Over It! Blogger Beware

I'se weary of Bloggers.

Oh, not all y'all.

But fer some years now I'se dipped into other blog communities, I peeks in heah an' theah to other blog worlds that heretofore I'se enjoyed. It were like stoppin' by fer a cup o' cawffee wif' a cyber friend. Ya' git to learn 'bout another blogger's life an' times.

SOMEthin's goin' way wrong. I know what it is. Is every human encounter now about $$$$$?

Once charmin' blogs is now
commercialized. Oh, thar's still charm, but charm with a mission, iffin' ya' see whar' this is goin'. One lovely blog is now hooked up wif' Amazon--so hooked that thar's a half dozen links in every post no matter the topic--food, kitchenware, travel, perfume, hand cream, books, movies, Christmas ornaments--you name it. Now the posts is all driven by, what-can-I-hawk- to-my-readers.

Another hand-full of blogs --oh yes, very charmin'--now have so many "sponsored" pages, so many links to kitch to buy that their pages is long to load. An' insult on injury, nearly every sidebar blog they list is the same--it's a long loop of you-sell-my-schnizz-I'll -sell-yours. Mebbe the key is to look a "followers." If they sport more than 2-25 "followers" then it ain't a you an me blog, but a massive ring of commercial back-scratchers masqueradin' as bloggers.

One quick side-note: I doan mean them blogs whar' we know the blogger has stuff to sell an' does sometimes. Or whar' they link to their own commercial site. I has a friend what owns an indie bookstore. She blogs too. On her blog we hear about the chore of keepin' horses, or totin' kids to this or that sport, how the whole country voted fer candidate xyZ, the college alum shin-dig....an she might throw in the book she is plannin' to review on her commercial bookstore blog. Now, thas' OK. Her whole post ain't about how to git ya' to her bookstore. It has real content thas' NOT about cha-ching!

Another blog is about design--home/ garden design. NOWHERE in this blogger's post are links to stuff fer sale. It's about this bloggers own life an' love of design: What makes a design good, what doan. Iffin' ya wanted some "service" or referral to resources, ya' would jes' email the blogger--no attempt to craft the post toward sales.

An' we's got a few bloggers whose blogs have links that offer us their professional talents--La Diva Cucina an' Chickory come to mind--but they doan relate to us fer the whole purpose of sellin' stuff. ( Imagine goin' to a party whar' ever'body looks each other over to assess how ya' might advance their careers--oh, wait, thas' why we quit goin' to most "parties." )

See, what I means is, them blogs whar' the whole focus is to SELL BABY SELL!

It's a line that gits crossed--when yore posts is all about drivin' traffic to yore online store or to yore ring-round-blogger-sellers.

Related is this matter of corporate blogs--the, we's-jes'-like-all-y'all (don't look at the man behind the curtain!) blogs. Only, they ain't. They's set up to git ya' all folksy feelin' toward big Ag, big Pharma, big Media. Phooey! It scalds mah hide to do searches on a topic an' be three paragraphs in a'fore I realize, Wait! I'se bein' set up. Thar's nuthin' in the URL to give a hint that ya' landed on a lobbyist blog defendin' in indefensible.

Ok, yore turn. I'se ranted on 'nuff. Does this stuff bother ya' or ya jes' figger it's the nature of the Blog Beast?

I'se proposin' a designation of dot. non-com. NO COMMERCIAL interest. A Truth-In-Blogging policy.



Pam said...

I'm with you! But I will admit to clicking some links here and there on those sort of blogs. Like photography blogs, there are always little links that are appealing to me. Then I think ... WHY am I doing this? I think there is money in the clicking somehow, not just in the buying. Am I correct in that assumption?

Anonymous said...

I hear ya' Pam OKC--an' hope I ain't stepped on no toes--I'se really not meanin' the ocassional mention of one's work/ sales...just that constant drum beat for bucks some blogs have.

grins said...

I find that especially true on some writer's blogs.
Once I wrote that I didn't care about getting published. The blogger deleted my message. I believe it was an editor-author-publisher.

Doom said...

I've avoided that myself. At one time it seemed tempting. Even putting up a charity box, as some do, seemed interesting. I just... couldn't do it. I have enough. Anyway. Sorry for those "bloggers" more than you, still, it would be nice if a rose stayed a rose and didn't become an implement of commerce.

Karl said...

Good morning Aunty Belle,

I find advertising most all advertising to be irritating. The more a site has the less likely it is I will to go there.

The following was in my inbox this morning:
Hell, someone liked your blog at http://karlkorner.blogspot.com and sent you an invitation to http://purebloggers.com . Pure Bloggers is a social-network for bloggers and companies. Need more traffic? Want to sell Bannerspace or links? Offer services at your blog? Want to get more readers? Or just share experiences with other bloggers? Get in touch with 1000s of Companies and Bloggers! http://purebloggers.com is the right place for you. Sign up for free now and join the biggest blogger and companies network!

Perhaps this is what suckering people in. Kind of like the mysterious draw of facebook.

Karl said...

By the way. How is Uncle doing?

BlazngScarlet said...

Like Karl, I avoid blogs of that nature.
My blog is for me; my thoughts, my life. I have never had any desire to try and make money off it.

I have nothing against anyone who does; we all have to do what we have to do.

moi said...

I think it's insane that water cooler bloggers accept ads. I ignore them, even the ones for shoes.

Jenny said...

Where's my comment from yesterday? BOOO.

I don't like blogs that are created to make money. The ads annoy me and I have to wonder if they really do make any profit?

I also find a blog created to generate clicks/etc are usually not something I'm interested in reading more than once. If I want to bombarbed with ads/etc, I'll read online newspaper/newsletter.

fishy said...

I am in agreement with you, to a degree. My F2M blog is for fun.
I also have a couple of business blogsites which do link to my website for those inquiring about on site or online design services. However, even on these sites I do not have advertisements because I believe they irritate more than they earn.

At one seminar I attended on media advertising for designers, the horror giving the lecture was the worst twitchy ADD-HD twit I have ever encountered. She pre-programs her computer to tweet some inane stupidity every 15 seconds all day long. This constant lunacy earned her $1800 per month in revenue once she hit the statistic of 30,000 followers or friends. Insane! The main purpose was to teach designers how to get to tens of thousands of followers so ad space could be sold. One attendee asked this, " What has this to do with the business of design?" The answer was, "nothing"

All this blogging, tweeting, grouponing, living social and business loyalty cards are businesses being influenced by the generation which grew up playing video games. You have to make it to the next level, over the bridge and up the mountain then slide the waterfall and swim to the shore, climb a rope and jump out of a tree. You get the idea, it is no longer about the business,it is about the game.

darkfoam said...

I'm with you on this one. I do know that I have followers that follow me because they are selling stuff. I don't follow them It's not my problem if they get my boring posts. I just dont care to get their posts. These are bloggers that never comment.

Happy Valentine's Day, btw!

Debora said...

I generally dislike blogs with advertisements...there are a few exceptions, but they have to be pretty darned good! Won't put ads on mine!

Aunty Belle said...


Writer's blogs huh? See--thas' a good example. Instead of great exchanges about writing, the creative an' the bidness ebnd of it, ya git trolling: Folks tryin' to haul ya into this or that workshop, buyt this or that book. Gah!!!


Hey hey you-whar's ya been? Ya' got the [point perfectly--does everythng end up commercialized?

it's all jes' become so obnoxious. Imagine a blog that balres at ya from flashing icons or hippity hop music to advertisements. TOO MUCH.

Uncle doin' swell, thanky fer askin'. We had a laugh about his "fluttering" heart on Valentine's Day.


How are YOU feelin'? I'se on yore page. mah blog is fer personal expression an exploring the world of others.

mayhap it is time fer a shoe post??


Blogger ate yore comment?? Blogger woes this week all 'round
Yes yes yes!! The click draw blogs--hate 'em.

I guess I'se really sayin' hhow relieved I is that this blogger group is about somethin' real.

that seminar sounds like a nightmare!


I hear that. Really I do. I doan follow nobody so nobody else will ask why I doan follow them too: the follower collecting game--sigh.

Caroline ,

Howdy. I reckon I is so happy our little gang of bloggers have real exchganges--we ain't visitin' one abnother to make a buck, ya know? Jes' bein' neighborly an' thas' very dear to me.

chickory said...

it makes things messy and thats why I dont like it or do it. everything is commodified! Monetize your blog -everyone's doing it! yahhhhhh