Getting to Know you, getting know all about you

HAIKU MONDAY is at Czar's this week--come play!


I need a place holder post--deadlines is merciless animals.

This heah is a do-it-yoreself post.

Please answer the following questions, but iffin' they's too invasive, jes respond, "TMI" an go to the next--but try not to fudge: answer honestly. Then please add the ONE question ya'd like to pose to the others--I'll compile those on Sunday.

A. The thang that freaks me out the most in mah personal life is:
1) When the peanut butter jar is empty
2) Spiders
3) Vehicular malfunction
4) When mah significant other ignores mah foul mood
5) Neighbor's guests parked in mah drive

B. This weekend I would prefer to:

1) Git in the car an' go a'wanderin'
2) Throw a BBQ fer mah favorite 50 folks
3) Sleep (all weekend)
4) Start mah flyin' lessons
5) Pick up mah new puppy from the rescue pound/ breeder

C. When faced wif' an unpleasant chore, I:

1) Cajole, bribe/ blackmail another into doin' it fer me
2) Procrastinate as long as possible an' hope the elves do it
3) Roll up mah sleeves, git-her-done, then crow about mah virtue
4) Find a more important chore to justify paying a service to do the yucky chore
5) Play sick, then whine an' pout, stomp an' hiss, but I git it done.

D. A new acquisition I'se considerin' is:

1) A ROKU box
2) A juicer
3) A first edition The Civil War three volume series by Shelby Foote
4) Persian carpets for mah buggy's floormats
5) Goldfish pond fer mah garden

E. An accessory ( besides mah cell phone) that I can never be wif'out is:
1) A bluetooth headset
2) An upscale watch
3) A Buck 110
4) A dawg whistle
5) Panama hat & sunglasses

F. I have absolutely no interest in:

1) Rock climbing
2) Zydeco
3) Flea markets
4) Genre fiction
5) Masquerade balls

G. The one thang I never tell nobody is:

1) How to get a reservation at Daniel
2) Mah wildest dream
3) The name of mah bookie
4) Mah biggest splurge
5) Worst fault

H. The worst thang to suffer through is:

1) Pagliacci
2) A dish of lutefisk
3) A man cold/ a man wif' a cold (see video)
4) An office party
5) A Robin Williams movie

Sure, I'll go first:
A. 2
B. 1
C. 5
D. 2
E. 3
F. 3
G. 4
H. 5

Have a great weekend!


Anonymous said...

Have you taken a formal personality profile test such as CPP or Myers-Briggs and did the results fit your self-assessment?

1) Yes and it did.
2) Yes, and it did not.
3) Never took one.
4) It said I should be a Park Ranger. They tell EVERYONE they should be a Park Ranger!



Aunty Belle said...

I knowed youse a C3! It SO fits ya'. An' a B5---an I could figgered youse a E5. But whar' ya surprised me? D5. Cool.

Will compile the M-B question wif' the others on Sunday.

Jenny said...

Your place holder is far more interesting than mine. I just said "I Got Nothing."



5) Neighbor's guests parked in mah drive ** I can go from nice to enraged in a nano second. I'm mad now just THINKING of it happening.


5) Pick up mah new puppy from the rescue pound/ breeder ** But I've been banned from Petfinder by Mr. Boxer and he's right. But having just paid a big Vet bill today for my pack, I'll sadly work this weekend.


3) Roll up mah sleeves, git-her-done, then crow about mah virtue ** but there's rarely any crowing. More like; "not good enough".

D. None of the above. **I'm going through a time of not adding, but deleting things in my life. I've cleared too many houses of things over the past two years.**

E. None of the above. **I've grown into a very non-material girl** Nordstrom misses me.

1) Rock climbing **no, no, no, no, no** If God wanted us to climb rocks he would have given us suction cup hands.

5) Worst fault. **although I think Mr. Boxer has figured it out after 33 years**


That was fun! Thank you Aunty! I hope you have a productive weekend. I'll be working all weekend too.


moi said...

@Troll: Yes, and it did (sort of: INTJ)

@ Aunty:

A. 4) When mah significant other ignores mah foul mood

B. 1) Git in the car an' go a'wanderin'

C. 4) Find a more important chore to justify paying a service to do the yucky chore

D. 2) A juicer

E. 2) An upscale watch

F. 5) Masquerade balls

G. 5) Worst fault

H. 3) A man wif' a cold

Anonymous said...

I didn't know we could commentate and I missed a question.

Regarding "crowing about it". Like Boxer, that part of the answer doesn't fit me.

I'm changing G's answer to ONE "getting tickets to Daniel" since I have no idea what means.

And the H answer is now the "Robin Williams" movie.

moi said...

My idea of fun in the great outdoors:

1. Rock climbing (come on, Boxer, I'll take ya!)
2. Trail running
3. Hiking a mountain
4. Fishing a stream
5. Sleeping in a hammock

Karl said...

Good night Aunty Belle,

Thanks for hosting Haiku. Good pick with Czar.

A.6 None of the above
C.6 Just do the job
D.6 None of the above
E.6 A smile

@ Troll: I have to take a psych eval yearly. I keep passing, just goes to show. The tests are flawed.

Sharon Rudd said...

A) 3
B) 1 (although 3 sounds pretty good after this weekend)
C) 2
D) I had to google what a ROKU box is. Not really considerin’ any of the options as an acquisition. 2 comes closer to somethin’ I’d contemplate, but an ice cream maker might be a contenda.
E) Uh, oh. You lost me again. Can I say N/A instead of TMI? (Heck, I don’t hardly ever even turn on my cell phone unless in one of those A)3 situations.)
F) Another toughie. I’ll go for 4 rather than 5 because you said “masquerade ball,” which sounds the slightest bit more enticing than “being pressured by friends to dress up for their annual Halloween party, or show my boobs in a Ren Faire costume.”
G) 5
H) 4

Troll, I think I do know what G)5 means. And dang, if I had that secret, I’d be more than happy to share. Maybe a more out of the way place for the Blogger Summit 2012?

Sorry Boxer is so down for the count she ain’t even allowin’ comments at her place. But glad to see her here. I’m full of too much and would be more than happy to share. Lookin’ forward to a weekend of ramblin’ and friends to clear ma haid. Bonfires and laughter will be involved.

Jenny said...
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Jenny said...

p.s. I bought a juicer three months ago and it's still in the box.

darkfoam said...

A. The thang that freaks me out the most in mah personal life is:
6) being asked to be in charge of fundraising in the spring. (this happened tonight. the person who asked me was mr foam. i almost divorced him on the spot.)

B. 1) Git in the car an' go a'wanderin', followed by a nice hike, followed by a nice dinner and a glass of beer.

C. 2) Procrastinate as long as possible an' hope the elves do it..

D. A juicer, actually..

C. used to be a knife, but since i work in the schools i stopped carrying one.

D. 1) rock climbing (hiking, yes, scaling some largish rocks that are part of the path, yes, but to just rock climb for rock climbing sakes, no, no, no...)
6) oh, and being in charge of fundraising.

G. hmmmmmm 2) ... some of my dreams, my fantasies ...

H. 4) An office (staff christmas party) i'm already getting heart palpitations just thinking about it.
6) having a tooth drilled sans novacaine .. yep, it's happened ..

SophieMae said...

Aint B!!! Thanks ever so for that veejo! I needed a good gusty laugh and that did the trick.

And to thank ya proper-like, I'll answer your questions. (FYI, I've not even read, much less commented on, another single blog in a month o' Sundays... Just so ya know. 8-} )

A - 3 (after 12+ years in the woods, I've gotten kinda used to spiders... long as they stay OFF me)
B - 3 (last year, I'da said 1)
C - 2
D - 2
E - 3, with 5 a very close 2nd
F - 1, maybe
G - 2
H - 5 edged out 3

Anonymous said...

Ho hum options

Try these

Best revenge fantasy
Best way to cheat the IRS
Best alibi after 3 days AWOL
Best response to crappy alibi
Best shock and awe on a date

czar said...
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czar said...

What you need to know about the czar is, with all due respect to Aunty, czar don't do these kinds of lists and calls-and-responses -- mostly because I hate being reminded of what a downright boring and disengaged person I really am. And that's not faux self-loathing.

But to make up for it, my blog gives my real name and real contact information (even a somewhat dated photo). So that's more or less who I am, filtered a tad so as not to offend present or potential customers.

So, when it comes to "getting to know all about you," I think with the exception of Chickory, the rest of y'all can take a backseat.


grins said...

D)4 What's a roku box?
G)2 (actually I have no boundries)
Troll I swear this is the truth, My MTBI helped bring down a religious cult. My personality changed. I even got my name in a book written by Flavil Yeakly, no lie. I don't remember what mine was but it was high on judging and high on intuition. the other two were almost in the middle.

chickory said...

Let's see...

A.6 - when the internet is down. I lose my mind.

B.tough call! Well, I got the truck back yesterday with a brand new shiny engine installed and suddenly it is fast and reliable! so I could wander. I wandered into a junk shop and got a new table and four chairs which is a HUGE improvement to the CHickory dining experience. so, 1. but 4 and 5 are attractive to me.

C. 2, then 5.not stomping and whining though, just a pitiful trudge to the gallows.

D.2. we have a vitamix in the ATL but it would be nice for Chickory too.

E. 5

F. 4

G. 5 - always wanna leave a little room for them to figger it out for theyselves

H. 5 this is tough! a man cold is an affliction that causes women to suffer greatly. But the repulsive RW projected on to wide angle cinemascope is even worse

Yesterday was a massive fall cleaning. like pull out the fridge and washer and dryer to clean behind and mop. the tops of the kitchen cabinet. lemon oiled all the wood. changed the water filter. cleaned the closets. and so on.

today i get to reward myself with covering the chair pads of the new dinning set with some cool fabric my sister gave me. weeeeeeeee

Aunty Belle said...

Thanky to all--some of ya shure did surprise me some--

Were y'all surprised too?

Please be sure to scribble down yore Haiku an' post it at CZAR's blog (see link on Front Porch).

I has a manic week ahead--woan git around much perhaps--an my next post will be a pre-France reverie, mostly pics--but I'se thinkin' of y'all!

Have a great week.

R.Powers said...

Distracted by gorgeous Lab puppy picture.

SophieMae said...

It occurred to me you might be familiar with the picture I posted yesterday. I could be wrong... I was once. 8-]

No rush. My updating these days is monthly at best, so it's not going anywhere. 8-}