light--an' their petals is nearly as translucent. Thanky 'bout Granny C's begonias--when she had to leave the assisted livin' fer the "extended care" she had a tree full of hangin' baskets right out her window. She'd tended them baskets fer 3-4 years, an said leave them fer the other residents who enjoyed seein' all the color. But I took one, jes' one, fer me to see hangin' near mah own gate.

it be the same up heah--azaleas popped out, why even the gardenias (usually MAY) is throwin' blooms. If we get that "last full moon in February frost, some thangs will be hard hit. As fer the gators? Lemme as't Uncle on that--heh.

Jenny said...

well I can see now thanks to your photos. I love them all. What I wish is to smell them.

We had a stretch of nearly 60 degree weather and my yard is a little confused right now. Things started coming up and now it's back to rain/cold so I hope they figure out how to go BACK in the ground.

Karl said...

Good afternoon Aunty Belle,

So colorful. Do all these plants typically bloom together or is it this weird weather? Do you have a lot of bees?

darkfoam said...

What a colorful fall. I'm thinking granny also bequeathed you her green thumb. Those look like pin oak leaves on the ground which are a real pain to rake up.

Btw., I have a very lazy bunny on my yard too.

BlazngScarlet said...

So purty!

This "winter" is wreaking havoc with my poor flowers, trees & bushes!
I just keep hoping that they'll stay strong and survive the insanity!

Thank you for sharing the beauty of the flowers, the bunny & the awesome sundial! =)

OH! I Agree with Buzz, you haven't had "walkways smothered with leaves" till you watch the plows and bucket loaders jam the salt & dump trucks with TONS of 'em! lol

Anonymous said...

Funny, your "fall" is my spring. The rooster pheasants are starting to beat on each other (on schedule), redwinged blackbird scouts (males always first) have showed up. But the river is breaking up early. Usually the ice goes out the first week of March. I need to get a fishing license early this year.

Lovely flowers! Only green thing here is some basal leaves on a few grass bunches next to south facing walls.



Caroline said...

I am green with envy! I won't be seeing those flower folk for 3 months or more up this way.
I do remember Dick, Jane, Sally, Spot and Puff and Zeke the handyman, Aunty.

fishy said...

It is crazy weather here this year. Last Sunday it was 70 degrees, on Monday noon it was 39 degrees My yard is neurotic with all the swichbacks.
Thank God the Camelia garden is a big show off this year. I have masses of blooms , plenty for bouquets in every room.

Love your bounty and how very dear you have Granny's sundial to help all those blooms keep time.

Sigh, I am green to the gills with
bouganvilla envy!

R.Powers said...

Beautifinous Aunty!
My Anna apple tree is a cloud of pink this year.

You'd think I had fertilized it something.

Your flowers are so vibrant.

Sharon Rudd said...

Ahhh, Aunty, such beauty warms me on our coldest weekend of the winter. Can't complain, though, as it was also our first snow to speak of. Snapdragons have always been one of my favorites!

grins said...

When flowers do bloom here, I could go eight blocks and not see this many flowers.
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Heck the inside of my house is too cold to have plants grow today, besides my animals would eat them