Off to see the Wizard

I got git on down the road.

Bidness. In another city fer a few days...

But help yoreself to some lemonade--I left a pitcher on the porch.

Iffin' ya hear about some tussle at some airport it might be Aunty who be very touchy about other folks bein' feely at airport security.

I still is sore afflicted wif' the blahs.

Hope y'all have better fare--time permittin' I may pop in to see what y'all be up to.

As a measure of what ails mah mindset, I offer ya' this joke what be makin' the rounds:


"You come home from a hard day's work to find that the sewer line has backed up into your house all the way to the ceiling. What do you do? Raise the ceiling? Or, shut down the line and shovel out the sewage.



Aunty Belle said...

alternative topic:

does anybody have a non-apple tablet? what does ya think of it?

moi said...

Hey, I'm on the road starting this weekend, too. AND I've got a slight case of the blues. I wonder if something's going around?

Nope, the only pad I tried was Apple's. Decided I didn't need it. I did get a Nook, though. I KNOW, right? S.B. is bemoaning the pile up of books in the house and I have to give the man at least an inch, because I think this marriage thing is supposed to be about compromise and not me sticking my fingers in my ears.

Safe travels. If I spot an elegant southern gal shaking her finger at a TSA agent, I'll check and see if it's you.

Buzz Kill said...

The Mrs has a Nook and she likes it although finding time to read is her problem. I bought it mainly because we live about a mile from a Barnes & Noble and I figured she might go there for some tea and peace and quiet. Hasn't happened yet, but I'm still hoping.

Safe travels Aunty.

Aunty Belle said...


Oh, chile' youse on the road too--
bop a TSA on the haid--we can start a trend. Hope ya's goin' wahr' the weather is cooler--me? uh, 90s, despite bein' many states to the nawth.

yep. somethin' goin' 'round.

I will say what I think is behind the malaise--we cannot have an honest discussion in the nation.

Even the euros are tawken belt tightening. Us? course not.

When ya cain't tawk, ya drop out or riot. See that story about the California teen who slit throat of a woman at car wash? the po-lice say "he just felt like killin' somebody. SHE was at the wrong place at the wrong time"

really? SHE is to blame? SHE wanted a clean car, why the wretched woman, what wuz she thinkin'?

For more on this see Victor Hansen Davis


Chris Christie appointed a muslim judge in NJ. Really? think that judge will apply laws of constitution to cases? or if the NJ law disagrees wif' Sharia law, wanna bet which way that judge will rule?


PEOPLE, we MUST have the conversations--otherwise, as mah haiku say, price of pacifism is war.

On books--great plan, Moi. I has an older version of the Sony E-Reader an' it is stashed wif' reference books so I dona need to travel wif' a library.

I akshully meant a computer/ tablet that can double as smaller laptop/ book reader. I need something I can load WORD into--a girl's gotta write, right?

yore missus is a lucky lady--not many fellas be thinkin' how nice a cuppa tea at the local book emporium would be--

On the Nook--is it different from Kindle in that it woan snatch your books back wif'out your knowledge--'member when Amazon sneaked in like a thief in the night to erase titles from Kindles while folks slept (they had overlooked a leetle matter like copyright laws).

Iffin' the Nook cain't repossess yore titles, I might git me one. I need a reader fer fun, separate from the work related volumes loaded in my Sony.

I gotta streamline.

moi said...

I'm going to Philly. I have yet to check the weather because I'm too scared :o)

There's something wrong when the Europeans are knuckling under and we aren't, isn't there. Go figure, that.

I've been attempting to streamline forever and the upshot is, I'm still saddled with packing a laptop, reader, and Angry Birds player, I mean iPhone. My thought was to streamline with the iPad replacing laptop and reader but the keyboard is unusable as far as I'm concerned. So I'm right back to where I started. HOWEVER, Nook does have an App for PCs, Macs, and their laptops. So that's a cool feature for storing reference books.

chickory said...

who wouldnt have the blues in this ridiculous farce called the american election season that never ends or begins? git on outta town. I have found that 6 days out I appreciate my hot buggy home. I miss mah dawgs reallllllly bad. I miss V too. Have a good trip. Get a good elbow jab in for me.

darkfoam said...

"You come home from a hard day's work to find that the sewer line has backed up into your house all the way to the ceiling. What do you do? Raise the ceiling? Or, shut down the line and shovel out the sewage."

ya leave town .. that's what ya do ..

i hate the blahs. hope you are over them soon.

Sharon Rudd said...

Safe travels, Aunty and Moi!

Jenny said...



come back soon and safe travels Aunty!

Pam said...

Hi Auntie, hope you enjoy your travels. Love your analogy. The problem is that the officials don't believe it is sewage that is seeping to the top of the house. I think a balanced budget amendment is coming. Sure hope so.

I've been tempted with the tablets also, but think I would probably go with the IPAD if I did, just because I have an IPOD and am familiar with how it all works. Surely there is something on the market that converts Apple to Word and vice versa?

fishy said...

I am buying NONE OF THEM!
One of my clients is an executive with one of the makers. She laughed when I asked her what to get. Her answer was " the cheapest because it is absolutely true the things are programmed to glitch the day after the warranty expires". I asked about the extended warranties and she said, " they cleverly do not cover the glitch chip". I was sooooo angry I could have been a flock of birds.

LOL @ Foam ... they leave town. So accurate it is funny, so accurate it is tragic.

Given the market crazies this week I am way beyond angry! I damn well do want to kill somebody but not some car wash innocent.

I hope that lemonade is spiked.

trump said...

Greetings from the Amish settlement of Lebanon,Pa. Have a very nice weekend everyone. Richard from Amish Stories.

SophieMae said...

Well, I do hope you're recreatin' in between bidness doin's. I popped in to bask in a little sanity and to read a few properly wielded words and phrases. Fresh from a string of comments from young (and a few not-so-young) women who have no clue how to spell or which homophone to use. I had to smash the 'close this page' X when I came across another perpetration of the phrase 'all of the sudden'. Call me petty, but that drives me nuts! Worse, it has been suggested that the word 'THE' will probably replace 'A' just because it's so commonly MISused. AAAAARRRRRRRRRGGGGGGGHHHHH!!!!!

Hope you didn't catch the blahs strain that's been afflicting me for months. Every time I think I see a light at the end of the tunnel, I hear a (train) whistle... usually sounds kinda like 'appointed a muslim judge'... or 'illegal aliens should have same rights'...

Re sewage... we impeach the lot and start over. No lawyers, no Kennedy's, etc, etc, etc.

grins said...

There are only twenty eight walls in my house, one hundred twenty three pens and pencils in the cups on the table next to my desk. The temperature outside is ninty five degrees. What's this spot on my leg? I wonder if you can die from bed sores. I bet these crutches would look cool with flames painted on them. Man I would love to go somewhere, (even Philly moi). I've done four articles three are questionable and I'm too lazy to go fix them. I feel like I've been on Gilligans Island for about five years with no one except for mrs. Howell. I think I'll stick with apple just out of habit Aunty. Library has all I can handle. Grammer SophieMae? Whats that?