Buying from Bloggers


Doan know about y'all but I doan buy too much from the innerwebs: Etsy, Ebay or their clones. For one thang? I'se afeared of paypal--have heard numerous horror stories of fraud from/ on paypal.

But sometimes I does buy thangs from blogger-folk. Yes, I knows some bloggers is also on the shopper/ buyer sites. But when ya can buy directly from the blogger, I'se happier.

Here is my newest order!

Annie Beard, aka, Edifice Rex, lives in Alabama--so first thang, she is a Southern lass. Next, Annie grows a garden an' that squares jes' right wif' me. On top of that, she is a lass among the lads--yup, she works construction. AN' fer another thang, she is buildin' her own abode--gotta luv it! (Check out her garden gate!)

But if that ain't enough talent, looky what a marvelous potter Annie is--so I ordered up two pieces what came last week. They's oven, an' micro, an dishwasher safe. I still ain't put them away in a cabinet cause they's jes' too purty an' I wanna look at 'em. Doan ya love that lovely brick/ terra cotta glaze on the casserole dish?

And the farm blue pie plate? Well, I done put that to use --good use: Chicken Pot Pie. Uncle pronounced it "plum fittin'."

See Annie's Pottery heah (Click). Oh, an did ya notice ANOTHER blogger's work on the wall in the background of the first photo? Shure ya did! It's one of Chickory's famous baby chick paintings. Find her work heah (click).

What treasures has any of y'all found to buy from your blogger travels? I'd love to know whose art/crafts ya' recommend.

As fer Haiku Monday, the theme this week is SIGNS (see post below fer special opportunities). I will post the Haiku page heah on the Front Porch by Sunday 5 pm EST whar' I hope each if ya' (an' any friends ya induce to play along too) will post yore entries from Sunday 5pm EST until midnight Monday PST. Judgin' will be posted by noon Tuesday, EST.


moi said...

Very pretty pottery, especially the deep dish pie plate. S.B. loves chicken pot pie, and I just perfected the right textured crust for one, so I hope to try one out soon. Would you be willing to share your recipe?

darkfoam said...

i'm so delighted that you buy from
boggers .. :P. that just really tickles me.
i guess the only bloggers .. oops .. boggers i've purchased from is chickory and the first time i bought something i purchased it off her etsy page.
i love pottery. i've done it off and on. the pieces you have purchased are lovely. purchasing from somebody you know makes the pieces you own more special.

Jenny said...

So it's really safe to eat from? It's beautiful and I'm glad you put it to use right away. My cousin makes beautiful pottery, has her entire life and has taught for decades. She made me a wonderful coffee mug that I adore.

As for buying on the internet; I've only been burned once and it was when I sold something and received a fake payment that fooled even me. Grrrrrr.

Some of the best things I've bought were from Bloggers.

Anonymous said...

Oh mercy!

B L (oggers).

Will edit soon as I git home
From visitin' Granny.

MamaHen said...

Oh wow!! Thank you kindly Aunty for the wonderful PR!! and that chicken pot pie looks SO good!
I hope you continue to enjoy the pottery. It always makes me happy to see people actually use my work and make it part of their lives.

fishy said...

I have bought online and use PayPAl.
Once, an item I bought from Ireland, never came. The vendor credited the entire amount back via PayPal then shipped a replacement at no charge.

Last week I bought some art supplies online, 2 of the paints arrived defective, like cottage cheese instead of paint. I sent a message to the vendor via the PayPal confirmation reply and in minutes there was a PayPal credit, an apology from the vendor with immediated shipment of replacements.

So while there have been issues, they have been resolved nicely.

Yea! to Edifice Rex for her fine and ,finely functional, art.

Anonymous said...

I haven't used PayPay or it's clones. Haven't yet been burned via CC.

R.Powers said...

Annie is one amazing woman.
Pretty, strong, artistic, EXTREMELY handy in all aspects of construction, gardener, dog lover, pretty ... wait, did I say that already?

The woman rocks.

I use paypal mainly to receive payments when folks pay for an advertising link on PF.
No problems.

Chicken pot pie from scratch ... you are my heroine.

Aunty Belle said...

Morning, y'all.

I'se off on my rounds, but will be back later and post the chicken pot pie recipe.