What might have been...

a photo filled travelogue is in dire jeopardy. I took mah card thingy to a camera hospital so we'll see. The photos look fine IN the camera, but will not download into computer ( via cable ) or even at the local drugstore fast photo place. Grrrrr!

Meanwhile--all I has is this cloudy day peek-a-boo phone pic of the That Tower (the one a sent to Uncle to say, NOW ain't'cha sorry ya din't come along?)

I thank Rafa for his hostin' an theme of Homecoming for this week's Haiku. I'll git mah thoughts together an' announce the them fer comin' week on Friday night.



Aunty Belle said...

still waking at 4 somethin' every morn...thas' gettin' real tiresome. Literally.

Jenny said...

here's hoping the Camera Doc can fix what ails your camera. That would be truly sad.

so is jet lag. :-(

Pam said...

Uhoh, is it a regular SD card? I wonder if your local specialty camera store can figure it out? So frustrating. That tower was my favorite part of the city!

darkfoam said...

That's a cool photo! And how frustrating not to be able to access your photos. I hope this problem can be resolved. Here's to being able to sleep in a bit!

moi said...

I would have come along in a heartbeat. Although, you may have had to thump me on the head once we got to Guerlain and Hermes.

Sorry about your card thingy. Hopefully some nerdy computer type will fix it up for you in a jiffy.

fishy said...

Aunty, I'se sayin some prayers about this camera card entrapment. I would be devastated iffen I could not see all my pictures.

@ Moi,
I spent some time at Hermes at the St. Honore location. I can tell you this, I do not find Euros friendly.
The environment .... armed security at the doors... concealed and in elegant suits but still ...

moi said...

@ Fishy: I agree with you totally. I always felt like the human version of a Great Dane, gallumping around the Continent smiling and chatting to no avail as everyone made sniffing noises in my direction. Parisienne sales girls are the WORST.

But the luxury goods stores I've been to here in the states all seem to be heavily guarded as well (if I didn't know it was French, I'd swear Chanel is run by the mob and Bottega Veneta does not let you roam the store unattended), although I think the sales people make a greater attempt to be friendly. The one at Hermes in Costa Mesa was actually quite bubbly and indulgent of my trying on fifty gazillion scarves. But, yeah, those Euro boutiques are by and large TENSE. Only the American boutiques are chill. Donna Karan is like a virtual slumber party.

chickory said...

aunty: burn a chicken foot in honor of the photo transference God. I hate this for you - heck i hate it for me cause i wanna see what you shot. @moi @ fishy all high end stores in atl have armed guards too and the sales chicks are indifferent. but thats because i am an irrelevant elderly lady - im sure they are charming when it counts!

Aunty Belle said...

Ho!! Mebbe, jes' mebbe I will git mah pics tomorry--uh, thas' today as ONCE AGAIN, I'se up a 4 somethin'.

I did take the camera to a hobby /camera/ nerd emporium--ya know, wif' model train tracks sunnin' overhead at the ceiling molding? Yeah that sorta place.

I found a cute 40 yr ole kid wif' nerd hair an a big crooked grin--so happy to be workin' in a camera playground--leaned over the counter an' said, "hey, look at these shots."

First up was a plate of cheese, then some cute Parisian fashion chickadees, a fantastic night shot of Notre Dame....all displayed on the camera's review screen.

"yeah, those are not bad" cute nerd offered.

Uh huh, Aunty nodded. "But how do I git them pictures outa the camera?"

The kid stared an' began to sway. I worriet that he might faint in horror over a biped that non-nerdy.


Me: "them pics woan transfer into the computer via the camera's cable/USB thingy."

Cute Kid, "Ah!" (grin reappears) so you DO have a computer, and a cable for the camera?"

Me: "Shure I do,came heah to the big city in mah horse an' buggy in 19 and 10 an' got us'uns a Commodore 64."

Cute Kid's grin wavers, then spreads to his ears. "Ha! You're fooling with me."

Aunty: "oh, jes' some comic relief...I'se mighty miffed wif' this situation. I'se properly loaded the camera software too--in fact wif' this very camera I'se downloaded a lots of files since Christmas. So reckon the camera is fine, the software is fine, but could it be the card?"

Cutie Pie pursed his lips, pulled out the card, stuck in a machine..."hmnnnn." He comes around the counter an' waltzes me over to another machine, gingerly eases the card in the slot, an' PRESTO!! Yep, the machine found the photos an' the Kid promised I could pick up a disk tomorry (er, today). He thinks the card is delicate an' woan work 'cept in shiny new card reader."

Here's a hope an' a prayer.

Aunty Belle said...

@Boxer and Foamy:

HELP! I'm stuck in jet lag an' cain't git out!

@ Moi, Fishy, Chick9

Well Aunty poked her haid into a few Posh purveyors too, found the same armed guards, the same bored sales chillen'. But I noticed that in the busy stores the guards paid far more attention to the Chinese than to a tattered ole Amurican.

However, when I caught the eye of a Certain Age saleswoman, we eyeballed each other: she noted mah very worn an' shabby but once glorious blazer. She noted too the absence of any bling whatsoever, (a message in itself), save the gold crucifix. Her face relaxed. She knowed right off I ain't tryin' to be somethin' I'se not--jes' another lady of a Certain Age who splurges onc't in awhile.

I nodded slightly, an' she very professionally went about her bidness assistin' in the selection of a delectable item. Nothing as effusive as cordiality, but a proper French professionalism wif' no hint of disdain.

It din't hurt that I mentioned how relieved I wuz that her establishment recently fended off a certain marauding predator. Her shoulders dropped a centimeter, an' her glance wuz appreciative.

I could git run outa town on the rails, but reckon I do sorta unnerstan' the Haute Couture dilemma:

It's like the airlines--they need the great unwashed to fly so they ain't always in an outa Chapter 13. But remember when flyin' was a BIG DEAL, an people got gussied up? Now, the average flight hauls what looks like (an' acts like) bus station clientele. Only wif' $$.

I watched a couple-- late 30s --parade around the ground floor of a lovely store, pointin' an posturin'. Both were wildly overdressed. The strutting attitude wuz about their need to show the world they have a pile euros ...but the only actual value of the items in the store to this pair wuz as an emblem of wealth.

They din't akshully appreciate the artistry or the workmanship--that woman could not have tole ya' the difference a'tween the items in that store an' the imitation versions at Galaries Lafayette a few blocks away.

I doan condone no snooty sales people, but, mercy, I cringe too when I see swaggery boors come through the door.

LaDivaCucina said...

Aunty, I'm so glad the store was able to upload your photos! And I didn't get over jet lag from my last trip to Australia for over a month....: ( Try to imagine jet lag when you are a day ahead and lose a day upon arrival and then get a whole day back upon your return!

I took a look at your fashion show link but am having such intermittent internet connection it ended up being too frustrating, but the gowns were indeed beautiful. Thanks for taking us on your trip, can't wait to see the FOOD photos too!

Aunty Belle said...

@ La Diva,

yes yes--food shots are in the package--fer La Diva an' Eggy!!

moi said...

Interesting point, Aunty. I had the best time watching the achingly New Rich types strut around those boutiques—you know the type: Totally Housewives of Orange County. Then the folks who couldn't be bothered to change out of their sweat pants and flip flops for the day. Used to be, you didn't enter luxury stores unless you were intending to buy. Now, they're like Disneyland.

Still, I much prefer the Donna Karan approach. Their sales gals treat everyone who walks into their stores like someone who is going to buy. By sheer force of their sunny goodwill, sure enough, credit cards start flashing, whether they intended to buy or not.

In this day and age, you never know who's got a wad of cash or a platinum Am Ex in their pocketbook. So I say, enough with the snobbery.

moi said...

P.S. So did you buy anything :o)?

LaDivaCucina said...

Wasn't it Absolutely Fabulous' Patsy Stone that says to the snobby sales clerk: "You only work in a shop, you know!"

grins said...

Because of the way my wife was treated, she would rather wear my old tee shirts than wear something of French origin. But French aren't the only ones. I usually wear some kind of business dress and pricey shoes that are good for my feet. My boss however considers business attire as 'some kind of clothes. We went into a Harley dealership once, and I had three salesmen swamp me. I pulled out my wallet, opened it and turned it upside down. I pointed to Jim, who wasn't far away laughing at me, and said "There's the guy you need to be sucking up too." As usual he was dressed like a homeless person. Hey! Why am I in this conversation? I must be trying to get in touch with my feminine side. Any way go to my site and give me a smart alec comment on one of my monster mash up pics, if it's not too macho.

Aunty Belle said...

uh-huh, they do treat posh stores like Disneyland, a tourist attraction. I doan think thar should be any sense that your MUST buy if ya walk in, but thar should be some obligation on the part of the shopping public that if you walk into a fine store, that ta should have decent respect for that "fineness" an dress appropriately.

Sounds as if DK has the formula down pat.

I did buy an item or two--but not in that store, an' not fer Aunty. sigh...but, do not shed tears, 'cause over the years I'se departed a few lovely French stores wif' bags in hand. ( future post?)

La Diva,

very very good point--the whole snobby sales person thang is a joke--who are they kiddin'?


youse a riot. Reminds me of the young associate boarding a plane who turns to his mentor an' said
" oh wow--look at that guy in 10C, the one with the briefcase chained to his wrist? he must be VERY important."

The mentor glances up, frowns, "Naw, he is the assistant. The really important man is his boss in 2 A who ain't weighed down wif a briefcase an has his feet up sippin' a bourbon."

Somehow, Curmudgeon, I ain't the least bit worriet about yore feminine side

Pam said...

Oh these comments are just delicious. Auntie, I'm glad your photos are going to be okay and I can't wait to see them!

Re Snooty Stores ... I'm glad we stayed out of them. We had such a limited time there that we didn't want to waste it in a shop. That isn't to say we didn't buy a load of "tourist tat" but you can swing by those stores on your way to somewhere else. I love Chickie's comment about being an irrelevant elderly lady (geesh do I feel that way almost everywhere I go now ...)

We spent our afternoon on the Champs'a'leeeezay sitting at a cafe and people watching before walking down to not-go-into the Louvre. It was great. Next trip, though ... next trip. Oh yes, I will be inside the Louvre no matter what.

And Auntie, I will say that come sundown, the view at Notre Dame? I was starting to feel uncomfortable with the vibe of the tourist throng. Did you feel that way?

Aunty Belle said...


Re: the tourist throng. It makes me want to screeeeeeech!

I know, I know, I'se a tourist too--but not a gawker jes' checkin' off mah top ten sights-to-see-on yore-two-days-in-Paris.

Three years ago, and 10 years before that, I arrived at Mont St. Michel after 9 pm---utter enchantment! The only music is the water lapping against the rock face and the abbey bells chiming the hour. The moonlit village --all the lighting is heavenly--and blessedly, there are no hawkers and gawkers...you can hear yore own footfall.

By 10 the next mornin' it is unrecognizable --pulsating wif' pushing throngs (great word) of rabble.

I should erase that last word, rabble--it marks me as elitist-minded, an' I am not, really. If the rabble were respectful, if they could jes' stop hagglin' an' jammin' frites in their mouths...ugh!

The second time, I left before 9 a.m.--simply so I could hold the clear image of the Mont in mah mind, lean against its walls an' hear the echoes of the many prayers whispered heah over a thousand years.

This time, in Paris, I had a chance to walk into Notre Dame's plaza after 9:30 p.m. when thar's far fewer folks. It's worth seein' this way.

I actually arrived in Paris on a Sunday, so I went to mass at Notre dame--the line to git in to the cathedral were snaked back all the way across the street--except the OTHER line for those attending mass--we went right in, but it is weird to be still an' quiet in the center, while the onlookers is teeming an' shovin'. I wuz so angry that I could feel mah BP spike--

'til I said a few frettin' prayers an' I got mah own thump on the haid: these poor numberless folks doan know whar' they are! They think it is jes' a item on a list of great wonders--they have no CLUE how or why men an' women labored in such dedication for more than a century to build something beautiful fer God. Poor lost souls--an' so I calmed down, an wish't I had laid a stone, carved a pillar, swept its floor, polished its altar--but no, in mah century, I'se called to unnerstan' that these folks is loose stones, an' iffin' I can pick one up an' add them to the beauty of this place, that is a worthy contribution to Notre Dame.

Anonymous said...

Aunty Belle,

From a geek, I hope your photo helper did recommend that you buy a new card or two. Once they get flakey like that they can no longer be trusted to behave. Also those little card readers that you can stick in a USB port are really useful when you have a lot of photos to download. They are way faster than a cable.