Haiku Monday and French Accent

Can ya' guess the theme?


If eveah Aunty is AWOL fer a long spell, clan-folk know whar' to look fer her--somewhar' along the pilgrimage routes to Santiago de Compostela. I'se hobbled from the border in France, over the Pyrenees, then across northern Spain twice now--not every last one of the 400 miles, but long, long, long segments -- enough to have them hand me mah Latin inscription that testifies that Aunty walked the Camino.

But I ain't yet done the French Portion--ain't yet made the Pilgrimage wif' a French accent.

In mah dreams I set out from steps of the Basilica of St. Mary Magdalene in Vezelay, France... follow the path for 300 miles through the forgotten regions of France, over the Pyrenees, then across Spain again all the way to Santiago.

During this trip to France, with other objectives claiming my attention, I had jes' one day to taste a portion of the French Route. How can ya' not loose yore heart to these hidden hamlets? If youse world weary, this walk is a reset button.

The weather wuz glorious! Monsanto is unknown in these parts--the heavy laden branches of apple trees swayed over mah haid as a walked a path between two stone walls....

Tomatoes --no, I din't pinch one fer mah

lunch al fresco...Quiche Lorraine from a village charcuterie...eaten as I leaned against the wall an' took stock of mah developin' blisters.

By late afternoon I'd reached mah objective--the fairytale village of Conques, deep in the mountains in Aveyron ( Midi Pyrenees). This is mah 4th visit to Conques, includin' one I posted an' FOAMY commented: "
okay, that's it ..
next time you go sans wittle ole me, i'm going to have a conniption fit .. :)
--well, mercy, I did ask her this time--tole her jes' grab a backpack an' hop on the plane...alas. An' PamOKC also mentioned she might wanna go--NEXT time Foamy?? Pam?? Ah, yes, thar' will be a next time...an' a next-- an' each time I surrender mah heart again.

More in the next post on why part of Aunty is always left behind in this ancient wee village.

Have a grand weekend, y'all.


darkfoam said...

Photos! They are beautiful too! I can see where you could leave part of yourself there. It seems I always leave part of myself behind in places that I love.

PS: Where has the time gone? I, actually, did have a conniption. You just didn't see it.... :-) A couple months ago I finally received my new passport. I'm all good to go now.

Aunty Belle said...

Foamy?? Good to go? You prefer May 2012 or Early October 2012?

Sharon Rudd said...

Oh, Aunty, so glad to see your photo woes are solved. These al fresco scenes capture my heart too!

While you were away pilgramaging I wrote about a new French store in town that put me in mind of you (http://eggplanttogo.blogspot.com/2011/10/le-bon-vivant-does-third-friday.html). Last night I stopped by for their monthly wine and cheese event, spotlighting a different area of France each month. Yesterday we went to the Alsace, with excellent wines, a soft French Munster cheese, choucroute garnie and pear and apple tarts made by the owner, who is half-French. Swoon. If you ever make it up this way, I will definitely take you there.

Happy farmers marketing!

Pam said...

Oh my, so exquisite. This puts walking into a mission. I will need to get in better shape before climbing these mountains. How long of stretches do you actually walk? It just sounds so spiritual. And then, when we arrive at the destination, there is a good looking Sooner boy I used to work with that lives there with his wife and sweet baby girl and I'm sure they'd show us the best pub in town. Will see if the finances recover from this year's journey across the pond. We won't be going to UK next year, but maybe somewhere else might spark a new itinerary.

Caroline said...

In the last century(when I took French III) the curriculum was all about French geography, history, culture. Textbooks didn't capture the spirit of the place, but you sure do on many levels.
Genuine quiche Lorraine even looks good before breakfast this morning!

fishy said...

I guess walking miles of Puces and St. Honore don't really measure up as a pilgrimage huh? So glad to see your photos have been retrieved! Looking forward to learning more of your journey.

Buzz Kill said...

You're the only one I know who can say they "crossed the Pyrenees". Very impressive and very cool.

SophieMae said...

Aint B! I's been more r'miss than usual this week and jis' now seen yer comment over yonder. This season's trappin's fall outside my personal belief system, so I eschew participation in such. Next month, though, I'll likely give 'er another go.

So glad you got your photastrophe worked out! Love the vicariosity! If Scotland is ever on your itinerary, I might have to consider an A-Team solution to my no fly rule. If, OTOH, you were inclined to sail... 8-}