Like Yores Large or Small?

Whether ya likes yore New Year's Eve in a crowd or an intimate tete for two, the Blogger New Year's Eve Gala is on!! (see post below for info)

Be There!!


Big Shamu said...

Intimate darlin', hopefully with a roaring fire and a lobster dinner. THAT's my kinda NYE festivities.

Lt. Colonel Maximum Damage said...

hey lady. whats that noise? its coming from the attic.....


Squirrel said...

chomp chomp chomp.

Aunty Belle said...

Forget it nut eater--youse toast!

Aunty Belle said...

There was a young woman in pearls,
who preferred to dine on squirrels;
When she'd eaten eighteen,
SHE turned perfectly green,
Rodent rehash fouled her curls