Happy St. Valentine's Day

Lookin' fer Haiku Monday? It's HERE.

Ever write somethin' like this??

History of this heart felt day is prolly from medieval Europe. Back then "courtly love" was in full flower an not yet the province of cynics. Thar wuz a belief in England and France that on February 14th, precisely half way through the second month of the year, the birds began to go a'courtin'.

Ain't that randy ole14th centuryGeoffrey Chaucer's sayeth so in"Parliament of Foules"?

For this was on Seynt Valentynes' day
Whan every foul cometh ther to choose his mate.

Mayhap this is whar' the idea of "love-birds" come frorm, ya reckon? Now, then we can see the reason Saint Valentine's feast day ( a martyred bishop who died after sendin' love letters to his flock from prison) done come to be seen as special fer betrothed lovers,

an' a proper occasion for writin' love letters or sendin' lover's tokens of they affection. The literature from those ole timey days in 14th century France and England mention this sweet custom.

They had a good thang goin' so it wuz natural that the Roman god, Cupid ( Eros fer the Greeks), tagged along. Now, y'all know how Cupid, the son of Venus, wuz mischievous imp who thought it funny to wound hearts shootin' arrows into the hearts of mere mortals, renderin' them helpless wif' passion for the next person they happen upon --an' ya' can see how that made thangs go awry!

Here's wishin' ya a day that doan go awry, but fills yore heart wif' every manner of love--love fer yore soul mate, love fer yore chillen' an' kinfolks, yore dear friends, yore granny an' pappy... even yore dawgs an' chicks, an kitties, an ponies.

Love to all from Aunty Belle!


Unknown said...

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Jenny said...

I love that letter. Mr. Boxer and I spent our first two years apart while he went to school in California. I have a box of wonderful letters we wrote to each other and they are part of the foundation of our relationship.

Happy Valentine's Day Aunty to you and yours!

moi said...

Interesting info about the birds! The house finches in my yard are pairing up and nesting up and making such a noise about it.

I hope you and uncle enjoy a LOVE-ly day, Aunty.

Buzz Kill said...

So Valentines Day is based on love letter writing Bishop? Was he part of the Borgia family? Bwahahaha I'm looking forward to that new show on Showtime.

Happy Valentine's Day Aunty.

R.Powers said...

Happy Valentines Day, Sweet Pea.

Karl said...

Happy Valentine's Day Aunty Belle,

Hope you and Uncle enjoy your day!

Aunty Belle said...

Thanky Mr. Finnell, I will hop over fer a look-see.

heh--ain't it cute one--about 14 years ole' I reckon that kid wuz. ( no no no, that letter is not one of ours). Me an Uncle also wrote like crazy since Pappy Cracker made me do mah first year of collich away from UF an Uncle. You and Mr. B is lucky to stil l
have a TACTILE copy not jes some digital facsimile.

j'adore finches!! Let them make their merry chatter. Know ya' must have some fabulous baked goody fer SB tonight?

Heh--Borgia's, doan it make sense that they finally got their own show? heh. Happy Valentine's day!!


Thanky good sir--how is yore Mama? Know youse spoilt today wif' them cute girls of yores an' the MRS.


hey you-- and same to you and Mrs. Karl. Reckon it's too cold fer a skinny dip tonight as part of the Valentine celebration?

moi said...

You bet. I'm cooking.

Caroline said...

Cool, you and I both chose Chaucer!

Sharon Rudd said...

Lovely post, and a fine Happy Valentine's Day to you and Uncle!

Patricia Sedillo said...

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