Mountain Entertainment

It were spectacular weather to journey through storybook mountain villages...

Along the mountain roadsides, at the local "home style" cafes, at the village markets, the fall festivals, an tracing the back country lanes, thar's plenty of thangs to amuse y'all's ole Aunty Belle.

Come fer a ride...

This red truck was haulin' apples, fresh picked....

Did'ja catch that bumpersticker? Heah's a closer look:

Meanwhile, Ma in her kerchief proudly displays her own non-unionized non gubmintized non-bailed out handi-work:

A craft fair cum flea market turned up all kinda goodies

I seen mor'n a few decorated fire pits fer sale, but din't manage to be persuaded to drag one home--an' now regret it!

basket art

yarn dolls

the whittler was unfazed by me peerin' over his shoulder.

while he turned out charmers like this heah troll-gnome:

But whas' a country gatherin' wif'out BBQ?

folks who lined up fer the BBQ is jes' plain spoken folks whose philosophy adorns their buggies:

all good thangs eventually comes to an end.


Jenny said...

Welcome Home Aunty. Those leaves are an amazing color. You timed your trip into the mountains perfectly. I love going to old cemetaries, I'm not sure why, but reading the headstones is like a small history lesson.

the bumper stickers made me spit out my coffee. Not something you see often up here in the Tree-Hugging-Prius-Driving PNW. Ha!

Pam said...

Glad you enjoyed your trip through the mountains and the weather cooperated. This is a fave time of year for sure. All the hard work of the year coming to fruition. We see lots of those types of bumper stickers here. Lots.

sparringK9 said...

grrrrrrrherhahahaha~ you can smell our butts a mile away? i loved that. did you buy any of that food? be careful make sure the top isnt popped up. I think Boxer's right. Id never have a sticker like those. some obama nut would key my beloved Silk. glad youre home safe and sound, AUnty

darkfoam said...

there are just so many wonderful fall festivals in the south .. especially in the mountains. these are wonderful photos and i'm glad you got to be out and about ..

Sharon Rudd said...

What a lovely trip! Those homemade canned goods look most tempting. Thanks for taking us along on the ride!

Caroline said...

You must have been channeling mountain scenery and fall goodies to me. We were in the Adirondacks last week visiting family and my camera found some of the same things yours did, small world.
It means winter is coming, but Ma Nature sure puts on a show to make up for it. See blog.

Aunty Belle said...

Boxer Babe!

SO happy to see ya' out an' about--hoooRAY!

I does love ole cemeteries too. Thar's a wee place in NC whar' I always go visit the hidden cemetery 'cause the epitaphs is priceless:

"Mama: She did the best she could."

"Here lies Lewis Timmon, he loved the dogs and pet the the women."

"Now I lay me down my bones,
shovel the dirt and lay the stones"

"Next time I say I'm sick, believe it."

"Tha-tha-tha-that's all folks"


let's start a bumpersticker of the week meme--hee hee. No kiddin' though, tonight I heard on the radio that a man whose red truck features a sticker that says "God gave WE THE PEOPLE this land. Vote for a a Patriot" was forced to leave the area's most tony mall. The claim of mall security was that he violated a no solicitin' policy.


Dawwwg, I'se pleased youse resurrected. Heh--I never got a taste of that BBQ--reckon I will have to go back soon.


Heh--Fall is the dearest time of year. Ain't given to sentimentality, but come Fall? Well I can get all soft and teary at jes' how lovely this ole world is. How is ya Sweet Chile?


Hi hi! Oh lemme tell ya! I seen some luscious food--sweet potato pie, fried apple pies, pickled everthang, creamed corn,--but I does draw the line at fried oreos--admit that one made mah gills green.


Hey you! Happy ter see ya again. I hopped over to see yore own pics--got such a good laugh from that monetary policy in a time of institutionalized theft. Yore photos of Northern NY is gorgeous.

R.Powers said...

Me too! I loved the "smell our butts" slogan.

I am really craving bbq right now.
And apples.
But not okra.
Glad your trip was so nice!

Karl said...

Good morning Aunty Belle,

Sure looks like it was a fun trip.

moi said...

That first photo looks mighty familiar :o). Glad you had a good time and are home safe and sound. That fire pit is very cool. I have buyer's remorse all the time, but in the opposite direction. "Wish I had bought it . . ." is a near constant refrain in my life. If it weren't, though, I'd be on the Obama Dole and we can't have that.

Mike said...

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