It's a New Day

Didn't Boxer host an amazizn' event? Thanky Boxer-Babe an all yore co-host bloggers fer such a fun runout of 2010.

Enjoy the first day of the New Year, y'all. Uncle an me is in lazy mode--we filled the bird feeders, I swept up the clippin's from garland making--ahem!--an the black-eyed peas an ham hocks is simmerin'.

Jes' wanna tell y'all how much fun youse given me this year, the fun of gettin' to know wunnerful people from parts far flung. I'se said a little prayer that each of ya have a blessed year, filled wif contentment an' good health.

* * *

I'll post the wordplay winners at 9 pm tonight.


Buzz Kill said...

Happy New Year Aunty! I tried to get to as many people's places as I could in the short amount of time that I had. I liked your word play activities, I just didn't have the time to do them justice. Who knew Boxer would have that kind of turnout for what has to be the biggest virtual party I ever saw.

I'm liking the ham hocks and blackeyed peas. I have a leftover ham bone from the spiral ham we had last night that I hope to turn into Navy Bean Soup.

Again, Happy New Years to you and Uncle.

fishy said...

Garland designing wif Chickory Requires agile glue gunnin' trickery,
Aunty done gone all flustered
Creatin' sumthin, well clustered
That Deer looks stoic as Hickory

Sharon Rudd said...

And a fine happy new year to you, Aunty! I'm lovin' your black-eyed peas. We're going the German route here with pork chops, brats and metts in saurkraut :)

Enjoy your lazy day, and best wishes for a fine 2011!

darkfoam said...

happy new year! your dish looks great. i have a pot like that too. my mother purchased it in germany yeaaaaars ago (decades ago, really). i like those pots. it's a bit of a different philosophy in serving food. you make pots pretty enough to put on the table.
we started the new year with french toast and sausage.
right now i'm cooking a stew with beef, sweet potatoes and blackeyed peas. enjoy your day! i'll be back later.

moi said...

Mmmmm . . . our amuse buche for last night's dinner was perfectly seasoned black eyed peas and mustard greens. I could have easily eaten an entire bowl of the stuff, and darn the other courses!

BTW, drop by when you get a chance. You're a winner . . .

Jenny said...

I'm making bread pudding for Mr. Boxer as a "thank you" for the last two days. But I'm sure he'd take some of your ham hocks and blackeyed peas. One thing I resolve to do of this year is making soup and black eyed peas are just so pretty.

Thank you Aunty for Co-Hosting the Game Room (different than Troll's fabulous Video game room.) I dubbed your blog, " The High IQ Blog" ahahaahaha. Probably why I didn't have much to contribute.

When you're finished cooking, can you come by? I have a video up.