Welcome poets, doggerel fans, Master Basho, et al.

Haiku Monday is the meme started by our own Bridge Dweller, Troll.

Each week bloggers is invited to pen their own Haiku's based on the theme set by Troll or whoever be the host that week. Prizes is awarded sometimes. This week Aunty offers surprise prize that is a sign of yore times. Plus, Cracker-speak Haiku's of merit will earn a big ole bag of Pork Rinds! Cain't beat that now, can ya'? And, great esteem follows the winner... fer about 20 seconds. Most of all we's all amused an' has a fine time. Please join us.

Aunty be so pleased to have y'all post yore Haiku's in the combox heah, an' also at yore own blog wif' or wif'out visuals, as ya' please. Post until Monday at Midnight PST. Judgin' will be posted Tuesday noon-ish (EST) ( Judge will take y'all critiques under advisement.)

The theme is SIGNS--know y'all will find plenty of inspiration!

Below is some examples of signs of seasons, or comin's or goin's.

* * *

Black cap of winter
pushed skyward. Fiddleheads peek--
at emerald world.

Immobile hands lie
pale upon the sheet. Eyes trace
Dreams we'll never hear.

Hummin' that ole' tune
stirrin' collards, rose red lips-
Daddy's comin' home!

Rain streaked beggar child:
"What you give the poor is all
you take beyond death."

Yellow mist, swirling
pollen tornado. Ah-ah
ACHOO! Ah-ah CHOOooo!

Nightshades, like kudzu,
creep o'er abandoned walls. The
Gardener withdrew.


darkfoam said...

curling wafting smoke ..
noxious fumes of cigarette
stress manifested

tumultuous rain
undulating bulbs stretch high..
heralds of springtime

if i have to choose which haiku to enter in the competition, i choose the 1st or the 2nd or the 1st or the 2 .. eck .. choices ...
i'll wait for your answer, lol.

your haikus are so visual!!
i read them twice.

Anonymous said...

Very nice. It's a good thing for the competitors that you aren't eligible this week.

Atheist Proverb

Ayn said: "Watch money!"
"Barometer of virtue."
Fanny? Freddie? Sheen?

Cracker Springs

Folks round heah, do tell
Strawberry Festival Time.
Winter's done. Clockwork!

Message to Generation Yo!

Absent injury,
I call kids who slouch slouches.
Posture postulate.

Jenny said...

I'm up and here's what I have:

Gloom interrupted
Spring blinks for a moment as
life slips from the earth

Karl said...

Good evening Aunty Belle,

This is gonna be a good one. It is already.

I hope you can express to Granny, how inspiring her resilience has been.

She's one tough bird.
For this anyone can see.
I wish her Godspeed.

Here's my attempt at Cracker.

Look'n to the sky
If'n morning show'n red
Best park that ole boat.

Buzz Kill said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Buzz Kill said...

Foragin' fer food.
They wuz Deer Woods long ago.
Stompin' ground garden.

I'm not very deep this week but I'm up with a visual too.

"Rain streaked beggar child" is a really good line and the window into Granny's room was tough. I've been there.

Jenny said...

I came back to read more and "immobile hands" made me tear up. Bless you and your Momma.

fishy said...

Red lipstick is most defnitely a sign!

Loved them all Aunty. I'm away most of Monday so I have a few up now, might add some before midnight tomorry.

Godspeed to Granny. I hope she is having some firery red lipstick dreams.

Aunty Belle said...


"undulating bulbs stretch high" is very visual too. ( wow--if ya had to rhyme it, ya'd have a good excuse to use "uluating." )

No need to choose--enter as many Haiku as come to yore mind.

Why, thanky sir. I'se happy NOT bein' eligible this time so that my buddy TROLL is now very eligible--in more ways than one. Heh. AN I'se especially tickled to have yore Cracker Haiku.

An' yore third one? Amen.

BOXER-Babe Hey hey--ya have Spring on yore mind--sorry fer yore gloomy days.

AN' thanky kindly fer the blessin' fer Granny--she is a mite better today--unable to do much, but we did talk some.


Howdy--youse a dear soul to write of Granny--she is one tough bird fer shure an would take it a compliment.

An ya' give us a Cracker Haiku too? Good sailor advice--oh I can see thar's a contest shapin' up over the Cracker Haikus!! Whoo-hoo!!


heh...oh boy, Uncle will love yore Signs--Bwhahaha. Another Cracker entry--oh mah mah mha, this is sendin' a shiver up mah laig.

Glad ya liked the "rain streaked beggar child". The sayin' is paraphrased from a famous one of the S.J.s


Ho! You bet it is. Thanky fer thibkinb' on Granny--ain't no tellin' what dreams of schemes she's a havin'.

BUT--Fishy, come post your entry heah on the Porch combox-- I'll be by yore Pond directly, but please post yore Haiku heah too.

fishy said...

Porch Life:

Pork rinds a waftin'
Batiste wavin' in tha wind
Aunty is back home y'all!


Scallop shell markers
guide Campostello pilgrims
through journeys to Grace

Family Signage:

How big was I when
you measured our lives with love
marking our progress?


naso-labial etchings
mirror image oooohhhh!

Pork Rind Hollow:

Barefooted dew dance
Across St Augustine's green
Clover entwined toes

chickory said...
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Sharon Rudd said...

Awww, Aunty, how kind of you to stop by my place, invite me over, and worry about me for not having posted for a while. I'm lovin' everyone's haikus - especially those in a Cracker vein :)

As you might have gathered, I'm not much a short-form writer. But I have exhibited a "sign" of life - finally got a new blog post up tonight :)


Happy haiku-ing to all!

fishy said...


Enter the lame first
Afflicted not by stupid
nor, culture's blinders.


Hydrangea buds show
promise of coming glory
o'er her peaceful grave

chickory said...
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Aunty Belle said...


Ya's showin' signs of life? I'se a comin' to visit ya'>

chickory said...

a tabernacle
flashing neon Jesus Saves
I'm countin' on it.

chickory said...

northbound on highway
seventy five barn reminds
to See Rock City

Aunty Belle said...


Gratitude be's a good'un.


Sing it sistah! Very on point.

moi said...

Aunty, weren't you also bemoaning the fact once that you had no idea how to write haiku? Huh. Could have fooled me. Stunning stuff. As are the others posted.

I came up with two this time:

Backwoods churches urge:
"Come to Jesus." But is He
not already here?

Tales told in the dust
of how the West was won: Heads
up, then eyes to ground.

I'm also up with a visual.

Aunty Belle said...

Ruh roh.

Now, reviewin' these early entries, I has new found admiration for Troll an' all y'all who done the judgin'.

This is gonna be a tough gig. EEEeeeehhhh.

Anonymous said...

From the sidelines, we're waiting on the Burma Shave haiku.

Blowfish said...

Morning Belle,
I cudda warned ya,
but figgered you'd cotton to it soon enuff.

chickory said...

just want to say - i tried a few in craka and just didnt get it. impressed aunty that you can write in cracka no problem. but, im under time pressure right now so just doing a haiku of any kind was a deal. good luck all!

chickory said...

and forgot to say:

would you please give your granny a pat on the hand from ol chick9? i feel for all the old grannys - your mine, Karls and also the ones that have left this world

Milk River Madman said...

Going home

The Robinson Bridge
Then Alkali creek, soon mean
Entering Malta

Jenny said...

yay! Blowfish is in this week.

I also tried to write in Cracker and gave up because I have enough problems counting in regular English.

fishy said...

Sorry about the spelling error!
Here is my apology:

Mah soul wuz elevated
Mah feets was screamin'

moi said...

Does Fishy know Blowfish is out and about?

Pam said...

You speak of signs and
wonders but I’m waiting on
crumbs from your table

(Plagarism again but I'm swamped and is the bet i can do today...)

Pam said...


Aunty Belle said...


yore Haiku is grand--an' visuals, well,visual.

Uncle has read a couple of the good books on Lewis and Clark's adventures an got a minor bug bite. Then in 2009, I'se speechifying out in Wyoming, Uncle came afterward an we went up to Yallerstone fer our first ever time. Drivin' along Uncle say, "Belle, I could live up here."

I said, "No, ya couldn't, Aloysius. They ain't got oceans."

Uncle: "I think I could, Belle. Thar's a different beauty to it."


heh--why not write it yoreself?


No way...Fishy ain't corraled ya? Well, good--send me yore preferences cause this is tougher than I bargained fer.

sorry fer yore time pressure, but I ain't believin' ya cain't write cracka--seems to me it comes natural wif' yore pedigree.

I will pat Granny--and same to yore own Mama, Sugar. An' I reckon I did not knwo (or worse, forgot) that Karl's Granny ain't well. These folks is a sign of, and, to the rest of us.


Milk River Madman!

Hey hey , you. Wish I could see yore neck of the woods--evocative Haiku.

Aunty Belle said...


I reckon --jes fer B-Babe, no others--that Boxin' dialect will substitute--I mean, Can ya' write like Rocky speaks?

Did Rocky like Pork Rinds?


Ha--nice catch!
( uh...P.S. Blowfish is swmmin' under the Porch. )

what sorta baitfish should I use? I need to keep Blowfish around as the judgin' act is startin' to worry me some--


Hey Grand-Pam!! Heh. So excited about Kymmie.

I think that Trespass Haiku is pretty fittin'--I like the twist ending.

Y'all is makin' this so much fun--thanky!

Jenny said...

I thought Blowfish wrote a haiku but I see he's only being supportive.

Master Basho's Ghost said...

soon to die
but no sign of it
in cicada's chirp

(It's only 3-5-5 in barbarian foreigner language. In Japanese, it's 5-7-5)

Anonymous said...

Cracker Vs. Redneck Renga

Ankle bracelet on?
Tramp stamp of approval, Check!
Waist-down redneck girl.

If she turned around we'd see
her buckle-bunny beltline.

And then she DID turn!
Neither redneck nor Cracker.
Lindsay Lohan look!

Anonymous said...

Aunty Erudite
Literarian priestess
Pens crackerspeak wit

moi said...

Phew, Aunty, I wouldn't want to be you right now, having to decide the winner. Seems to me, though, that Blowfish might be tempted to come out if you offer food. Chicken pot pie? But leave off the Chanel or he's likely to think you're Fishy.

@Troll: man, you just described half the gals who walk into the local watering holes around here. Only they're roughnecks.

Kymical Reactions said...

Thumb, index, pinky;
American Sign Language.
Universal love.

darkfoam said...

oh, i have another one.
in the same vein as my first one.

sinuous wafting ..
smoke lingers in the cool air
cig butts litter ground

Sharon Rudd said...

I do like Anon 3:55's offering :)

Auntie, I don't envy your judgin' duties this week - goodness.

Hope you were able to stop by and check out my "signs" of life in the midst of the haiku frenzy :)


fishy said...

Oh Carp!
Mama never taught me how to switch a fish and they's a mite difficult to leash. Wear the Chanel! You'll put an end to his puff right smartly. If not, I'll call Kym. That child is smart.

darkfoam said...

ululating roars
undulating ungulates
unguligrade run

Blowfish said...

Morning to you Belle.
Judging these entries will be a difficult task. May I recommend you start with a Cafe au Lait, a beignet and a prayer? This may not lighten your challenge but it is a fine way to commence FAT Tuesday.