Splendid Day

MCW is at Ether Capacious

Uncle hung the flag--we's especially mindful of Pappy Cracker, a living WWII veteran, as well as Uncle's Pa' who were in the Pacific with the Navy in WWII.

I watered the flora then hitched mahself to the computer--I'se starin' down a deadline an' cain't come out to play. Poor Uncle had to go rustle up some other folks to hang wif'--

Have a fine day, y'all--an'respect them what is our legitimate heroes, sung an' unsung.


fishy said...

Good Morning Glory!
Spread your joy around my heart
Mary's perfect blue


Jenny said...

What a beautiful flower. That's a blue you just can't recreate, only Mother Nature can.

Here's to our Country and everyone who has served to defend it.

Sorry you're working too, Aunty. I hope you're doing it somewhere nice... like on a front porch?

Anonymous said...

Amen on the sentiment! But you spelled splendid wrong.

Aunty Belle said...

this Heavenly Blue Mornin ' Glory were one of Granny's favorites.


ain't it an amazin' shade? Not a hint of purple. Not on porch--pretty warm today. But I is sittin' by a window in full view of hydrangeas.

eeek! Good catch. I fixed it.

moi said...

Such a pretty flower! Sorry about your deadlines; I hope you get to be an Aunty of Leisure soon . . .

chickory said...

today on Military Times I looked through the deaths for 2011. The mostly young men from little towns,mostly southern. Lots of hispanics. a few career guys in their late 30s and 40s. heartbreaking losses -all of them. just looking at their faces in their dress uniforms. it kills. Today is always a somber day. I have spent it alone the last few years. Its not really a holiday in the sense I think of them. anyway, sorry you had a deadline. I painted bulls today. it was fun.

Pam said...

Hi Auntie! Happy Memorial Day to you and your kinfolk. You have the right spirit for the holiday, definitely, and I hope you make your deadline. No haiku here but glad I stopped by to see your post.

R.Powers said...

The only good deadline is a dead one.

LaDivaCucina said...

Lest we forget, thank you to all the soldiers who've served.

sharon santoni at my french country home said...

Aunty Belle, your blog opens a door for me onto a world that is totally exotic and unknown, a surprise in every post!!