Shoe Woes


I wuz gonna write about French Abbeys. But I'm not.

Not now. Later, mebbe. I'se headed to La Belle, an' when I go I stay in convents an' monasteries wherever possible. I have stayed here:

Abbaye Senanque

an' here:

Abbaye Ste. Cecile

And visited here:

Abbaye Fontenay

In case youse curious about prior wanderin' in backwoods France,
peek at this 2009 trip .

Thang is, these villages (an even Paris) have cobblestone streets. I'll spare y'all the description of mah crippled feet from prior sojourns. Jes' lemme whine a bit about the utter lack of really pretty shoes in the comfort category. All comfort shoes look like somethin' tubby old nurses wear.

As y'all know--I'se made a study of what folks on the go wear on their feet.

I used to be vain. ( I know, youse shocked) Wore them stilettos until I hobbled like
Ming Soo Chow. Then I went to lower pumps wif' a pair of flats in mah purse fer
relief. The koolest thang about ole age is --who cares what's on yore feet?

I do.


Enough to say that I'se HAPPY that ballet flats are IN this year. That'll do it fer about an hour. Ballet flats doan have no support, no sole to speak of--but wait!!

Now the ugly hip sandal folks, Keens, makes a Ballet flat of they own. Sorta. Jes' think of a ballet flat on a tractor tread.
Tres comfort. Marginally less clunky than Danskos. They even come in Mary Jane's. (Ain't ready fer that ...yet.)

But--groan, they tip up at the toes like elf shoes!

The worst thang out thar' (other than crocs) is anythang labeled "fashion comfort." Louboutins they're not. Sigh. The really good choice is an expensive Italian ponyskin loafer, but the only color is midnight blue. Whas' wrong wif' grey or chocolate? Blue?? Whew, I'se saved from brusin' the budget.

P.S. I still has a camera issue--the palm size Nikon ain't what I'd hoped, but it do zoom an' zoom.


Aunty Belle said...

Does y'all remember the Italian feet post??


jes' sayin', this footwear situation is serious bidness.

grins said...

I only wore dansko professionals for years.I'm kinda stuck in tennies now.
I regret never seeing Mount St. Michel but not enough to make me go to France. have a good trip.

darkfoam said...

Ya know when I mentioned that I spent my money in Vegas on shoes? Well, I was strolling around the Caesar Palace Mall when I came across this shoe store. They had a great selection of shoes for women like me who stand and or walk all day long and want and need something comfy with proper arch support.
I purchased some of their sandals.

Btw, I own the red Mary Jane Keens that I purchased awhile ago on sale.
My feet sighed in bliss when i slipped them on and I would much rather do that look then the perpetual teacher-wearing-a-dress and-athletic-shoes-with-white-athletic-socks-pulled-up-her-ankles-look..

Oh, there was a Louboutin store in the mall. I barely glanced at it... :)

darkfoam said...

Have a great spiritually restorative time in France. You deserve it!

darkfoam said...

Darn it, the link doesn't work. The store is called The Walking Company.
The link was supposed to go to some ballerinas I liked.

Anonymous said...

I think you're confuzzled. La Belle is small town in the glades famous for it's swamp cabbage festival. Ain't no convents or monasteries. Don't think there are any virgins past the age of 14.

Aunty Belle said...


Somehow, men escape this issue--mayhap they git to keep feet planted on terra firma, not stilts--but even so, at some point even fellas need some cushionin'.

As for Mont St. Michel (De La Mer De Peril)--sigh. For me, the greatest opening line of any book (other than, "In the Beginning...")
is written about Mont St. Michel.
I'll post special photos jes' fer our favorite Curmudgeon.


Hey you.

Oh I can see ya' in them cute red MJs--ha! But, now, see? on a YOUNG woman, they's adorable. On Old Lady Yokum they look...necessary.
And you know what? We have a Walking Store--I am going thar' post haste. Foamy, that Keen's ballet flat comes in red too, Or bright olive green...but then, I'se comin' close to justi\ification of the blue La-di-Da zappatos. Better not go thar'.

As fer spiritual restoration. Mayhap some of that too--mostly I'se on a personal pilgrimage of sorts, but it includes plenty of village markets, history, museums, camera work, cheese, and chocolate...wanna come along??

Aunty Belle said...


I'se been to Glades County Labelle. Grow a lotta veggies thar'--La Duda is more like it.

La Belle France--she is a lovely country, but her soul has always been fickle.

fishy said...

Dear Ming Soo Chow Yokum,
wear hiking boots with sport tailored slacks, smart shirts and clever accessories.

czar said...

Best wishes to you, Aunty, and safe travels. If it weren't for family and, well, that whole God thing, I'd spend the rest of my life at Gethsemani and never thinking for a moment about shoes.

Well, that wouldn't be much of a change.

moi said...

You know I feel ya on this subject. Let's face it, the majority of what passes for comfortable shoes are just out and out ugly, and that's just unacceptable.

Here's what I do when I need to be on my feet: A kitten heel. Thankfully, they are back in for fall. I bought these last month — http://www.dillards.com/product/Antonio-Melani-Britt-Pumps_301_-1_301_502151708?splashlink=header_shoes — and spent an entire day on my feet in them, no problem.

I'll also wear a penny loafer (they look great with a pencil skirt, actually) or a flat riding boot. And, I think Clarks is starting to grok to the problem. Some of their shoes are very cute, still feature at least a 3" heel, but they're stacked and coned for comfort. Naturalizer, too, is starting to not look so dowdy.

Good luck and have fun!

Aunty Belle said...

hiking boots in the city? Wow--will granny boots count? I oughta fergit the angst about looks an' jes' state the obvious: who is gonna say, "OMG, look at the ole woman, doan she look like Mammy Yokum?" nope, they's jes' gonna wince in that frenchified way..."Americane, tsk."

howl! TM said, "Be good, keep your feet dry." So watch not to step in a puddle.

Will ya grow a beard too? (or does ya' have one?) In truth, thas' mah problem--I'se been bahrfoot so long that any shoes is a discomfort. Leastways, in Kentucky bahrfoot is hallowed tradition, so youse gonna be right in step. Jes' doan take no baths with electric thangs nearby.

Thanky fer safe travel sentiments--I doan depart until late September, but us femmes have to fret an' stew an whine over the whole packin' process, right? part of the drill.


I knowed yore advice would be on target. I'll yank out the penny loafers --perfect. might have 'em soled in rubber. I has gone to nearly all ankle length slacks, so the loafers will work. An I does have a pair of chocolate suede crepe soled ballet flats that is ole reliable.

All, I ain't laving yet--jes' gearin' up --departure in late September.

Jenny said...

oh, I hear you Aunty. I struggle to find "sensible" yet not ugly shoes to wear at work where often I'm standing on my feet for up to 8 hours. Like Curmudgeon, I'm a big fan of Dansko professionals and have found some styles that aren't horrible... BUT they are STILL sensible so... *sigh*. Moi is my hero because she really does refuse to wear ugly shoes over comfort. That takes dedication. When do you leave on your trip?

Jenny said...

@Foam - the link didn't work for me but i'm very curious as to what store you found in Las Vegas?

Aunty Belle said...

it is a struggle--but in yore case, stick to the Dansko--an' carry some cute little shoes in yore tote so ya can change as ya head out the door fer lunch, a meeting or whatever calls ya'--yore big issue at work ain't only comfort but SAFETY of them toes!!

I doan leave fer another 3 weeks. Time enough to break in the new footgear.

Wish all y'all would come along--what a gypsy band we'd be!

moi said...

Love the new ankle length crop pant: http://www.jcrew.com/womens_category/pants/cafecapri/PRDOVR~49398/49398.jsp

So if you're going in September, then it should be boot weather by then. How about a riding-style boot (I like this one: http://www.garnethill.com/b-26-23248-3brn-asbee-riding-boots/womens-fashion/footwear/view-all-shoes-boots/216609), paired over jeans with sweaters and tees that you can layer. I've had my Borns for years and tromped all over the place in total comfort.

I also like a calf-length motorcycle-style boot for over jeans and with skirts and tights: http://www.amazon.com/Guess-Womens-Abital-Flat-Boot/dp/B005C2W2HA

Aunty Belle said...

hmmnn...yes, I'se thinkin' to pack some genuine lace up Granny boots fer mah ankle cropped pants. Wuz jes' in J Crew--why'd they make those darlin' scarves in wool??? I'll ck the garnet hill link.

Looky Sweet Pea, I'se so so sorry to stun yore innocence, but...Aunty ain't never (ever) had a pair of jeans on in her life. It may be one fer the record books. Doan tell no one--the weirdness of it is jes' a bit much.

moi said...

You go barefoot, but don't wear jeans? That is worthy of an article, right there. A book, even. Most definitely a peek into your closet. So what is casual wear for Aunty?

Sharon Rudd said...

I'll be looking forward to your tales of cheese and chocolate! And if you don't leave until the end of the month, Aunty, you can participate in the September Culinary Smackdown. (Click on the new Smackdown badge on my sidebar to link to our August winner's annoucement post about the September cook-off.)

Enjoy your weekend!

chickory said...

i remember the feet. the red tired feet. caint you wear a decent hiking boot? SOme of them are kinda dressy. I wear those super light travel pants with a ton of pockets that you can zip off and make into shorts.

Aunty Belle said...

I lives in linen/ cotton twill/ linen -cotton blends, cotton knit wif'a touch of lycra, silk. Casual wear is cotton or linen(cool in Florida)crop or ankle length pants wif' an oversized linen shirt--I prolly look like a Vietnamese woman save fer occidental coloring, an mebbe the
hairband, sunglasses, flats, or sandals.

I promise lots of foodie posts an' photos. AN' I did go sign up fer the Octoberfest Smackdown.


Well, I do 'spect I'll toss in the light hikers. I plan to do at least one day hike along the Camino Frances above mah favorite Aveyron village... But I ain't seein' them as proper Paris footwear. I need somethin' a tad more stylish, doan ya think?