Dawg an' Flower Show, No Pony in View

Uncle be a bit stir crazy so he chirps, "Hey! Wanna' go to the Farmer's Market today?"

The day were glorious--sunny but only 68 degrees--tourists gettin' they money's worth, fer shure.

Anyhow, it be a favored Saturday saunter, but the veggies take a distant third place behind the dawgs on parade an' the spectacular flowers. We did take home some green tomatoes an' heirloom tomatoes...no Chickory Farm an' Art Truck in sight.

Curly Locks

Exotic flora

Every man's dream? A Barbie in his pocket?

Handsome market basket...

Cool Canine

Dawgs in baby strollers? Thinkin' it's a neurosis.

Island colors are top sellers

Uncle is sold on jalapeno pickles from this vendor whose presentation were jes' top drawer--she'd been laid off, had a dream of canning an' such, an is now happier than when she wuz "gainfully employed." Her husband (blue striped shirt) seems mildly stunned that pickles an' jam make money.

Pretty presentation

lush Hortensia (Hydrangeas)

Wish't y'all had been thar' wif' us--does ya' have a favorite Saturday haunt?


Pam said...

What a great day out, Auntie! Uncle is feeling good? I love to poke around places like this. We don't have much around here that would qualify. A few festivals here and there but nothing consistent that I now of. Love all the pics, especially the doggies.

Doom said...

If my health were a bit better I would be walking in the mountains winter, spring, summer, and fall. Pick a mountain. As is, just opening my curtains (a new thing for me) and getting over to my big windows to gaze at their glory is it.

Uhrm, did you say it was "only 68"? You po' southerners, suffering in such harsh conditions! :p Then again, 68 is actually a bit warm for my blood. I would wilt in such heat.

Thanks for sharing though. Good to see Uncle is up and out. And that you two enjoy your own little slice of life.

Sharon Rudd said...

Glad to hear Uncle is feeling well enough to have cabin fever. Lovely pics - I love the vibrant colors and the details you hone in on.

Thanks for taking us along on your jaunt to the farmers market, even if it is "only 68" where you are. We're thawing out from an ice storm.

Unknown said...

Nice to see Uncle is getting out & about. Perfect farmer's market weather. And I love jap pickles! They are even good rolled in some meal & fried.

BlazngScarlet said...

But we were there with you Aunty! If only vicariously in spirit!
You're lovely photo collage took me right there; where I could almost (almost) taste that jalapeno pickle/jam!

These put a HUGE smile on my face as I stare out at grey, gloomy skies and snow.
The flowers, the dawgs, people watching .... on a January day! Something I sorely miss living back up north.

Jenny said...

Love all of the dog shots, but the dog stroller thing is not good. What's the point of getting a dog excercise? I guess if you can't leave your pet in the car (too hot?) then this is an option. At the pet store the other day I saw a sling that allows someone to carry their dog around like a baby. Oh.So.Not.Good.

I was at the Pike Place Market yesterday, but instead of sun, sunglasses, etc., we had really cold wind and low temps. Still, there's something about the community of a market and I'm glad Uncle felt good enough to go out.

Anonymous said...

I'll take the bait, Auntie. What is the barbie doll in the pocket about? More odd than the dog in the stroller to me.

I love the story of the laid off lady and her jams.

Good for you, Uncle. The sooner your out and about the better.


moi said...

Don't get me started on people who put their dogs in strollers . . . but the dude with the Barbie? Bwahahahaha! That takes a lot of security.

Looks like a fun outing and I'm glad Uncle's up and about. My favorite Saturday haunt is anywhere in the mountains.

Caroline said...

So jealous of your flowery Farmer's Market! Ours won't reappear for at least 4 months.

People are so silly with their dogs, the Schnauzer hereabouts would rather freeze to death than put on his jacket when it is -0. It was a present from his human sister who thought it would be hilarious, he tries ripping it off every time we try to put it on. The performance is hilarious.

Caroline said...

So jealous of your flowery Farmer's Market! Ours won't reappear for at least 4 months.

People are so silly with their dogs, the Schnauzer hereabouts would rather freeze to death than put on his jacket when it is -0. It was a present from his human sister who thought it would be hilarious, he tries ripping it off every time we try to put it on. The performance is hilarious.

Debora said...

Only 68 degrees, huh! Pity. Our thermometer just reached a balmy 36 after a week in the teens. So our Saturdays have been spent at coffee shops, sipping mochas and hot chocolate. So looking forward to spring and some of that sunshine and color that your pictures show. Sounds like Uncle is getting along pretty good now!

R.Powers said...

Nice that dogs are welcome!

chickory said...

lucky dogs to have a year round FM!! i liked the cool canine best....rockin the mirrors. glad to see uncle out and about~

Buzz Kill said...

Is that a Barbie in your pocket or are you just glad to see me? Well, somebody had to say it.

Thnaks for the walking tour and the pie fillings. Flowers would look good around here about now with the snow and freezing rain we just had.

grins said...

I did my dork-walk with a carhart vest and a coat over that tonight, so it's not quite that warm. Our farmer markets are in a mall parking lot, all you see is farmers and food, no dogs, no flowers. That would be so neat. What's that first trumpet flower called?

Aunty Belle said...

Hi all!

Thanky so dearly fer these comments--Uncle be miffed wif' me fer "actin' like I'se an invalid" so he's on the mend enough to be grumpy.

\I do try to go to the Farmer's Market about once a month.


heh, yep 68--an in low 70s today. Fer us, 68 is a sweater day.


hope ya thaw soon--come on down heah if not...


Welcome, an' thanky fer the well wishin'. Them pickles has been a hit fer Uncle--too hot fer me! We rolls our okra in cornmeal to fry--may try the jalas that way
t oo,


come on down Sugar--I'll take ya wif' me to the market--it's such fun.


geh! That sling contraption showed up too--WHAT is the idea?? Iswear, it's like Munchausen wif' dawgs.

Aunty Belle said...

oh I knows ya!

Reckon that barbie doll is a good case of the virtue of seenin'the big picture--if I's stepped back to take the photo, ya'd seen this fella wuz holdin' his little girl , so he's totin' the chile's barbie in his pocket.


I'se gonna be ready fer a mountain jaunt soon--but Appalachia side of the country since it be closer.


--ooooh nooo, sorry! FOUR months?? At this same market, thar's a booth what sells a myriad of dawg clothing--gag!


mocha is good! I could be happy on a chilly Saturday in a coffee shop people watchin'. Pretend youse writin a book, an folks will act real funny. heh.


Hey you! Dawgs is welcome but on leashes only, of course. It really is a dawg parade. When is that fun fair of yores? The medieval thang?

that Dobe in shades? Knowed youse gonna luv that one.


On BArbie--yep somebody had to say it--see answer to Anon above. Pie fillings--the jam lade said blueberry is comin' soon, as the early South Florida crop will be here in April. An' the flowers is amazin'--I could break the Saturday jaunt bank on flowers alone.


That purty trumpet shaped flower is a calla lily, I thnk--usually comes in white--them colors surpised me. We pays top dollar fer 'em, but in New Zealand they's a weed-that-made-it-to -the -big-time,

I ain't tryin' to gloat, but, people people, oh gracious, it is SPECTACULAR today--about 69, sunny wif' cotton candy clouds.

Wish't y'all were here.


Anonymous said...

Hey Aunty,

Today, here, farmer's market would be blown to North Dakota! Quite a Chinook wind is blowing. It melted yesterday's 4 inches of snow before noon! Puddles everywhere.

Hope Uncle is continuing to improve. If he is grumpy, he must be feeling better. I have posted more reading material for him on http://artemispage.wordpress.com/ if he needs some light reading.


fishy said...

I'm a bit behind on making the blog rounds this week. Glad to see you and Uncle are getting out for some some p's"

It looks a fine market to me.
We do not have a farmers market this time of year. BUT! I was readin' t'other day bout how young people down the road a bit at BigUniversity are having a Farmer's Market this Spring to display the produce from the Agricultural department experimental farm. All organic, no modified veggies. Ahhh
something to look forward to.

Nice shelf papers in the previous post.

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