Through the Roof

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One or two tomatoes survived our record cold temps last week. Reckon they might go to 'mater heaven after this comin' week's north wind howl. We ain't really bracin' fer it much. The orchids that still survive will come in, thas' about it.

Wait. No no...I will cover the kumkquat, ain't she purty?

Thang is, we's got so much goin' on that coddlin' plants cain't git on the schedule.

Uncle built us this house when he were little mor'n a boy chile'. Now we's old an' the house is too. Uncle done got a bee under his coon huntin' hat.

"Belle, this ole' place needs some shorin' up."

First it wuz a new roof. I left the country.

Now it is through the roof--I mean the massive live oak that pokes its trunk-size branch through the two story porch roof--needed heap o' re-workin' on account of the tree's growth.

Doan'cha know how often the neighbors stop to warn us that "iffin' that tree comes down yore house is goin' wif' it?" But we ain't the onliest ones--thar's several other folks nearby wif' trees in they houses, cause' this area simply has spectacular ole' oaks. Who could chop them beauties down?

An' the floor boards? Well some needed replacin', as did the steps, an' fer the halt and the lame who now frequent the back porch, we's added a railing--

all waitin' fer the primer to cure so we can git the whole shebang painted--mercy willin', afore Christmas. See...THIS time Uncle outfoxed me.

He done waited until time fer Santy Claus to come so he knowed I couldn't hightail it to remote city an' wait out the noise and workman at dark-thirty.

Sigh.. now the scramble is on--workin' around all this puts a crimp in my festive mood. I is please we's gettin' fixed up some, but why did it have to be NOW?

An here comes the cold...

The lovely hibiscus will take a hit, but it's against a brick wall it will jes' need prunin' come March to remove the cold-hit branches.

Ok, now I'se ranted enough. Mayhap it is outa mah system. Uncle jes' hollered in on his talkie, from the gate of the huntin' camp, "Belle, I'se comin' home wif' a sleigh full of holly, an pine boughs, an pine cones. Doan worry yore haid none, youse gonna have all the greenery ya' need fer deckin' the halls."

Can I ask y'all, does that sleigh of goodies make up fer schedulin' all this bedlam in the middle of the Christmas season? Jes' wonderin'.

A house-wise rant of another species here



Aunty Belle said...


moi said...

I suspect just about everything Uncle does is worth the headache :o)

But I'm with you on home improvement projects. S.B. sees them as fun! Challenging! Invigorating! I see them as a pain in my rear and a chance to head to a spa for a week.

I'd sure hate to chop down a tree like that myself, so can't advise you there.

Anyway, hope you can find some merriment soon!

Sharon Rudd said...

Hahahaha. Thanks for sharing pics of your place - especially that spectacular oak. I'm sure you'll be happy with the shoring up - once it's done. Have fun with your sleighful of goodies!

Big Shamu said...

As long as you two have been married, I'm guessing he hasn't outfoxed you too much but dang he got you this time. Still it had to be done.

Jenny said...

Mr. Boxer believes he in lives in condo and has never in the 26 years we've been married, ever started a project. AND, I waited until he left town last June to start the bathroom. To his credit, he knows this about himself and doesn't complain about the checks we write to the contractor.

Pine cones? Pretty ones? He better be coming home with some Holly too.

Pam said...

Can I just say that I adore that the porch is built around the tree? I totally love that idea. I have seen some atriums where trees were planted, but not a porch built to accommodate. Home improvement is a chore, but you will be glad you suffered through once it is all done. A wonderful sense of place you have there. And by that, I mean your place in the world in every sense.

sparringK9 said...

the druid God is very happy. The tree will not fall.

so. nice boughs of holly and festive greenery? I love Unca. I'll take some turkey feathers while he is at it.

i was going to chop a tree down today for my christmas decoration but its icy rain right now about to become snow. kind neat but not great for tramping through the woods. with a damn cold that is.

grrrrrrrrrrrrrr indeed!

Aunty Belle said...


Heh...ya read trail real real good, Sweet Pea. Reckon SB an' Uncle might git along purty fair.

Hey you--happy to see ya! Well, check my orphan blog to see how I'se gonna do that greenery

I wuz caught flatfooted! No kiddin', the carpenters arrived at dawn-thirty an' started hammerin'--Uncle got me good this time.

But Shamy, ya KNOW that his payback will be....let's jes' say ya can find my plotting at


Mr. B-B an' me might dance fine. I can go wif shabby in exchange fer quiet and lots o' readin' time.


how sweet! Thanky so much. An' I would not trade that tree fer 24 new ones.

K9, what is 'bout ya always huntin' fer bird parts?? Well, Pup, Uncle say, he will git 'em fer ya...but when he seen yore TSA shot, he say he might make ya come fetch 'em yoreself. Heh.

Aunty Belle said...

Havin' a very very tough mornin'....



fishy said...

Good Morning Belle,
You best fall on your knees in gratitude you has Uncle. You just don't know the trials of being hitched to a damn fool yankeeman who does not know the importance of a mighty oak.Sheeeessssshhhhhhh!

Bout the chickenwire support for all that greenery Uncle fetched? You do know to put white felt on the mantle top first to prevent all the scratching? I sure is looking forward to the pictures. Do you mix in some of those kumquats with the greenery?

It's a treat Belle, to visit the Porches and know theys still couples like you n Uncle who loves they culture, theys home, theys trees and each other. Don't be pining for no French retreat.

Karl said...

Good morning Aunty Belle,

I love your oak tree porch. I have a soft spot in my heart for unconventional housing, as you may have guessed by now.

I would've spun uncle's position a little differently. We couldn't have friends and family coming to to the place during the holidays and seeing it in disrepair. Now can we? He's really just decorating for the holidays;)

Aunty Belle said...


Got that Pot Roast goin' yet? Thanks for the Chicken wire/ felt tip.

yes, I did figger youse a mite unconventional in a good way ...an thas'; a real good spin job!