Pearl Harbor

Ain't no words need be said here, other than we all need to thank the men an' wimmen who made it possible fer us to lead the lives of relative peace an' safety we take fer granted each day.

Could we all do something today that commemorates/ preserves our freedom? Write a letter, pray for our military, donate to the Veteran's groups, visit a Vet in a VA hospital, thank a soldier, teach a youngster about freedom as worth fighting for...somethin'.

Iffin' ya' ain't yet read the BACK PORCH post, I'd be obliged iffin' ya went thar fer a short visit of remembrance.


Buzz Kill said...

I just read where there are less than 3,000 Pearl Harbor survivors left (out of 60,000). If the next generation doesn't remember...who will?

Pam said...

The lady I replaced in my current job ran off with a PH survivor from the USS Oklahoma. And she's 75+. They are living in sin in Arizona or sumthin'. I say, power to them!

Jenny said...

amen, Aunty.