Blues Sax

Many kind thanks to Troll for throwin' the Great Badge of Honor mah way! Hoo-whee, but that were fun.

I thought I might append the Haiku post (below) an' share some of mah favorite bluesy/ jazzy saxophone music wif' y'all. This sax sounds almost human--whaddya' think?

Haiku Monday: Birth.

Jazz Genesis

Sultry Memphis nights
along Beale Street. Hear me wail:
Muddy Waters' Blues

Granny trivia: She went to school wif' Johnny Carson

Granny's Exchange

Long months I've waited:
Sweet pink child in Daddy's arms-
And I? Angels call.


Aunty Belle said...
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Sharon Rudd said...

Lovin' your blues clips, Aunty. Didn't know you were a blues lover, but you're always full of surprises.

Gotta ask, if Granny went to school wif Johnny Carson, where was that? I'm originally from Nebraska, and NE always tries to claim him :)

Happy Haiku Monday!

Aunty Belle said...

Y'all knowed that Granny defied the docs an' lived on to keep her promise to see her latest gran'girl' born? Six days later Granny wuz ridin' rainbows.


I does like some Blues--not all--and some Jazz, not all.

As fer Granny--why to mah knowledge she ain't never made it to Nebraska (did ride through Oklahoma, though). What is little known of Johnny Carson is that afore he enrolled in U of Nebraska, he wuz at Millsaps College in Jackson Mississippi. He were a few years older'n Granny. I doan blame Nebrask fer claimin' him--who wouldn't?

fishy said...

You and Blowfish would get along fine wif music. He purely loves blues and jazz. Not me. Now we ride down the roads listening to book readings to avoid the music wars.

Nice to read Granny Cracker stories again! Doesn't surprise me none to read she was defying the docs to welcome a new clan baby.

moi said...

Love "Granny's Exchange." One life ends, another begins—our species's bittersweet imperative.

As for music, I like most blues, almost no jazz. Especially Coltrane. Coltrane makes me want to stick sharp sticks in my eyes.

Aunty Belle said...

Keep us posted on Blowfish--an' git that fella some earphones an let hom listen to his blues!!
Thank fer kind words on Granny--she were somethin' else.

Heh--thar's quite a dispute about iffin' Blues gave jazz its start. I ain't a musician, so I cain't "hear" the nuances the purists point to--but history seems to indicate Blues came first. I prefer blues to jazz, but ain't a big fan of either-- though OF COURSE the jazzy Gregorian Chant of Hillard (Officiam) is my mostest favorite jazz form of all.

Yep, Granny knowed that young'un would be her exit cue--she done dreamed on that chile fer many a long day--I reckon that wee lass kept Granny goin' fer months.

Master Basho's Ghost said...

You Won!

R.Powers said...

What a sweet image, the baby not quite here, keeping granny here for a few more months with her kin.

If this is a contest, you must win.

Princess said...

Congratulations Aunty!
Your haiku Grannys exchange took me straight back to the memory of your beautiful post describing her determination to hang on to meet the new child!

Thank you again and well done on a well deserved win!

czar said...

Aunty: Carson is one of my absolute heroes, and I've always loved that Rat Pack clip, much as I loathe the pack itself. Apparently that's the only time he's captured on film singing. As you know he was also quite the fine drummer. Dana Carvey, the ultimate Carson wannabe, was also a drummer in the Carson tradition -- and you see where being a wannabe got Carvey in the long run.

Jazz and blues: I am a devotee of both, and Moi, I fear -- and bless her heart -- was with her comment trying to lure me into a time-sucking defense of the form and The Man. I won't do it. I can't. I won't. As Moi herself would say, "La-la-la-la-la . . . I can't HEAR you."

A favorite quote, source forgotten: "If it ain't true it ain't jazz, and if it's true, it's the blues."

grins said...

I'm a man.... Dont listen to to much Music, gets on Hon's nerves but I have some muddy waters. grats on haiku.

Aunty Belle said...

Master Basho!
Yore esteemed vapor heah is most welcome. Thanky fer the Great Honor--I'se humbled.


youse too kind--Granny an yore kin woulda been fast friends. How have the opening weeks of the year been? Luvin' yore new school?
FC--shure would luv to have ya play along in this Haiku meme the Troll got us on--please?

Welcome--oh how dear! Ya' recall that Granny story--that touches me--very sweet of ya to recall. Am expecting a wonderful HAiku from you this week.


Oh I is always charmed by Carson--giggled when he tried to keep a straight face but got tickled in spite o' hisself. Granny adored his show--she were a late owl.

I prefer the blues--an' not a huge range of it--but I does HEAR ya' about not bein' drawn in by Moi--them 48 days is clipped down to 45 now. So I'se doubly pleased ya stopped round the porch.


looky, git some earphones an' then yore bride doan need to hear what all's rockin' yore socks. Even the Muddy Water Blues.

I hope you'll gear up some --will post new Haiku theme on THursday--mebbe ya can git sweet Edi Rex to throw in wif' us this week??

czar said...

Aunty: That's some beautiful sounds, but, with all due respect, it's neither blues nor jazz, in my opinion. Maybe blues-y or jazz-y. Kinda.

Try this (and I promise it's nothing like Coltrane).


Jenny said...

love the clips, really loved the Haiku. Made me teary. Congrats!

Anonymous said...

It's described as somethin' somethin'
With a jazz overlay.

Soon as I git to mah destination I 'll
Ck the link to Czar jazz.


I done found yore B'day card!!
Thanky fer the kudos--please play this week,

darkfoam said...

The very first video is positively divine! .. Love it.

I adore Herbie Hancock, love jazz, love the blues.
I would have never thought of a birthing the blues haiku. It's brilliant!

Speaking of Jazz: here's this ..

It's long and you might not want to listen to it, but I love this too.

PS: Your granny haiku is precious. I knew she was hanging on. I remember the hand photos. And I know the grieving wound is still fresh.