G'mornin'. How'ya feelin'? The cawfee is fresh an hot enough to matter, so sip it first.
I'se heade over to EGGY'S Brunch...please come along too, everyone wants to see ya!

The word games remain open until noon EST today. I'll post the winners tonight 9pm EST.
Haven't left an entry for the wordplay? Jes' scroll down this post an see if yore brain will fire up--love to have yore entry afore the game closes. (there may be honorable mention for late entries, but $ to timely submissions)

Well, I gotta git over to Eggy's so I can git back an tend to the New Year's Day black-eyed peas.

OH, yeah, mah GARLAND?? grrr! It's posted at Ether Capacious--click here.

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* * * * * * * * * * * * * H A P P Y * N E W * Y E A R * Y' A L L ! * * * * * * * * *

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The next wordplay game ( winner takes $50! ) is

Fill -In-the-Blanks.

The funniest entry wins--an' be sure to check back an' cast yore vote on this one--Aunty will take yore votes as the decidin' factor on this game. So grab yore next wet refreshment an sharpen yore pencil. Answer in the combox, numbered 1 thru 5. You may enter as many times as ya wish. Ready?

1. A New Year's Eve Party _____________________________ .

2. The ______________ of my ___________ is _____________.

3. Forget____________, give me ________________________ .

4. I predict_____________________________________in 2011.

5. My New Year's resolution____________because____________ .

(the other word games is still open--no winner decided yet;scroll down the post iffin' ya want to add a new entry. $50 goes to winner of EACH game as a donation to the food bank or homeless shelter in the winner's hometown, or, a donation will be made to a scholarship fund for children or spouses of disabled veterans in the winner's state.)

XOXO fer now Sweet Thangs, I has a late date but may look in at Boxer's in the wee hours of EST--see y'all thar'!

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(click icon on right fer party info)



hey all y'all! WELCOME to the Front Porch whar' some of the FUN an GAMES of BOXER's party "rooms" takes place. Doan be shy, jes' plunge right in! On the Porch ya can win $50 fer yore own local food bank (or two other local charities in the winner's hometown--see post below)

Fer now, thar's two word-oriented contests runnin' ( more to come in the hours ahead). The newest competition is to write the best Limerick.

Jes' to refresh any (no!) drink fogged brains, Limericks are five line poems meant to be funny or ironic, the rhyme scheme is AABBA. The A lines are 7-9 syllables, the B lines 5-7 syllables. Like so:

The limerick is furtive and mean

You must keep her in close quarantine

Or she sneaks to the slums

And promptly becomes

Disorderly, drunk and obscene.

It's fun an clever to make up words to fit the limerick, thus:

There once was a sculptor named Phideous

Whose sculptures by most were thought hideous

He carved Aphrodite

Without even a nightie

Which shocked all the fussy fastidious

I totally cribbed these samples : )

Extra points to the limericks that use any fellow blogger's name.

Of course, the INVENT a WORD contest continues jes' under these masked marauders.

Words ain't yore thang? Click the fashion video links at the end of the post...ooooh ooooh oooh

Next up? Hilarious Fill in the Blank word play (6pm, EST)

Hey y'all!! WELCOME ever'body!!

Iffin' ya arrived here from Boxer's FAB-u-lous NYE party, an never been to the Front Porch afore now, double welcome!! ( hope y'all fergive the Cracker -speak)

I reckon Boxer-Babe fixed ya' up at her libation station (the Vodka Fountain is up an runnin' now?) so quick! --while ya still have wits, see can ya' win a prize donation to a charity
in yore town (detailed in post below, "Let the games Begin")

First up, try yore hand at
Word Invention.


Option I: Combine the names of any two or more movie/sports/chef/design stars an' give the definition of the new word.

Example: J-Lohan: a cushioned landing when ya' gits so zonked that ya' fall on yore fanny.

Option II: Invent a word that describes familiar situation for which no specific term exists.


Someone who insists on rearranging the way you load the dishwasher suffers from
obsessive compulsive dishorder... a dishtraction .

The ubiquitous item seen everywhere until you decide to buy it, then it cannot be found:

Neverywhere… unbiquitous…fewbiquitous.

(Uncle's entry is, When a situation cannot be justified
an' things need to be equaled out, thas' a situation that ya need to "equify." Legal term; Equification)

Option III: Invent a word from the name of a famous person and use it in a sentence.


Boycott is from poor ole Mr.Charlie Boycott, a hated landlord in Ireland, whose tenants an' vendors refused to have social congress wif' him--thus to refuse acknowledgment or patronage is to Boycott.

"Unbiden" a verb that means to swear or misspeak during tense moments; "The organizers feared their candidate would unbiden at townhall meetings" (Joe Biden)

Have fun--come back to see what entries others left in the combox.

New Game will be posted noon (EST) Dec 31st.

* * *
Ladies only: As fer what I'se wearin' fer this segment of the party? Why that simple silver Dennis Basso gown that could jes' as easily be a nightgown-- @46, cause I'se too ole now fer those dear li'l sashay dresses.

But, ya know what'd be real funny? Wait til folks is under the influence then come out in something Galliano an' shake people to their socks--what is with all
them headdresses??


BlazngScarlet said...

Hells bells Aunty!
I've already been drinking ... I can't make no words!
Does it count that i've had eleventeen drinks?!

I'll be back!

Aunty Belle said...

Aw, Red Lady, all them drinks mean is that yore word play will be very funny!

hayward said...

Happy New Year!! Here's two..

Elizabeth Taylor Swift - the creation of awkward award show moments.


Lauren Bacaulay Culkin: to shop at Tuesday Morning’s for a container to hold your pot.

hayward said...

Well I suppose Taylor Swift is technically not a movie star. Oh I need a beverage.

darkfoam said...

i'm in a serious coffeinatedless mood here. guess i'll just have to get up and make my own cuppajoe ...
tsk ...

and, ya know ..
i've had some rather nice snowerly days just recently.

agh ..
where's the coffee?

Anonymous said...

Jebabel: When you're far more competent than your older brother but he does something that prevents you from fulfulling your potential.

I.E. Getting elected President first. Killing you because the Lord prefered your offering.

Anonymous said...

Outbacked and Citrusized. Synonyms that represent what happens when the Mighty Gators only win 7 or 8 games and get relegated to a "Bowl Trip" 50 miles away from Gainesville/Hogtown.

Strongly related to the terms "Meyered" and "Zooked". The only known way to prevent this is Spurrierization.

Aunty Belle said...

Hayward, Howdy do!

Welcome aboard this Flingding that Boxer is hostin'.
snickered at yore entry, Lauren Bacaulay Culkin.


Sugar Pie, spike that cafe au lait this mornin' wif a touch of brandy. Then git on back here fer some wordplay--BTW, youse gonna have a fine time gettin' to know Boxer-Babe. ( likes yore shoes!)


Jebabel? Ha! Thas' a killer entry--dead on, Brother Troll. Ya reckon anybody other than Floridians unnerstan the situation?

The Hawgtown boys let us down this year--they earned their Zooked/Outbacked/ Meyered appelation. Youse a clevah Troll.

darkfoam said...

ohhhh, good idea!
i just spiked my coffee with some bushmills. not bad, not bad, although mr foam did raise his eyebrows. but he should talk, eh?
so i reckon now i'm having a bushed cafe au lait.
i can't get with the word play. but i do have a limerick ready. when ya posting that game?

Aunty Belle said...

Foamy, the Limericks commence at noon today, EST.

Really diggin' yore zapatos--did ya click the link to the fashion video in the post? The Ladies Only part at the bottom of the post? GO grab ya one of them headdresses to go wif' yore shoes...HOWL!

The Mistress said...

This is my first visit to Pork Rind Hollow.

Oh Hai Hayward!

I've been looking all night for Boxer's vodka fountain but can't find it.

moi said...

Poor Foam, roaming the innernets in those fabulous shoes, but no coffee in sight! Keep at it, though; someone will come through!

Here are mine:

Liablize: Taking a wild guess as to what another person is likely to do in a given situation.

Raisinators: A social group devoted to the fine art of creating monster trucks.

Fuzzled: A cashmere sweater that is piled beyond repair.

BlazngScarlet said...

As a former Floridian, I totally LOVE THAT!

Either way, they're both FUTZ (f'n putz ... sorry about the cussin' Aunty)

chickory said...

damn that dennis basso gown wont load

i hate ATT my internet sucks bad. real bad. always slow and often out all together.

ive got a rhodesian ridgeback malfunction over here -but i will be back with some wordsmithing for ya.


chickory said...

okay -quickly -some movie mash ups

Lion King Kong: a giant ape crushes the circle of life.

A Time to Kill a Mockingbird: pitiful Grishman made for tv movie that ruins the memory of harper lees classic

Fade to Black Swan: a movie theatre projectionist goes on a killing rampage after viewing current hit movie

Apocalypse Now Voyager: bette davis dies on the mekong river in cambodia after a bad acid trip

The Godfather of the Bride: a mafia don disappears incompetent wedding planners and saves his daughters wedding

American Beauty and the Beast: dystopic suburban life crashes hard into a disney cartoon with disasterous results.

Jenny said...

I'm working on my word mash up and now off to look at the dress. I'm running out for provisions and will be back soon.

I love this game!

Love the pictures too.

Aunty Belle said...

MJ! Why howdy do!! Welcome aboard. Thar's a coffee Urn over thar--spike it wif/ some brandy iffin' that suits ya.


"liablize" ho!! Very useful invent-a-word entry. Thas' a keeper.
Save me some of them shrimp an chickpea thangs.

Oh, an did ya click the link to the runways? Oh babeeeeee, how about an iridescent silver snakeskin bustier atop silvery silk organza short swishy skirt?
Cravin' a chinchilla short swing? check it out, Moi--ya woan be disappointed.


It's mornin' an the birds is a signin'...leave me a word or two that ya thunk up--an YES! Troll's "Jebabel" is killer--but again, ya knows that cause youse a Florida gal.


Noooooo! Ya gotta see this runway line up--the dress at 57? I wore that --no kiddin'--wore that thang in Nineteen an Eghty-five. Only it were in black. Granny done give me that li'l number.

Ya ain't so old I wouldn't put ya right in that li'l job at 126.
Ya liked Bluemarine cause they's wearable? Basso too--real women can wear this stuff. Uh, well...does their breath a live woman in flesh that can wear the tissue thin jobby-do at 107??
Elegant evening @ 137.

Sharon Rudd said...

Good morning and happy New Year, Aunty! I see you're celebrating in fine style! I'm up with a bit of word play myself, and I'll be back with an appetizer later today and brunch tomorrow, so stop on by.


Karl said...

Happy New Year Aunty Belle!

I'm gonna have to work on this and come back.

moi said...

"Lion King Kong" bwahahahahahah!

Okay, off to see if I can get the fashions to load . . .

moi said...

Wow. That first dress with the snakeskin bodice? I think I have to go lie down now. I love the watercolor floral print for the last couple gowns, too.

LaDivaCucina said...

Happy New Year, Aunty! Wishing you and Uncle a peace filled year full of prosperity and promise! (Now say that fast 10 times after a glass or two of prosecco!) Will be by tomorrow to play games, time to cook too. (Enjoy the black eyed peas!)

darkfoam said...


here's my lim'rick ..

and i choose not to use fellow bloggers names .. you'll understand why.

Now way down in old hot Savannah
Anna gripped an aged banana .. :)
Quite limp and soft to her touch
She jerked it with mighty clutch
It stiffened and Bill yelled Hosanna!

I did go and check out your dress and headgear links .. whoa!

Aunty Belle said...


I'm comin', I'm comin'....soon as I finish the @#$%^%$%^&*+ garland thang, moan.

LION KING KONG?? ROARin' hilarous, Chick9!! ya made me spill mah Orangina all over the buggy barn--whar I'se wrastlin' the glue gun. Blasted artistes.


MORE provisions?? Thas' a thirsty crowd. C'mon back wif yore limericks!!

Karl!! Youse dressed for the affair! Luvin' that. The Mrs. luv it too, I reckon--an anyway, black fins go perfectly wif a tux, doan ya think? Please come back wif' some of yore witty wording.

Moi, Cherie,

oh I know I know--jes' knowed you'd swoon over that silvery frock. To Die For.

But now? Gimme some words, BABY!! this is a contest --feed the hungry in yore town?

Aunty Belle said...

Foamy!! ROFLOL!!

Thas' very very limericky indeed. Southern wimmen knows a thang or two.

Now...snickering as I go--am off to tend mah peas, an (grits teeth) make a garland. Back afore dark.

Entertain us folks!

Anonymous said...

Aunt Belle, a redneck. I refute that.

For one thing, she hits what she shoots at.

She's a nice Cracker lady.

And not a bit shady,

Like dem Cajuns who always ask "Whodat?".

This limerick was inspired by a classic Aunty post where she tells us the difference between a cracker and a redneck. That one's worthy of a re-post, btw.

One of the differences involved Crackers versus Rednecks as gun-owners.

Sharon Rudd said...

What a fine fete you've got going on here, Aunty! My appetizer for the New Year's bash is up, and I just put the finishing touches on my brunch post, which will be up tomorrow morning at 8:00 a.m., although I will not :)

Now I gotta dash and get ready to head to the river. Happy New Year to all! Cajun food and music are on the agenda for my non-virtual holiday festivities, but I'll try to make it around to see what everyone's up to.

fishy said...

Oh Bother.
I think I am late for this oh so very fun date!!!!!

Trying to catch up here:

Fill In the Blank:
I always wear scarlet on NYE.
I listen to Lady In Red @ midnight

Composed word:
Uncle Ugly lies out yonder in the

Limerick/Blogger Persona
There is a fine Aunty from Natchez
Her batiste is always in patches
When she was asked why?
She replied wifa sigh,
'Cause when I itches, I scratches!

( limerick adapted )

fishy said...

Love, love, love the Hollywood elegant long black gown with the rosey suspenders covering the essentials. I'll take one in red.

Blowfish calls my padded foot winter tights, "Sockings"

Boxer our dog decorating host
Encourages competitive posts
Her motives are clear
A profitable new year
For charities coast to coast

Aunty Belle said...

Not too late Fishy!! But mebbe too early fer the Fill in the Blank--that wuz jes' the sample. The real fill in the blank comes tonight. Please c'mon back!

Meanwhile the vodka fountain flows at Boxer's, Moi is featurin' a Catalan feast (oh yes!), Troll has a bootle of beer game ya cannot win since MOI is already the winner I think...Karl has cawfee an' wit, Chickory is leadin' an art class (i'se failing that!) an showin' off her new camera, and Eggy has a Brunch brewin' fer the mornin' an a host of other folks is partying through the night--so HANG on fISHY, AN GO CHECK THANGS OUT.

Aunty Belle said...

oh! An' Fishy? Great limericks,even them thas' adapapted.

I heart that gown too, but really prefer the uneven hemline long black gown--sigh.

moi said...

When getting dressed for her New Year's Eve party
Aunty found herself in a terrible quandary.
Choose the sequined Basso?
The velvet Galliano?
Or, heck with it, just wear the jammies?

LaDivaCucina said...

Still waiting for hubby to get home, want to get to the beach before the sun goes down! So here I am again and I've been struggling to think of a good limerick! I can't think of one word that rhymes with Aunty. Well, shanty. But shanty and Aunty DEFINITELY DO NOT BELONG in a sentence together!

Think I'll take off now....c u at Boxers in a bit!

fishy said...

I sometimes speak too rapidly and thus invent new words.
Sometimes I keep them, like


is my word for " optimal output"

Aunty Belle said...

GReat fun wif' these limericks!! But now--ya doan HAVE to use Aunty's name--any blogger is fine--one that rhymes wif' the word ya need?

Fill in the Blanks coming soon--funniest entry wins the $50 for their home town charity--an the Invent a Word is still open too.
(good one Fishy!)

chickory said...

obsiquilous: best brown noser ever

flabulous: dressed fancy on dec. 31st before diet

snoutrage: the snort heard around the world

monsanta: you dont want his gifts

fishy said...

Footpie - a vocal misstep

Junkman - TSA inspector

Frusperated -
frustrated x exasperated

Snarted - blowing from both ends

Jenny said...

Aunty! I made a garland and it was fun but sooooo not easy. I actually had to deconstruct a garland Chickie gave me a few years ago. Is that cheating?

I came by to wish you and Uncle a very Happy New Year and to say....

I think you are one helluva woman.

Here's to a wonderful 2011!!

chickory said...

LOL fishy!

fishy said...

Michelle the First Lady Slacker
Rides the smiling poll taking tracker
"For Dumbama!" she claims
While gripping the reins
No wonder the media all back her

Sharon Rudd said...

Hopin' your enjoyin' your late date, Aunty. I'm sure you'll be stunning in whatever you wear.

Me, I'm just happy to be back "home" on the river in my jammies.

See you for brunch in the a.m., whenever you're ready to stumble on by :)

fishy said...

It's now the year 2011
May your clan folk, Granny, you and Uncle have a joy blessed year.
I reckon I best do fill in the blanks when my brain returns. I think it retired an hour ago :-)

Aunty Belle said...

Good night, all. Hope yore evenin' wuz all ya hoped it would be.

I did get > mah pitiful garland pictures posted at Ether Capacious.

The games remain open til noon today, Jan 1 2011. leave me a limerick or fill in the blanks answers--still time to win some cash fer yore own local food bank.

Sweet dreams.

fishy said...

Fill In The Blanks:

1) Roasting

2) Subject

3) Heff, the wild insurance rocker
Karl! Our deep sea adventurer

4) More toasting than roasting

5) Travel the planet
We transit by net

darkfoam said...

wait fer meeee!

fishy said...

Blessings on yer MMXIE .
I's settling in to sip a Mimosa wif the Rose Parade and see the unveiling of the newest HGTV Dream Home. I might not make it by again afore you close this here holiday game down but I have one more limerick for ya.

Top Eggy's brunch looks tres yummy
Really teasing this virtual tummy
With culinary feats galore,
And new drinkies to explore?
Woe that I'm home with my Honey !

Iffen you haven't stopped in at Eggy's Brunch best do it quick afore all the goodies is gone.

Jenny said...

I love your Garland Aunty. Nicely done. xoxox

moi said...

A fine, fine job, Aunty, entertaining us with these word games. My entry for your last game is below. Pardon my lateness; too much wine with dinner last night.

1. A New Year's Eve Party is a good excuse to buy a new pair of shoes.

2. The dog of my heart is Ivan.

3. Forget Paris, give me Istanbul.

4. I predict a more productive garden in 2011.

5. My New Year's resolution is to run the Valles Caldera Marathon in less than 6 hours and a non-trail marathon in under 5 hours. Because this girl's just gotta go run.

It's been an honor and a pleasure having you as a blog buddy, Aunty, and I wish you and Uncle nothing but the best in the New Year!

LaDivaCucina said...

Morning, Aunty! Just stoppin' by for a quick cup of joe and then head on over to Eggy's! Mighty gracious of you to have the pot on for us! Thanks!

Oh. Another word game. I'm SO GOOD at this stuff but not when I can't think! haha!

1. can suck or be grand, it's always a crap shoot.
2. bane of my existence is cheap booze.
3. Forget what Coco said, I still love you.
4. I predict the return of talent in 2011.
5.My New Year's Resolution is to meet my wonderful blogging buddies. (not so funny as brown nosing, but true!)

thanks for hosting, Aunty, going to round up the rest!