LUST ( but not that kind)

I'se headed up the road a piece.

The Appalachians is about to catch on fall fire, an' it is not to be missed.

I could be back--never shure, ya' know.

ordinary lust is so....ordinary.

Wanderlust woos the heart.

If y'all wuz to go a wanderin' whar' would ya' wander? What sort of road is callin' yore name?


Aunty Belle said...

I might git a chance to look in on folks as I travel. Might.

Have a grand week (end).

Pam said...

That cobblestone street is calling my name. But basically anywhere of these beautiful pics you posted. Enjoy your trip!

Aunty Belle said...


Big Shamu said...

The whole country calls to me. I'd love to take a year and just drive, stop, photograph and kidnap people's kitchens along the way.

Buzz Kill said...

Me? I like the bridges and tunnels. And when they work with nature...they're at their best. I think there are some potential wallpapers in here. Safe trip.

Big Shamu said...

Make a left at Virginia and come visit me. We'll make Grand Rounds at all the BBQ joints in KC.

R.Powers said...

Pretty much every road, now that I have Raptor Red.
Safe travels!!

Jenny said...

Bon Voyage Aunty! Have a wonderful trip and I hope the leaves are fabulous.

I'd take my car and drive down the Oregon Coast. This time of year it's not full of tourists and the views are amazing.

If you do post, post pictures of leaves!

moi said...

I'm curious about just about everywhere, and would even go back to a few places I've been to, done that. If I had my wish granted tomorrow, though, I'd ask for time enough to run the Appalachian Trail. And then I'd head up to NYC for a week to shop, museum hop, and eat.

Wherever it is that you're going, I hope you enjoy and report back, with photos!

Karl said...

Aunty Belle,

At this time of year skyline drive is such a wonderful site. Since you're heading this way, I'm sure you know.

Most of the roads that call my name are fluid. Steer a course of 061 and six days later you're in Bermuda. Make 25 by 65 and you'll be on a beam reach into of the Virgin's. So many places, so little time.

Safe journeys!

darkfoam said...

they sure are about to catch on fire! i know .. i live in them.
i'm sure the higher elevations are already on fire.

heck, i'd go anywhere in these photos.

but this weekend i'm planning on hiking a trail myself.

so, how far north are you coming?

chick9 said...

i think id like to go north to Banff or iceland or norway or something...see the northern lights and go on a date with a Yeti.

Aunty Belle said...


Come mah way--youse welcome to rattle pots an pans in mah kitchen any day. On the other hand, I would like to make the acquaintance of KC BBQ.

Thar's some very weird bridges--ya' could do a whole book on Bridges I Have Crossed Without Looking Down.

heh, Raptor Red. Thas' a good 'un.
Heck, drivin' a buggy like that makes any jaunt a joy.


Would love to join ya on the Oregon Coast. 'specially minus the tourists? oh oh oh...

Moi, Cherie,

Appas then NYC? The split personality traveler. But it has a certain allure. though it is raining softly tonight in the mountains, the trees ablaze and the air is sweet. Very easy on the weary soul sick ter death of noise, NOISE N O I S E !

fluid roads...that appeals--always wanted to do a barge in Burgundy trip. In-laws loved Windjammer trips an' onc't barged on something that went through the P-Canal. It sounded adventuresome.


Yore mountains ain't far--one of these days I is gonna come lookin' fer ya'...git ya to show me how to shoot photos like ya does, or we can hike yore woods. I'd love that!


well, Banff is ok--in photos. Aunty ain't real fond of freezin' her derriere. In a contest a'tween glaciers and islands, the isles git mah nod eve'r time. But I sees' why youse charmed by the northern snowy reaches--good excuse to git some new boots.

Have a fun weekend, y'all --tomorry is a hike. What will all y'aall be doin'?

fishy said...

I'se noticed fer a while now youse got the wanderlust. Was that the Spanish steps in Rome in Autumn? A castle road in Scotland? The road to Monaco? A brownstone in NYC? A cobbled street in France?

Yes indeedy, you could be my tour guide anytime! Except, I doesn't do them high bridges. No ma'am.

One of the things on my list is to do the Natchez Trace in Autumn. I've done this in Springtime but
then that's a whole other kind of beauty!

Have a fine time. Iffen youse hiking the Appalachian Trail you might could take a little turn to come on by the Pond for a cup of tea. Parts of that trail ain't 45 minutes from here.

Pam said...


A link you might find interesting.

SophieMae said...

I'm late to this party, but I'm so enjoying your pichers. The bayou and foggy mountain breakdown ones kinda call t' me. Then again, the Bolivia and Bulgaria roads are quite seductive. Overseas Hwy... been there done that, many times, and would jump at another chance. West! Ah, yes! Russia! Dah! Only not in winter, but then would it be as lovely? Desert! Definitely! Oh, I am so fickle. Right now, if I could choose anywhere, I think I'd want to explore the area surrounding ye olde family castle in Scotland. Or Ulm, Germany. Domestically, I'd follow the Trail of Tears to Tsa-La-Gi.

We're starting to see a bit of colour around these parts now. I count it a blessing to be surrounded by canopy roads here in the Appy foothills. In a single day, we can drive through our own tree tunnels, cruise dirt and red clay country roads and finish with a relaxing ramble through the refuge. What more could a poor ol' cracker want? 8-]