MCW: Most Overrated Movie

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Our faithful stand-in, Milk River Madman, continues to host a fun meme, Movie Clip Wednesday. Go visit his place to see what other bloggers nominated for this week's theme.

Move Clip Wednesday's theme this week is The Most Overrated Movie.

Finally, a really really easy one came to mind before I even finished readin' the theme.

200 million dollars worth of Schmaltz on 'roids. Yicky sticky sentimentality. That wuz production costs alone--enough wuz spent on promotion to rebuild Atlantis, hence the overrated medallion. And yet, the thang won 11 Academy Awards. Grossed mor'n a billion (wif' a B) bucks.

Maybe the real drama wuz the engineer-trained producer /director who screeched at everyone so shockingly during the filming, that a disgruntled crew member laced his and other's soup wif' PCP. Folks took a bounce through the emergency room before returnin' to production.

Too bad, too, since the basic premise would have made a killer movie. How does some Hollywoodenhead think that throwin' two genre's together (disaster/ romance) an' stirrin' wif PC class warfare baton equals a great movie? Oh thas'
right, it starred two of the beautiful young people that folks love to love. I does give this flick two thumbs UP fer special effects--really amazin' digital wizardry, set buildin' innovation an' the best ever crack-up on film ... an' the music is not bad. But, y'all, it is still overrated.

A prominent film critic left the screening an' wrote, "a hackneyed, completely derivative copy of old Hollywood romances." Filmmaker Robert Altman dubbed this movie, "the most dreadful piece of work I've ever seen in my entire life."

Of course, when the movie broke Box Office records, the oooh and ahhhing began--if the public is willing to fork out a billion to see it, why try to swim against the tide, right? Even if "the public" wuz every teen-aged girl on the planet an' not a few wistful "it coulda been me" sappy teen boys in their 50s.

Once disclaimer: iffin' I stepped on yore treasured favorite movie, I apologize in advance. I 'spect many of y'all will object to mah nomination...but it will at least make a good yak-fest.

Most Overrated Movie


darkfoam said...

wall, guess what? i've never seen the movie .....

Buzz Kill said...

I'm glad it was you that jinxed the madman for a change. As I told him, I kind of liked the movie. I like ships and period movies. This had plenty of both. The scenes with the ship's last moments and everyone going into the water I thought was pretty well done.

Happy MCW!

sparringK9 said...

and justin beiber is the kingpin of music money making now. funny what demographic drives the numbers. teenage girls and buzz. grrrrrrrrrherhahahhahaha. its not the worst movie ever. vanilla sky is. but it wasnt rated a masterpiece as this was. i cant argue your points. happy MCW aunty. still thinking on mine...its a target rich theme this week.

Milk River Madman said...

When it won 11, ELEVEN, Oscars I thought the apocalypse was definately upon us. Happy MCW Aunty B.

Joanna Cake said...

I rather like the movie too :)

Aunty Belle said...

save it fer yore ole' age, Puddin'--when ya will git a good laugh outa it.

Listen--I'se been really feelin' yore pain on Moi's Flight Haiku--at 6'5" leg room is a must or you'll deplane lookin' like an accordion.
I liked the crack-up boat breakin' finale...but gotta say, the clips at MRM are so indicative of the paucity of real story.


ya thawed put yet? uh-huh, teen-aged girls, and teenaged 50 year old men who all wanna go back to their yout an' say "I'm King of the world!"

MRM, amen to that! the drama is all in sopecial effects--not the characters or the story line. Great art it ain't.

Cakey-Pie!! Hey hey, you!!

I know...if ya suspend artistic criticism, parts of the movie can be sweet as cotton candy.

R.Powers said...

It sank, get over it.

My response to any,any, anything Titanic.

moi said...

I mostly hated this movie, except when we finally get to the meat of the thing—the actual sinking of the ship. Then I woke back up. I love disaster flicks and this one was first rate in that sense. But the fact that it's one of the most beloved, highest grossers of all time makes my hang me head in shame at my species's general lack of taste.

Karl said...

Good morning Aunty Belle,

Buzz is right about the scenes of the ships last moments, the fella falling and hitting the capstan was pretty good. Watching women in stays and bustles isn't a bad way to spend a a little time. But the plot was so bad and the technology misrepresented that my BS meter was pegged through most of the movie.

So good choice! And have a happy clip day.

Anonymous said...

Another blog-jynx for a flick I'd never consider watching.

Pam said...

I left a comment over on MRM's page about this movie ... it wasn't so bad the day of at the theater, but shoot me if I ever watch it on tv. Although, I do like Kate Winslet. She is sort of an anti-Hollywood glamour/glamour girl.

Jenny said...

I never saw this movie. I refused. I tried to watch about 10 minutes one time when it was on cable and I had to stop.

Big Shamu said...

I watched this movie but that's because I'm a prop geek and there's a reason why this movie costs so much to make. Historical details. I love that stuff. Unfortunately the CGI stuff gets in the way a lot of the times.

Now it's only fair that teen-aged girls get thrown a bone every once in a while (Titanic, those stupid vampire movies) since most movies are aiming for the fanboys. Really do we need any more Transformer/Saw/Stoner flicks? Since we (anyone older than 20) are not going to get any movies made for us except once in a blue moon (Julie/Julia and even then they didn't trust that we'd turn out JUST for a Julia Child only flick) might as well get used to it.