Haiku + Naughty or Nice?

Blogger ain't behavin'. Cain't edit from my page cause it wants me to sign in, but I is signed in...

That means I cain't fix the right hand option "Comment page" an' if ya click that option it takes ya to the Wikileaks post, not
this post's comments. ( to comment heah, jes' scroll down as ususal to the comment link)

Worse, I cain't comment at TROLL'S !! The comment sign-in can't "see" me cause Blogger thinks I ain't signed in....grrrr!! (see mah Haiku entry below)

Sorry -please, if any of y'all can hep me figger out the trouble, I'd be mighty grateful.

Troll's Haiku Thursday entry:

Java, Java, Joe
unapologetic fiend
blood caffeine limit

The mystery drink on Troll's Beverage Haiku is Brandy Alexander (as Pam already guessed!)

Uncharacteristically cold heah.

Working Breakfast. (I'se at warp speed)

Hope y'all is out thar merry makin'. Please tell me: Who is on your Naughty or Nice list?

That should be entertainin'!


Anonymous said...

Very nice haiku! I was in Orlando yesterday and WOW it was cold! Twas tempted to indulge in the fiendish java.

sparringK9 said...

coffee or tea bags
a jump start for old hags
i know this is true


good one aunt

Milk River Madman said...

Nice haiky AB. K9 only has 6 in the 2nd but it's good as well.

fishy said...

No java junkie
My siblings mainline the stuff
Me? A teabag hag

sparringK9 said...

dag! why did i add "a"? grrrrrrrrr

Jenny said...

"a jump start for old hags".

**raises hand**

Coffee is my drug of choice.

Happy Haiku Thursday.

moi said...

Most excellent haiku, Aunty! Caffeine is the only drug left to me and I refuse to give it up. It's cold there? It's record warm here. Dry, windy, mid '60s. No moisture in sight. Last year at this time, we'd already had over a foot of snow dump on us.

R.Powers said...

Anyone who denies me my morning coffee is naughty.
Anyone who makes it is nice.

That was not a haiku of course, just the answer to your question.

Real poems rhyme, I tried to explain this to Troll once, but he persists.

Karl said...

Good afternoon Aunty Belle,

Good one!

Some say the hook in my forefinger is from holding a coffee cup, it may be true.

FC likes his coffee
And his poetry to rhyme
Serve hot and on time

Karl said...

Aunty, regarding your problem with blogger. If you remember a while back I was having trouble. It turned out to be the cable router for my server, that was blocking. I unpluged it for 5 minutes and the problem when away. It might be worth a try.

Buzz Kill said...

"unapologetic fiend" - you got that right. It was 22 degrees here in South Jersey this morning. The java helps.

Aunty Belle said...

Eureka! blogger workin' again--problem was my fiddlin' wif the cookie set up--blogger ain't happy less he gits a heap o' cookies.

Thanky Troll--had a good time visitin' around todazy to see folks's Haiku (even though I could not post until jes' now)

K9 gerhahaha! thas' a choice one!

MRM, heh..thanky Sir.

Fishy? A tea bag hag? Thinks I prefers tea bag wag.

Boxer-Babe, BWhahahahaha!

Moi, shure hope youse in fer a mild winter--I'se in shock that in Florida on Tuesday we's expectin' 21 degrees . 21????

I can go wif' that naughty/ nice set up...and nicer still if the first mornin' cup is au lait.

Karl, ha! Very good repartee wif' FC. An; ya see above waht my computer woes were?


well now, mebbe our time done come--they report coffee is an antioxident!!

darkfoam said...

loooove the haiku...
i do love a good cup of coffee in the morning.

i wouldn't mind drinking 2 or 3 or 5 cups, but, alas,
my tummy starts acting up ..

Unknown said...

I'm speechless. (Which is weird because I like "jawboning, too.") Aunty, you have an incredible place here. Thanks for visiting me, and I will visit you now that I know about you.

Kymical Reactions said...

nice Haiku Aunty. I've not had ANY caffeine since I've been pregnant, and it's the hardest thing I've ever done. I long for it.


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