Crisp Air Day

Nuthin' like a crisp mornin' to git Aunty out to her dawg pen garden ( fer newer readers, the Best Ole Dawg be buried under the Camellias, an' the fenced dawg run is now a container garden fer Aunty.)

Russian Salvia ( always wanna call it Russian Slavia, makes sense, no?)

I has a heavy schedule this Fall, an' I neglected thangs over the summer...but I'se hopin' git back in at least low gear-- still wanna grow a few containers:

salat greens, herbs,

tarragon in flower

tomaters of course...

an' a new variety of carrots, while tendin' to the sweet potatoes an red potatoes already in progress.

the kumquat is comin' along--it'll be purty fer Christmas.

Is any of y'all growin' food? Or jes' flowers? or --grrr!--weeds?


Karl said...

Good afternoon Aunty Belle,

That's one good thing about your neck of the woods. You can still grow at this time a year. All we have left is a little spinach and some chard. We haven't had a hard freeze yet, although we lost all the Basil in the first frost.

Your kumquat's look mighty tasty. Will they be ready to eat by Christmas as well?

darkfoam said...

i still have mini tpmatoes on the vine! of course, that's cause i brought them in. i've got some basil, parsley and a plethora of weeds too
.. oh, and a cat on my back..

Jenny said...

Moss. We're growing moss this time of year. Every night when I get home I spend a few mintues picking it out of my gravel walkway.

Your garden looks beautiful and I'm glad your schedule has slowed down and you're able to spend time in your home and yard.

moi said...

I still have parsley and chives growing, in spite of several frosts. My snapdragons and petunias are still blooming, too. But there really is no way to have a winter garden here without a greenhouse. Lucky you! That kumquat tree is gorgeous!

Oh, and I thought you'd enjoy this interview with Guerlain's in-house perfumer, Thierry Wasser. He has interesting things to say about supporting small farmers in his quest for the highest quality ingredients.http://www.basenotes.net/content/919-The-Shoe-Fits-an-interview-with-Thierry-Wasser

Anonymous said...

Oh, gosh, Aunty - the only thing I have growing is my inside plants. My first hard frost was August 29! That fried everything but the volunteer catnip, which held on longer. My indoor orchids are happy, though.

What a different climate you have from here!


Doom said...

So jealous, in a loving way. I like plants, more so if edible.

R.Powers said...

I got in without my browser freezing up!
The way the Russians like cabbage, there must be a Russian Slawvia out there too.

I bought a 6 pack of collard babies the other day who need planting, plus two new muscadine vines (Nobel and Cowart) and a new blueberry bush (Sunshine Blue).

fishy said...

I do love being outdoors on a crisp, breezy day. Your pottery garden looks a treat to me!

We are growing nothing. N.o.T.H.I.N.G ... headline in the paper exclaims,
"Level three drought status in 5 Carolina Counties!"
Of course, we thirsty Fishy's are smack in the middle of the water starved district.

Sigh ... I have to buy kumquats for my holiday arrangements. No walking out the back door to pluck a fresh sprig or two. But!!!!!! I have bountiful quantities of Camelias :-) they don't seem to mind the drought. I did put out some snaps and some dianthus to get me through the gray winters.

Anonymous said...

Just herbs.

grins said...

I think I have an old carton of Chinese food that is growing green tentacles in the back of the refrigerator. Last time I looked it was filling out a census questionnaire.