Photographic Haiku


All photos from Rodney Smith http://rodneysmith.com/blog/


Caroline said...

The bottom photo, a poem indeed! Oh I wish I could take ones like that.

Caroline said...
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darkfoam said...

Wow! How beautiful.

Buzz Kill said...

The 1st picture is - creepy. The last picture is - not. Some of these remind me of Buster Keaton.

Karl said...

Good morning Aunty Belle,

Neet photos, the fellow has an interesting talent.

How is Uncle getting along?

moi said...

I was thinking Buster Keaton, too! Aunty, you need to sign up with Pinterest :o)

Jenny said...

Moi, I was thinking the same thing; Aunty needs to be collecting these on Pinterest. I'm going to pull a few for my board.

Lovely photos. I love the leaning barn.

troll said...

Neat photos. I was reminded of Buster Keaton too.

BlazngScarlet said...

I'm drawn to the woman walking out on the tree limb.
But really, They're all stunning!

pam said...

I wish I had taken all of them. Especially the ones with the lady. Beautimous.

Aunty Belle said...


Me too--but I did read this phootgrapher still uses film--nothin' digi fer him.

very Foamish in a certain sorta way, huh?


Heh...weirdly weird but I could never go see Edward Scissorhands, ya know?

thanky fer askin' 'bout Uncle--they gonna terrorize him some more tomorry. I'll update afterward.

Moi and Boxer-Babe

I know I know, but ain't it a time killer??? I has others naggin' at me 'bout Tweety stuff too--as if --I mean, do folks REALLY care what's on mah mind? I could do Pinterest, but who will see it?

B-Babe, that barn *is* grand.

I love all these pics because they have somethin' to say.

heh--Keaton is havin' a mild revival heah!


Ain't it fabulous--"out on a limb" never looked so good!


Ha! Film Sugar, not digi--wow. If ya go to his archives thar's some more stunners--worth the trip.

moi said...

Aunty, Pinterest is mostly for yourself, to record your personal inspirations and musings, but other people do follow and then repin your images.

Aunty Belle said...

Ok, Moi!! I did it. Will take a bit for it to have some decent boards up.

grins said...

Odd. I'M the only one who didn't think of Buster Keaton. I did wonder what they paid that guy to sit on that house that was falling down.

I really love black and white, and these especially.

Thanks for the links I liked the bodhran touch in the second one. Gregorian chants put me to sleep. They come in handy.