I Can Tell The Story

I can tell it all...

Friday Uncle went back to the horse-pital fer 'em to stop his heart to check to see iffin' all them fancy devices wuz gonna work on cue.

Uncle ain't the sort to admit to no jitters. So when the purty nurses start his sedation IV an tell him to count back'ards from a hunnert, heah's the song he sung 'em instead:

"I can tell the story I can tell it all, 'bout the mountain boy who ran illegal alcohol. His Daddy made the whiskey.....

Uncle began to s l o w t o a s l u r

Son, .... he ...dro... ove the....lo....ad....

Everthang turned out jes' swell-- when they released us'uns, Uncle insisted I drive him to his favorite diner fer a heart healthy breakfast.

Haiku Monday be at Serendipitous Wild Moments this week--an' what a challenge it is! Her theme is Metallic Sound. Wow--very fertile theme. Come play along wif' us!

* fer the record, when they sent the camera up to check out his arteries, they's all clean an clear. His trouble be electrical, not plumbing. An' he doan eat this way as a regular event. Jes' sayin', I ain't try to kill him off.


Pam said...

Heh. I am crazy about Uncle. Hope he had a good check up. And a bottle of moonshine to drink when he can!

BlazngScarlet said...

Uncles a hoot! =)

Happy to hear that everything is working as it should and that the arteries are clear!

Buzz Kill said...

That is my kind of breakfast. Glad the arteries are clear - for now. Bwahahaha

Anonymous said...

I likes a fella what comes out of the horse-pital hongry and wearing a fine looking crisp shirt to match that thar big ring he's got on.


troll said...

Glad to hear Uncle is well again!
I miss that type of breakfast.

Jenny said...

Buzzy's comment made me spit out my coffee. Where's the bacon? Oh, it was already eaten before you took the photo? :-)

Good news and thank you for the update.

F2M also stole my comment; all I could think was "wow that shirt is really, really crisp!"

Aunty Belle said...

Pam OKC!

Oh he'd love YORE prescription!


Them arteries is clear, but the wiring needs new fuses. Heh.


Uncle could use yore company at one of these breakfasts--he could use a few tips fer camp cookin'.


Heh...well now, that ring is his UF GATOR ring. He'd give up the weddin' ring afore lettin' that gator ring go.


So do Uncle, I promise ya'. Jes' have it onc't in awahile-- mostly Uncle eats fruit an' cawfee.


Look again--Uncle's got a'hold of a piece of bacon--an that shirt wuz meant to dazzle them med techs so they'd be extry careful.

sparringK9 said...

I love that~ Im sure the nurses were as charmed as I. GIve ol uncle a soft grrrrrrrrrrrr from me.

moi said...

I think we're all just a little bit in love with Uncle.

Aunty Belle said...

Mercy, y'all--ain't ANYbody got no sympathy fer Aunty who must deal wif' this rascal?

fishy said...

My apologies! I certainly DO have sympathy for dealin' with a Southern rascal of a man. But I can tell you I suspect ya do it well.

Jenny said...

shhhhh Moi, don't say that outloud, Uncle reads the blog.

(but you're right.)

Karl said...

Good afternoon Aunty Belle,

Nothing wrong with that breakfast, except maybe the bacon. As long as it's cooked right. Looks like Uncle is just out to prove the song right." Every girls crazy about a sharp dressed man" (That link should get his heart pumping)

We and I'm sure He appreciates all you're doing for him.

LaDivaCucina said...

It's funny, Aunty, I too noticed Uncle's crisp, clean shirt and thought how he makes you look good by dressing smart. Love that.

Glad he's in good health and enjoying a good breaky, no need to add a disclaimer, we know you take good care of all you love!

chickory said...

okay. awwww aunty...its so hard to have to deal with a charming man who saved you from the NUNNERY! hee hee.