Let the Games Begin!

The Blogger New Year's Bash Begins!

C'mon in, Y'all!

Jes' a few hours( 12 a.m.EST) from now all y'all is invited to the Blogger New Year's Eve celebration. It all begins at Boxer's, where every comment left is a 50 cent donation to charity. From Boxer's blog, guests fan out all up an down the Blogger Block party, visiting other's blogs an' enjoyin' the hilarity.

Youse gonna find virtual food an' drink, fashion, lots of silly games, mebbe even romance. Make the rounds--make new blogger pals!

Heah at the Front Porch part of the fun an' games is games to stretch your word wizardry an' games of blogger intrigue. Prizes go to the
funniest or the most accurate entries (see prize awards below) Entries wif' puns git extry points.

Some SAMPLE teasers:


"I always wear________________ on New Year's Eve."

"The song I associate with Midnight on New Year's Eve is_____________"


A limerick is a five line poem with the rhyming scheme of AABBA

Limericks are funny or ironic. They can feature hyperbole, onomatopoeia, and puns. The final line should be the surprise thought or punchline. Even Shakespeare had fun with limericks.

There was an Old Man with a beard,
Who said, 'It is just as I feared!
Two Owls and a Hen,
Four Larks and a Wren,
Have all built their nests in my beard!

The rhythm is 7-10 syllables in the A lines (1,2,5th lines) an' 5-7 syllables in the B lines (3, 4th lines)

(yes, ya' can write yore limerick(s) now while ya's still sober--then submit when the party is officially ready to open the doors!)


Invent a word for them thangs that ya see everywhar'--they's ubiquitous when you aren’t looking for them-- BUT,when ya need them, ya cain't find nary a one!

Example answers: Neverywhere… unbiquitous… ubiquitless… fewbiquitous… omniabsent… omnevanescent… ameniteases… elusiversal…


Who is SHE? 1) Blazing Scarlet 2) Heff 3) Chickory

These is a jes'a sample of the games to come--sharpen yore wits, Sweet Thangs.

Prizes awarded in each category to the winners will be $50 donations made in their names to one of the three following charities:

1.) The local food bank in the winner's home town
2.) Scholarship fund for children/spouses of disabled veterans
3) Local Homeless Shelter (winner's home town)

All the above is samples--I'll be back tonight wif the first real contest.


Jenny said...

Oh Aunty, you've done a wonderful job of getting your place ready for tomorrow. Although it appears our wonderful group of Bloggers have already opened their doors. Weeeeee!!!

I'll be back to play some games and I love your charities.

For now, I need to go find myself a nice mask to wear to your Ball.


Buzz Kill said...

"Who is SHE? 2) Heff" Bwahahaha
This should be fun.

Don Henley said...

What kind of love have you got.
You should be home but you're not.
A room full of noise
And dangerous boys
Still makes you thirsty and hot.

I heard about you and that man.
But there's One thing I don't understand.
You said he's a liar
and he put out your fire.
How come you still got his gun in your hand?

Anonymous said...

Aunty Belle, a redneck? I refute that.

For one thing, she hits what she shoots at.

She's a sweet Cracker Lady.

And not a bit shady

Like dem Cajuns who always ask: "Whodat?".

moi said...

Most excellent, Aunty! This is going to be some major fun.

darkfoam said...

oh, wow!!
i'm gonna have to put on my thinking cap!

Karl said...

Good evening Aunty Belle,

The answers to the fill in the blanks are easy 1. A smile 2.one of my favorite tunes

Sharon Rudd said...

Oh, Aunty, this will be a ball! And you know I'm lovin' that #1 option on your charity list!

I've got a little pre-party post up if you're in the mood for something sweet tonight at 10:00. And I'm aiming to get something else up tonight, plus I hope you'll all stop back by my place Saturday morning for New Year's brunch.

And I must say, Karl's spinning some fine party tunes across the blogosphere :)

fishy said...

Oh this will be fun !
Did I miss the start of the party?
Am I late for this date??????
My catching up is below.

Fill in the Blank:
Lady In Red

Composed Word:
Uncle Ugly lies out yonder in the "GRAVARY"

There is a fine Aunty from Natchez
Whose batiste is always in patches
When she were asked why?
She replied wif a sigh,
When Ah itches, Ah scratches!

( Note: kinda like the semi homemade show on food network.
This limerick is semi-original)

SHE is the chicken nanny,
not to me confused with a hootinannie

Pam said...

Oooh, I'm gonna have to sharpen up to play along, I can tell! I know we have several of those celebrity-inspired-isms, but dang if I can recall a one right now! Better get my thinking cap on. We do have plans for later so hope I don't miss the action!