Doan Be Shocked

I ain't got nuthin' to say.

Heat blahs, I reckon.

Whoever heard o' such a thang? An' Aunty Belle wif' nothin' to say. Thas' polite. (see the financial news of the globe?) Or fittin' fer polite company ( watch the Iowa Caucus "debate"?) Or can be heard wif' only lemonade fer libation?

If I was the type, I'd be obsessin' on Angry Birds fer escape.

Mebbe y'all will say somethin' fer me, please. What shoulda coulda Aunty have written fer this post?




moi said...

How's Aunty's dog? And if Uncle's Uncle and you're Aunty, is your dog Doggie or Kiddie?

Aunty Belle said...

Awww..MOI, doggie is buried under the Camellias. He were a fine stouthearted Black Lab. THE BEST. His surrogate mama ( he were a puppy when he arrived in her domain) was a mixed breed--Irish setter an springer spaniel--she was a gorgeous animal, regal, an' she too is under the Camellias. Now...we doan have no house dawg. But clan pups visit from time to time.

Moi? Slammed --deadlines have grown fangs, ya know what I mean? An' my brain is heat sludge. Grrr!

savannah said...

werks fer me, darlin! itz H-O-T outside xoxoxoxo

darkfoam said...

eh, it's okay to have nothing to say. i've had nothing to say either although i've been busy. just hang in there and look forward to cooler temps. when do they come your way? december or so? .. :-)

moi said...

Oh, I'm sorry, Aunty, I didn't know your dawg was in doggie heaven. No house dog? Somehow, I picture you with a little French Bulldoggy companion as you type away.

I hear you on the deadlines. Mine have fangs and poison darts. Two magazines to put to bed between now and mid September, one book project due end October, another magazine to bed a week after that. My favorite time of year, and I reckon I'll be spending it mostly indoors. But I'm working, and that's something to be thankful for for sure.

Pam said...

Hi Auntie! You have nothing to say because you are probably speechless on all that has happened on the political and national scale over the last week or so. I know I am. Haven't watched the debates and am trying to stay away from politics (difficult considering where I work) ... maybe it is time for a new house dawg for distraction! Meanwhile, I got to play with a certain baby yesterday and he is just an awesome little thing. And I don't think he will stay little for long. I put a few pics up on the grandboy tab on my page and hope to put up a few more soon.

chickory said...

how about show us some more old timey flarda places iffn you can git out. I always love those excursions. Dog under the camelias. how southern....*sniff*

Jenny said...

**fans Aunty**

and hands her a nice cold southern ice tea.

Have a peaceful weekend.

fishy said...

I gots one fer you, being a curious type and all. Where is yore taproot sunk? I don't mean the specifics but the how of a thing always interests me. Did you stay rooted where your family is anchored or did you move off to live amongst Uncle's people once you joined his clan by marriage? Did you and Uncle go elsewhere and set your roots separate from both families? I reckon I is always curious bout these things cause Blowfish is a damn yankee and just plain does not understand about taproots and a Southern girls need to commune with, and protect, her patch.

I reckon this is probably too nosy for the blogs. Have a good weekend and remember you is never to old to play in the sprinkler.

Debora said...

Well Aunty,
Those folks in Washington got nutthin' to say either, but they're still a-yappin' like your dearly departed old dawg useta do! Glad they're still some folks that have the sense to shut their mouth when theirs nothin' in their head!
Don't mean to gloat, but it's a sweet 70 degrees out here with a nice little breeze. Maybe you oughtta get on a plane and go someplace cool for awhile.

chickory said...

@Fishy "thats all of Tara you'll evah git"

Karl said...

Good afternoon Aunty Belle,

Don't have much to say myself. Find yourself a cool spot and enjoy your weekend!

MamaHen said...

I ain't had much to say myself lately, although that has not kept me from rambling on a bit. The thing is, no one has had much to say back to me either! lol! I don't know if it's the heat or politics or economics but people just ain't talkin' much right now. I guess everybody's got the blahs.

grins said...

Hi, back from hospital. I guess tendon stretched. No one knows how, but I walk on my head more than my feet so I'm not surprised. I think Dr may be writing it off. They put me in a black leg long fiberglass thing that doesn't let my leg bend. I can't put weight on for 6-8 weeks. It's sure boring there.Did you know they won't let hookers in the hospital? lol Oh,well got plenty of painkillers. I have to give myself shots!! Will try to clean up things now I'm back.

chickory said...

i thought i might find a visual of a stinky sea lion heah. no? darn. Haiku received and awaiting judgement at Ramans Chai.