Saturday? Already?


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No farmer's market for me today. No no no !@#$%^&*()(*&^%$#$%^&*().
Well? Mebbe? Grab some java an' a few flats of bedding plants?

Stay Home. Uncrumple that TDL (to do list) an check off at least TWO of them by nightfall?

Well, sure, but, uh...ya' see...the thang is mah TDL is scarin' the la-di-dah outa me. I'm hiding under my covers wif' the computer. Read PamOKC's Project Runway post, even looked at the episode online... an' the went blog surfin' down in Australia to see What Katie Ate. Her photography is gorgeous.

Get up!! Lazy slug--fergit posts, think about pots--all them pots in the dawg pen garden? They's has been ready fer yore attention a whole week now. The bags of NEW potting soil? That should inspire ya' iffin' ya weren't such a total slacker. GET UP!Oh, I am thinkin' about the garden--truly I is. See? I still have open tabs whar' I'se selectin' seeds fer this spring's garden fling. Ain't that chard amazin'?

It ain' amazin' enough to grow itself is it? G E T Y O R E D E R R I E R E O U T O F B E D!

I should, I know--lemme take a peak --looky --oh what a spectacular day!

Yep, a day youse wasted four hours of already-- FOUR HOURS?? How can ya live wif' yoreself?

Hold on hoss, I'se been workin' from this bed since 5ish. I did a pile of research fer an upcomin' assignment, cain't ya' cut me no slack?

NO I cain't. Move yore bustle. That "research" ain't the same as the TDL. Youse hidin' behind "work" to avoid w-o-r-k. I ain't fooled. Ain't fooled none a'tall.

Guess what? Youse a bore. An' a nag.

( Sniff) It's mah job. Besides, it's 'cause ya' make me that way, shirkin' yore duty until I have to snatch a knot in ya' to git some progress around heah.

Okay, oKAY!
I'se goin' to get some cawfee an' let ya harness me up fer the day, but it doan change how I feel about ya'-- Youse tedious. No wonder folks avoid ya'.

* * *
What's on yore TDL that yore conscience is screamin' at ya' about?

HAIKU MONDAY IS AT BOXER's this week--her theme is RAIN. Y'all come play--thar's a guest judge who be a real poet!!



Anonymous said...

You are a funny lady. I just put food out for the critters - 15 degrees out - and came back in for coffee. Now you are making me feel guilty for watching the sunrise and not working on my own list.

Got a shower door to fix this morning and a pie to bake. Need to go into town to visit a friend's brand new puppy. There could be some photography in the immediate future - with deer in the front yard it is easy to get diverted...

Have fun with the plants.


BlazngScarlet said...

My TDL is on hold for a bit still.
Well, partially ... the 16 year old owes me some indentured servitude! lol

The chard reminds me of my childhood; my mother had a HUGE garden filled with all kinds of veggies.
I didn't get the gardening gene ... I kill things! lol

Anyway, good luck with your TDL (and your inner voice). Planting pots of flowers sounds like a good thing on a sleepy Saturday!

moi said...

I wish I could sleep late or at least lounge around in bed, but my body/mind no longer lets me, regardless of what I do to it the night before. Last night, I was up until an ungodly-for-me hour, wingman-ing it for a couple single gal pals at a local bar and I was still up at 5:30 this morning. Grrrrr. My to-do list? Coffee. Lots of coffee. And carbs.

Aunty Belle said...

Unlce is luvin' readin' yore other blog.

If it be 15 degrees, I WOULD NOT be out--that's it. By a fire wif' indoor chores, ok. Youse tough, Lady. Hopin' to see that photography.


yeah no kiddin;--take it easy is yore TDL of the moment--the silver lining of the procedure:down time!!
Your mama were smart--eat yore own home grown veggies--not Frankenfoods.

wow, youse a dedicated galpal.

I cain't sleep late. Or much. If I'se asleep afore midnight, I'm up at 3am. But...I can work in bed all mornin' very happily. Ain't that the main perk of this work? Wardrobe basic fer a wordworker is a dozen nightgowns. Grrrhahahaha!

Yep, cawfee heads all TDLs.

grins said...

Growing stuff? Maybe cactus and prairie grass.

I haven't seen that many colors of whatsit chard? Since Well never.

My furnace went out again, so I didn't get up till noon. Too frosty. You'll get no condemnation from me.

fishy said...

Way back when there was an Alka Seltzer commercial with a guy sitting in a chair; across from him was his stomach sitting in a chair. (Think therapists office) they were arguing over his mother's pepperoni pizza. Man/for: pizza/against.

You sound like them here.
Aunty vs Aunty
who won?

Now, about those Chards....beautiful.
I won't be planting any today, it was 27 degrees when I went out to fetch the paper. But I will take a look at all the new gardening catalogs.

Scout said...

That chard is truuuuuuly amazing! Pretty like a rainbow you could eat!