Oh Ho!! MUST WATCH: Economy battle in rap



Well, ya know Sunday is "deal day" or "Default Day"--will congress hold the line, take away the gubmint's big blank check? Or, cave in an' give the feds a new debt ceiling--ah, no, saddle all us wif' more debt. Ever wonder who is that Keynes fella that the socialists all love to quote? Or who is this Hayek that free market capitalists insist is right?

Here's what it's all about--which plan will work?

Round Two ( but notice the winner, but who is declared winner? The one the media favor?)

Iffin' y'all ain't yet had the opportunity to read The Road TO Serfdom, F.A. Hayek's dead right book on why planned (gubmint) economies jes' cain't work. Do yoreself a HUGE favor an git aholt of this book--read it 15 years ago an still dip into it all the time--Hayek was a Nobel Prize winner. Not a difficult read.

Some good info here.


Aunty Belle said...

Somebody wuz very clever! I hate rap--DE test it.

Ah, but, let's face it--the people who need to learn about the ROAD TO SERFDOM is them who grew up wif' rap as "music".

Mebbe this will get the message through.

moi said...


Once, my niece asked me why we don't just get rid of money altogether and have the government give us what we need.

Well, there went the next hour of my life . . . I think she got it in the end, though. But that's the prevalent feeling. Scary.

Aunty Belle said...

ya scarin' me too! C'mon, kiddies, think it through!

If ya want the wool ya cain't kill the sheep.

The Phosgene Kid said...

Devil-be-damned Revenuers! Pull out of the foreign oil wars and put the money towards a prize for the first company to come up with an affordable consumer level hydrogen car.

Jenny said...

Would today be your birthday Aunty?

Aunty Belle said...

Hey Phosgene Kid,
Agreed-we has all the petrol we need right heah, an we have the talent to develop the hydro car-of a air levitation car or whatever--we CAN DO IT.

Ah, no, Sweet Thang today ain't mah b"day...did I somehow give that idea out? Aunty not born in July.

I'se comin to visit ya--how youse posted more juicy stuff.

Jenny said...

FB lies! :-)

sparringK9 said...

i loved it..the got the moves down and the up looking camera angle, thug posin and hos in the limo. allright now -all the gangsta cues. how perfect when you rapping about the biggest gangstas on EARTH. I havent watched the second one yet. they are definitely white...gotta little hitch in they flow but i loved it.

aunty, thank you for the salty margarita sucker (or is that sukka?) It was really thoughtful and a neat way to have you with us. Of course we talked about you a lot -and since i have seen uncle they wanted to know -do that man look good. Yeah, he do.

dag that rap and craka messing with my english!

I had my margarita lollipop on the plane. thank you sweet aunt. or is that ONT? grrrhahahahahaha


SophieMae said...

Just thought about you when I saw the teaser line about HO-bah-ma's latest extortionary scare tactics... make them evil Republicans do what I want or you might not get your SS check next month. Grrrrr... >:\

Reckon any Repubs up there have enough sense/gumption to stand up and speak some real truth over this?

Jenny said...

Yikes, where are my manners?

I too enjoyed a Sucker from Aunty! I'd say at about 30,000 ft.

Thank you!

Aunty Belle said...

Boxer-Babe...mebbe it ain't the FBI, but Aunty--I is known to deflect all b'day inquires. Akshully? Once ya git this old, it breaks the b'day rhythm an' any day is as good as the next.


ahahaha! din't ya think this wuz ripe? heh. An' the econ lesson? oh yeah.

I done fergit that ya' might be a leaky faucet, Pup! Shoulda warned ya to zip it--doan be tellin' folks nuthin' on Uncle! Fer Pete's sake!I'se tryin' to keep up an image now, has ya gone a spoilt all the mystery? How in tarnation is they gonna "see" Uncle as I paint him iffin' ya come along an' spill them beans? Dawg.... now ya owe me--ya' WILL be sendin' me a description of SB right?

Youse welcome fer the sucker.

Sophie Mae!

Well, Mam, mostly them Repubs has rolled over too often. Please heaven fer ONC't can we have a few *men* in Washington????


Youse welcome. It wuz that or the chocolate ants.

moi said...

Aunty, that margarita pop was very interesting. Salty on one side, sweet on the other. Thanks again for thinking of us!

SophieMae said...

fer ONC't can we have a few *men* in Washington????

Apparently not. Do they really think 'King O' cares if anybody blames him? *sigh*

Karl said...

Good afternoon Aunty Belle,

Why would it surprise you that the declared winner is the one the media backed. The media itself generates much of the fiscal irresponsibility that caused the problems. If if they didn't they wouldn't have a market. And many in the gov't believe that the media is important so they suck up too. Hard to get elected if the media is not behind you. Look at all the passes the media gives our current POTUS even for major screw up's. Of course there one of the major reasons he was elected.

The road to serfdom is on hold for me at the library. All I need now is the time to get up there and pick it up. Although I have a feeling reading it will be like preaching to the choir.

I find it funny that you want to have us retain your image of Uncle. Because we know if he wasn't a fine man, he wouldn't be with you.

Karl said...

Darn, there, they're and their. I meant they're.

Of course they're one of the major reasons he was elected.

Aunty Belle said...

better a sucker than sukka.

Sophie Mae,
No mam. he doan care. He is theah to an different task accomplished than the voters think.

yes, the media be half the trouble. Them folks have the unicorn philosophy--a beleif in an animal t hat doan exist: Perfected Man.

It's that ole time temptation to think if we'uns is all left alone by the mean prudes, left wif' plenty of toys, we'uns would play nice. So toss the moral standards an' substitute free goodies an' some noble soundin' cause (the environment, the poor, racism) so folks think they lives have meanin', an everbody will be happy.

Tain't so, but the media believe that pap.

Youse the choir, but Hayek's clarity an' logic will be very gratifyin'.

On Uncle...I ain't happy that K9
give up some classified info. mayhap that will take some time to git over.

ah, did you fergit "theah"?

SophieMae said...

Reckon the media actually believe it or...? Well, reckon they do, with those scales on their eyes. Stuff you said, I's been sayin' myownseff of late. We's b'come frivolous. Dumbed down, ignernt, frivoulous, low-class, no account bullies. With WAY too much time on our hands. Where once the masses strove to better theirownselves, their aspirations nowadays are to be on Jerry Springer. Pap! There's a euphemism if ever there was one. Law, I declare, I despair.

Aunty Belle said...

Oh, no Sophie Mae...please, let's us'uns not despair--a sin against the virtue of hope. Virtus--as in virile, as in strong. Virtues ain't pious ladylike affectations, but muscled will that does its part in the battle.

We can begin right whar' we is--talk to folks near ya, the grocery check out line, the dentist office, the church supper, the hardware store--encourage folks to push back-turn the TV off, make it socially suspect to watch CNBC, encourage local affinities, raise expectations of good manners, fair dealings wif' each other, an promote state's rights. Vote fer good governors-- strong states is the best hedge against an overreaching fed.

if less the 5% of Americans can push an agenda on the rest of us, reckon we need to git our 5% together. Sell the vision of a strong America based on strong--virtuous-- individual Americans.