I arrived home too late to git a post up fer Veteran's Day.

I hate that.

Still, jes' 'cause it is Saturday doan mean I'se too late to recall that I peck at this keyboard, warm in mah safe home, plenty of hot cawffee, while I anticipate a leisurely day putterin' in mah garden, nappin' wif' a good book--an' mah clanfolk is safe, doin' ordinary Saturday chores on a gorgeous day---yes, mah life an' theirs be more safe than many in history has ever known. "Ordinary Saturday" --does ya ever think how
extraordinary American's "ordinary" days truly are?

An' it is all thanks to the men an women who served to make this so--includin' Pappy Cracker (Marine), an' Uncle's Pa too ( Navy) thanky all y'all. An' yore families. An' special thanks to them guardian souls who work wif'out praise or glory, unknown to us, but whose work shields us from the horrors that lurk. Bless each of ya'.


darkfoam said...

yes, a salute back to them that have served!!

darkfoam said...

oh, and i used your name in vain .. hope you don't mind!

Doom said...

Rather than honoring us, how about making it so the V.A. can’t secretly (without our knowledge) claim veterans who have sought psychological help for our actions in the service as mentally deficient, filing that claim with the FBI, and giving us no sure course to appeal either through the V.A. or through the FBI?

Do that and I am good. I don't need sympathy, help, money, or anything else more than what I get. Just protect my rights as I worked to protect yours. At least give me a fair chance keeping them or regaining them.

Aunty Belle said...

Hey Foamy!!

Sugar, go ahead an use mah name in vain--I trust ya! An' thanky fer yore own wunnerful tribute to our Vets.

Doom! Doom?

Oh mag gracious--how've ya been, Stranger?

I hear ya Doom--an' jes' to double check, I din't intend this post to be fer sympathy, but respect fer our military Vets. An' that respect should be comin' from US the people that ya served so well.

Wish't I'se more conversant wif' the difficulties ya outlined--I knows many stories of bad situations concernin' the treatment some Vets have received, while others have been well served. Can ya' consult an atty who's familiar wif' them issues ya described?

Welcome back to the Porch, Doom.

Caroline said...

Nicely said. Very nicely.

Pam said...

Amen, Aunty, Amen!

fishy said...

Picture number 7
gives me a watermelon
every time.

God Bless America
Never take our blessings for granted

sparringK9 said...

Very nice Aunty. I think what Doom wrote is important. Its an anecdotal example of how the US treats returning vets with suspicion. Homeland security ranks vets as a top "threat". That said, I send love and thanks to all veterans and continue to ask; in these current wars, what is it they are fighting for? over a decade now and there is less freedom than ever. I was a true believer at the beginning but not now.

Doom said...

Oh, I'm doing quite well Aunty. Now that they know what it wrong and are actually treating the right illness. As I suspected, but didn't have to tools or knowledge to check, my problem is not psychological, my "depression" is a bad heart. It, after twenty years of them treating it wrongly or not at all, is in the final stages of failure. Since my arteries are clear, they suspect it was caused by an infection. But on the right meds, and not allowing them to truck me down with them, I have some serious life back to me.

The reason, in part, that I wrote what I did is they are sticking to their wrong diagnosis and clobbering me with it. I have it on some authority that the V.A. will not necessarily clear my record despite knowing better, and even so, the FBI is under no constraint to honor the clearing of my mental health status if the V.A. should do what is proper. Further, I was never notified that I was (a lie as well) considered ever committed.

Since you asked! :p

LaDivaCucina said...

Thanks for the great post, Aunty, I put up a photo of my pops in his uniform on Facebook, lest we forget.
To Doom: I'm so sorry! I've heard so many horror stories about vets, the hospitals the treatments (or lack of it) but this one is new to me. Seems a bit trivial that people think they can "support our troops" with a silly little sticker on a car when so much more needs to be done to show real support to troops now and from the past. What do you suggest? Hope your ticker gets better.

Jenny said...

I think you did just fine.

Welcome home.

Doom said...


I suggest a complete negation of the union within the V.A., a complete review of their procedures and process, both medical and civil, by a veteran-manned review panel, and a serious change from the teaching hospital model to the patient care model.

Unions destroy anything they touch it seems, and liberalize every aspect of it. And the teaching hospital model is based on spending for the doctor's education, not the patients care and a better outcome.

Aunty Belle said...

Thanky Caroline--
an' I seen yore own wunnerful tribute. Then photos on yore blog is splendid.

Pam OKC,

Thanky, an Amen agaiN!


oh that li'l Marine son is a heart grabber. One of the best ever photots of brave sorrow. Children are often the strongest. But they oughten have to be.

hmmnnn--is that a left handed tribute? I reckon we jes doan know all the reasons we's thar'. At the beginnin' ain't it worthy that we kicked over the jihadi trainin' anthills, rooted out their bases?

Ya' know I doan support the plan of transplantin' democracy--that needs seedin' in the right soil--Islam ain't the proper PH, ya know? So I ain't a fan of some of the rationales given--however lofty, but...I think mebbe thas' jes' a fig leaf fer PR. We's got other goals. HOW we achieve them goals is debatable ( not wif' such cost in American lives of $$) but mayhap when the smoke clears, thar's a good reason we's thar.

Aunty Belle said...


so pleased to hear ya's doin better--thas' huge.

I jes' heered of a big bank thas' decided to hire 100,000 vets by 2020. An' the initiative to force Congress to change the life insurance on Vets killed in action came from civilian advocates--mebbe the best course is fer us civilians to do more to insure retunin' vets is well treated, mainstreamed into jobs, an that we make that part of political platforms.

La Diva C!

Yore Pop is charmed by yore own sweet remembrance


thanky Sweet Pea.

roxie said...

Thank you. Beautiful!

Kristen said...

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