Farmer's Fare

It wuz a delicious mornin' Saturday.

Uncle were down to the huntin' camp fer the openin' of Black Powder season, an Aunty took herself off to the local Farmer's Market.

The li'l town is proud of its heritage, an' one of it's early benefactors lived on an estate whar' peacocks was allowed to roam free. They commemorate that bit o' town trivia this-away:

The first thang I come to wuz the tent of the shelled pea an' bean folks. Every year it is like a treasure hunt to see can' I git mah hands on some acre peas fer Thanksgivin'.

NOT Crowder peas, but them itty bitty acre peas (or some say, "field peas".) Well. Who woulda ever thunk these old timey, poor southern folks' food would go international jet set? Only a Saudi sheik or the Russian mafia could afford 'em -- I mean, people, gracious and mercy on mah soul, but these peas is good as bribes. The lottery could pay out in these peas they's so pricey. Mor'n Kobe beef per pound! All I can say is, Uncle may have peas fer Thanksgivin' but we might have to give up the turkey!

What is the weekend before All Hallows Eve wif'out a stand of pumpkins? I always choose ones wif' good stems an' some smart farmer knows that:

Next along the row of produce was this sun dappled table of cherry colored radishes. I ain't a big fan of radishes, but their beauty alone would tempt an unknowing palate. Who of y'all is a radish fan? I buys 'em but uses them jes' fer a pretty arrangement in the kitchen.

if y'all think these globes look jes' peachy--heh. Mebbe. But I'se suspicious since they claim these thangs is from--wait fer it--IDAHO??

How can peaches be from Idaho? Reckon they's geographically modified.

I passed right on by...to visit wif' the herb lady. She's a odd one fer me to have such an affinity fer--her is liberal as the worst of 'em, her polly ticks leans out over the edge, but she is a dear soul anyhoo. Aging rebel but wif' no hippie taint. Jes' stubborn rebel who done give a chance to a passel of hippies over the years--then she found some was growin' their own crop in on her land. Yep.

Still, she sets up her herbs an we's always happy to meet and greet.

I save the flowers fer last. What's food wif' out a flowers??

Hope all y'all had a great weekend.


R.Powers said...

Radishes? Blechhh!!

Big Shamu said...

What are these Field/Beluga Peas of which you speak?

LOVE radishes. A little salt, a little pepper, eaten raw with a nice spicy bite.

Now are you saying if my views on life might coincide with the herb lady's, we might not get along? I mean I could understand if you had hard feelings if I dissed your biscuits but being a good half Southern Girl, I know better.

Sharon Rudd said...

I'll stay out of polly ticks, but I'd be more than happy to sample the fare from that market. I'm with you on how pretty radishes are, and with Shamy that I like to eat them too. Watch the salt on 'em, now, Shamy.

Aunty Belle said...

Amen, brother.

...hee hee/Beluga peas! tHAS' RIPE.

No, oh no--as I said, I LIKE herb lady, despite her 145 degree leftward lean...she's funny, an' clever. Somehow, Shamy, I reckon we'uns would git along famously.

Aunty Belle said...


Hey hey! Now, like wif' Shamu, I does have plenty of friends whose polly ticks I doan share, but a good heart is a good heart.

Ya like radishes? I oughta revisit them --next year.

Pam said...

Wish you had got a pic of the Herb Lady! I've had enough pollytics for awhile. Ready for next week's elections to be done with!

fishy said...

Ifffen they sold any of them peacocky drain covers, I would stand in line to buy one. It would make a beautiful stepping stone on my path or a fab tabletop alongside the garden bench. Sigh.

I loves me some acre peas. The big surprise here is Blowfish, a NYC yankeeman, really loves these and collard greens too. My local market was out of 'em last time I was by, maybe this week they said...

Them radishes are a picture. I don't favor 'em too much , but like Shammy, Blowfish cuts 'em in half and presses each half into a pile of salt before popping them into his smiley face.

Do those blue flowers grow through the Winter in your parts? Thay sure are pretty. We don't have too many blue flowers here, but we do have some fine pink daisys blooming.

Karl said...

Good evening Aunty Belle,

That manhole cover is a work of art. We have cast iron and spray paint, "Chesapeake Bay drainage dont dump" although it's so sad, the point still has to be made.

Radishes thin sliced and lightly peppered, very tasty. We just started harvesting white radishes, they're on the menu for this evening.

moi said...

I love radishes! And I'm curious about the peas you mention as well. I never figured peas for being precious.