Paris and Beyond

Grrr! Nothin' be workin'--mah HATED, detested Coolpix S6000 will NOT download more that 3 photos per hour. What on earth is this ??? an' unless all 800+ is downloaded none of the photos remain in the computer---meanin' I cain't git to mah photos to share wif y'all. May need to reload the Nikon software today to see do it help me get outa this snagged up mess.

Meanwhile --as a place holder I offer the fellas somethin' from mah messed up body clock roamin' tours--yep, I'se wide awake at 3 am (9 am in France) so I roam the net tryin' to keep the house still so Uncle doan bark. Tonight I'se been lurkin' at The Dark Side of the Force--oh wow wow wow!!

Of course, fer all the ladies,
this is where I did not go, but wish I had '
'cause these looks is jes gorgeous girly stuff: please bring me that tangerine gown, Santa (then take me somewhere fabulous to wear it!). Want more? check this video with mebbe the world's most beautiful beaded black gown an' a peek at fabric techniques I never knowed about afore seein' this clip. Yowie!


fishy said...

Love, love , love the "silk" photograph in the boys section. Hope you get that lag under control soon.

SophieMae said...

What fishy dun said! The 'silk' photo is loverly! Not being a super-girly girl, I kinda leaned toward the green airbrush dress.

Well, Aint B, I's shor glad t' see a post from ya. I's commencin' t' git consternated 'bou'cha. 8-}

Does Nikon have a free hotline? I know how frustratin' that kinda stuff can be.

moi said...

Sorry to hear about your camera and jet lag woes. Last time I returned from overseas, I slept for 24 hours, so I have the opposite problem.

As for Oscar. Oy. Love, love, LOVE. Not that I lead the kind of life conducive to his clothing, but in my next life, just you watch. However, there are pieces of his that can be incorporated into an everyday gal's wardrobe and I oh-so-covet that beautiful white embroidered/eyelet peasant top from his spring collection. He is hands down one of fashion's most masterful craftsmen.

darkfoam said...

Jet lag .. ugh .... Just going to and from Vegas a few months ago left me completely wiped out. But, aunty, give yourself a week and you will be back on track. Love the Oscar video!!! What fantastic art.

Aunty Belle said...

Fishy, ain't it gorgeous--makes ya' almost wanna go to San Fran. Youse battlin' jet lag or it doan bother ya none?

Sophie Mae!

know you'd be stylin' in that green airbrush thingy---an green is mah favorite color. Ever'body looks good in green.

Sophie Mae, jes' want ya to know, that Haiku in the pecan trees wuz top notch --wish't I'd written it it were so fine.


fer some reason jet lag never grabs me on arrival--mayhap stayin' up all night to wrestle deadlines makes me immune--or the excitement of the adventure--so I hit the ground full throttle. But oh oh oh, the return twists me around somethin' fierce. This mornin' I stayed abed to 4:30, reckon thas' progress.

As fer Oscar--mah mah, he is so consistently elegant.

LV would wear out a saint--24 hour neon an' noise? who can bear up under that? bet youse thrilled to be home in NC--lovely green paradise.

mah camera is owed an apology. Took the card into local drugstore to see if they could put it all on a CD--they say the card (only 2 G) ain't behavin'. Next I'll tgry to take it to a real camera outfit--hate to loose the photos. They look fine--INSIDE the camera, jes cain't git 'em OUT of the camera.


LaDivaCucina said...

Welcome back home, Aunty! Jet lag is the worst, takes me weeks to get back to normal! I was having technical difficulties with my camera too and did a little troubleshooting online and worked it out. Good luck that is frustrating!

Speaking of which, I can't see the links since I downloaded Google Chrome. sigh. One more thing for me to investigate...

Thanks for your sweet comments, will be posting some photos of my fabu new kitchen soon. Yes, you have a very happy La Diva here! Blessed and grateful! xo

SophieMae said...

Thank ya kindly, Sweet B! I have to confess, I was fairly pleased with my little foggy-ku myownself. 8-] Winterfied pecan groves always move me.

DeepBlue said...

Bonjour, Tati!

I'm happy to see you're back home safe and sound. Can't wait to see your pictures once you solve all those little quirks and quarks... Ah! Technology! Supposed to make our lives more easy!


Rafael has just elected you this week's Queen of Haiku!

Aunty Belle said...

Haiku an' Project Runway wishful thinkin' here:


chickory said...

that frenchy fashion page gave me a seizure! grherhaha I hate hearing about that camera. that just isnt right. are you using a cable or taking the memory card out and inserting it into your computer? grhahahaha you on a Tumblr star wars page. good stuff on there. You should look at ffffound sometime.