yearning for the open road

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In mah dreams I have the time to walk from Vezelay (France) to Santiago de Compostela (Spain) along the ancient pilgrimage route. For more'n a thousand years this route done produced many a footsore pilgrim, includin' yore AuntyBelle. And I would do it again. And Again.

But mah TR (time remaining) factor is runnin' down through that pinched belly glass. So.... whenever possible I gits mah boots on a walk a wee part of it. It gits in yore blood. I done walked a goodly chunk of the Spanish Camino in 1999 wif' Baby Sis. Walked another segment or two wif Uncle in 2005. A single day's portion is all I managed in 2006, an this time, a mere few hours on the actual path in France (Chemin de Compostele) though we seen some of the more spectaular stops along the way.

If I were to plan the trip again, chicks, I admit I'd stay in the countryside til the boardin' call fer home.

We divided our time a'tween the villages of Burgundy and the area where Auvergne meets Aveyron afore movin' on to Paris.

The french folks out in the country took us in like lost puppies, fed us, and told us their stories. We hiked and poked about in their farms or old manors...ate their cheeses, and took photos of their old stuff fer sale:

Cool clear days mostly, and we nursed greedy hearts--oh yes! I wanted to stay another few weeks to watch all the dead vines trained up walls and around windows burst to life with wisteria and roses jes' in time for Easter.

The Forsythia, the early bird bloomer, greeted us in every turn of the lane....An' doan ya jes' admire the whimsy of folks who fly unicorns on the weather vane?


NYD said...

Welcome home.

Gnomeself Be True said...

That's one uppity looking cow.

CHEF TROLL said...

Lazy Euro-Trash cow. Prolly gets 10 weeks paid vacation from a do-nothing union job!

Welcome back! New Troll Poll up!

Aunty Belle said...

Thanky all y'all fer the welcome home! I cain't wait to read back'ards an' see what all has been goin' on wif' ya....but first, I gotta git some vittles in this house afore Uncle blows away, he gits so puny when I'se off gallivantin'.

Back tomorry (wif more pics!)

Boxer said...

do the cows moo with an accent?

fishy said...

You were missed!
Once you get the vittles and other chores seen to, take a minute to come over to the Pond. I am seeking advice from the boggersphere.

Floridacracker said...

Welcome Aunty.
I've never seen a Clint Eastwood Cow before.

SophieMae said...

Accueillir à la maison. Belles vaches. Attend avec impatience plus de photos.

Well, it probably loses something in translation, but... Anyhow, hope you had a wondermously edifying trip. Off to read yer blister. 8-]

Have a JESUS-filled day! ^i^

foam said...

shouldn't that be a moo?

fishy said...

Okay, it's official , the next bloggerfest is going to be on the Pilgrimage from France to Spain where we will all eat cheese, buy vintage keepsakes, talk to the livestock, glory in the countryside sprouting awake and wear cockleshell tatoos to our graves.

moi said...

So glad you're home safe and sound. We missed you! Your trip sounds wonderful! I would love to make that walk – it's up there with my plans for the Appalachian Trail. Soon, soon.

In the meantime, I'll read your posts :o).

Uncle properly fed yet?

pamokc said...

OOOOH, exciting. Tell us more about this pilgrimage. I would love to hear more.

The Java Junkie said...

Lovely photos, Aunty! We're happy to have you back - Welcome home!

Big Shamu said...

Food please. Cheese and bread please. actually any french food would work.
I can be patient.

kmwthay said...

Salut, Auntie! It appears as if you had a lovely time on your journey. Would love to hear more about it soon!

K9 said...

they live well. i love those white animals!

Meems said...

Oh, Aunty... in my dreams, too... I'd LOVE to make that walk even just once. Your photos are great... thanks for sharing and welcome back. I'd want to stay longer, too.
What did you do about your garden while you were gone?
Meems @ Hoe and Shovel

foam said...

you added more beautiful pictures..
what a lovely trip you had.